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Date of Scene: 29 October 2019
Location: Armory
Synopsis: An explosion occurs in the armory.
Cast of Characters: 95, Starlock, Skyshredder

Tachyglossus (95) has posed:
Loud nioses, smokes, and alarms going off are fairly common occurences in the armory, sadly. As there are a few who do not handle ordnance as safely they could. But there are safety shields and quick responses to most contained accidents.

But this...

A loud explosion erupts in the armory, the echoing boom and following snaps can be heard even through the vaulted, reinforced doors. The corridor outside the room where weapons are developed and stored rapidly is filling with smoke and the amber light of a raging fire.

Alarms blare, alerting the entire Decagon of an emergency, while various systems to contain the fire cause blast doors and other safety mechanisms to engage. Only medics and fire suppression teams are allowed through - but anyone who was stuck in the block when the explosion occured will be stuck helping regardless of their training.

Starlock has posed:
     "Did Nightlash blow something up again?!" She'd call as she rushed to respond to the fire alarms and other alarms going off, one thing about being a medic with fire proof armor? You get called to run into said fires, alot.. Though this one sounded much louder then normal, so she was now worried someone had set it off TOO close to something else completely volatile.

     She'd cough at the smoke and make sure her mask was in place to prevent getting stalled by the smoke in her vents. She quickly made her way to the other responders much like training and by now, instinct, told her.

Skyshredder has posed:
     One of the newer recruits happened to be in the area when the explosion occured, and even she isn't sure if she somehow caused the explosion! She had been snooping around, seeing what kinds of cool weapons the Autobot armory has to offer and trying to see what kind of cool gadgets might be in the works. The big sharky femme is still coughing from the spot where she landed on her big aft when the medics and fire crews start arriving. "Wow! What was that?" the big purple and pink femme says with entirely too much excitement in her voice. "It wasn't me, whatever it was!" she adds after a moment before getting back to her feet. "Oooh. Is it an attack?" she wonders, again with a little excitement in her voice.

     She tries to use her enhanced senses to see if there is still anyone inside the exploded area and starts forward despite the possible danger. "Hellooooo? Anyone in there?" she calls out before noticing Starlock. "Oh, hey there! Um...something exploded."

Tachyglossus (95) has posed:
Starlock is one of the first of the emergency on crew, although on the comms one can hear Hot Spot and Red Alert shouting back and forth. Everyone wants to know what areas are effected, and crews are splitting up to make sure the fire doesn't spread any further and to evacuate surrounding areas. From the sounds on the chatter, it does seem contained to just the armory. But already security are being dispatched in case this was a diversion. There's a lot going on.

But as for the armory itself, once Skyshredder comes to her senses, she might recall a loud 'whoooops' from one of the mechs working on some sort of prototype before the blast. If she were to look in the direction of where that mech was, there is a burning inferno and the vague partial silhouette of a mech. Partialy not because the flames and smoke obscures his downed form, but partial because parts of him are also lining the nearby walls.

Other techs and personnel have began to flee the scene. One mech, partially charred, looks to Starlock with some shock and relief at her response time. "Tack, Nitrogear, and that Shark femme are still in there... Tack is crushed behind the blast shield and Nitrogear... I'm not sure. Longboom... Longboom..." the mech just shakes his head as he sputters out a mix of smoke and fluid.

Fire retardant foam is already being spewed out by the automatic fire fighting systems, but the armory is a mess. Firefighters on on their way, but someone might need to act fast to help either Tack or Nitrogear, two weaponsmiths. As the mech had explained, the blast-proof shield itself is barely damaged, but a mech who had been in the blast chamber is trapped and badly damaged. Another mech is screaming as not only is he on fire and covered in shrapnel, but there is a steaming, corrossive substance rapidly eating away at him. At the center of the explosion are Longboom's remains, and it's evident nothing can be done for him.

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock is surprised by just had bad this actually is, her optics narrowing, she'd push her goggles up and looks to Mech listening and nods, She looks over the mech quickly to at least make sure this mech isn't at Risk of dying while she'd in there, she points them to where the other rescers are coming from a safe area, before she runs in.

     "<<I'm going to need more medics down here! We have four possible units stuck behind the blast wall, one unknown, three last seen alive, one of whom maybe in critical condition, and a possible deceased, heading in now!>>" She'd call over the communlink to hope at least Red Alert or Hot Spot or SOMEONE Heard her over the chaos, there some voices she doesn't recognize but tosses the thought to the side, just the closer she gets the more carnage she could see.

     First things first she had to get to who she could /reach/ first, and that was the mech that was melting.

Skyshredder has posed:
     One mech is trapped, one is melting. Skyshredder can't really do anything about the melting one, but the trapped one...well that's something she can handle! She makes her way as quickly as she can to the trapped mech and tries to force the panel back with sheer strength. And if that doesn't work, she reaches behind her back and pulls a long weapon that is somewhere between chainsaw and sword lined with what look like metal shark teeth. It revs and the teeth start spinning, and she starts toward the damaged blast shield. "Hold still." she says with a shark-toothed grin. "I'll have you out of there in a jiffy!"

     Whether that means yanking the panel free or cutting it apart, she intends to get that mech out of here. Even if it means taking some smoke and fire damage in the process. If she manages to get him free, she carries him out.

Tachyglossus (95) has posed:
One lift is shut down for safety reasons. The other brings down a fresh group of emergency response workers. Hot Spot, as a dispatcher, can be heard coordinating their efforts over the comms. There are mechs in there, battling the flames, but otherwise try not to get in Starlock's way as she does her job. Other medical staff have arrived as well, seeing to the few mechs that were able to make to to the lifts or into the corridors under their own steam. A system is quickly in place to handle those who are brought out by the firefighters, but not many of them have the shielding that Starlock has, or the sheer strength and resilience of Skyshredder. The fires are hot and searing, but the mechs valiantly endure to put out the fire as well as protect those who are present.

Skyshredder has to really strain, but the blast shield comes away at last. As the pressure is relieved, the mech lets out a scream. He'd been so badly crushed beneath the waist that not even the pain receptors were connected - but with the pathway once again clear it all comes flooding back. The mech wails and flails at Skyshredder weakly as sparks fly and liquid pools from a deep wound.

The mech who is corroding shows a whiteness around the edges of his wound, clashing with the char pattersn from the fire. "Caustic... caustic charges..." he manages to barely whisper, hand shaking. "Neu...neutralize..." he points to a shelf where some various canisters are still intact. They all have chemical symbols on them, but Starlock will recognize two of them as a form of acid and one as an alkaline. But then the pain seems too much and he faints. Despite Starlocks heat shields, she is closer to the hotter flames, and she can feel the burning.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder can't help but grin through her grunting as she pulls that shield away, but that grin quickly fades as the mech starts screaming. She's no medic, and isn't much of a thinker either. She sets the blast shield to the side and lets it drop, then winces at the growing puddle. "Primus...what was that other mech working on?" she wonders aloud as she reaches down. "Okay, hold on. I'm gonna carry you outta here. Uh...it'll...probably hurt, so...try and bear with me until we get clear of the flames!"

     She crouches down, then carefully gathers the mech up in her arms. Then, she runs out of the room and to the incoming fresh hands to the scene. "Here, take this mech! I gotta get back in there!" she says, then carefully sets down the heavily injured mech outside of the fire zone before making her way toward Starlock and the melting mech.

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock blinks, Caustic? There are about a dozen different Caustic substances! nd looking to the shelf that.. Doesn't help, plus with how close to the fire they where, it was likely he'd just catch /fire/ the second she tried to put any of it on him, considering most are in powder or liquid form and still highly flammable... The alkaline does get her attention for a moment, as that could be used to counteract some Caustic substances...

     But the Second the thoughts that she moves, can't really /stop/ to think in these instances, once a decision is made you can't be paralyzed by indecision! She grabs for on of the weaker Acids and returns back to the mech, taking in a deep vent and preparing herself for the pain that was likely about to incur as she attempted to pull the mech AWAY from the flames first, her pain already signed from the heat going well over her purple paints resistant temperature. "<<Starlock reporting back in, we have a mech closer to the source fire that is suffering Caustic burns, attempting to pull them away now!>>"

Tachyglossus (95) has posed:
The mech hits Skyshredder a few times just because the pain is so intense, but then when he is secured in her large arms he just goes limp, losing all will to fight, letting out soft moans and whimpers as he is carried to the awaiting trauma team. There isn't time for pleasantries as the mech is quickly checked over and stabilized, preparing him for transport the next time the lift makes its way down. Skyshredder can feel the heat, but doesn't seem to be sustaining any serious fire damage yet.

The mech is barely conscious when Starlock attempts to neutralize the caustic substance. There is a hissing and a bubbling but soon the wound just seems to be covered in salt crystals that are otherwise benign. However, the maneuver in which Starlock used to remove the mech from the worst of the flames caused her to get caught in a burst of fire.

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock grits her denta as she's burned, being small and having to lift those larger than her in root mode does slow her down, meaning she was likely to take more injuries due to things like this, but it doesn't deter her... She keeps moving to get this mech out, and into the waiting rescue staff outside the forge, before getting ready to go back in, taking note of the... Was that a pink Sky Lynx???

     She should her helm, the fumes must be getting to her! She would move to take a seat out of the other rescue staffs way, and groaned, looking at the minor burns she received while inside that mess, and started tending to said burns.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder is hit a few times, but with her sturdy frame and the mech's weakened state it just leaves a few dents. "Hey, take it easy! I'm rescuing you here!" she says before he goes limp.

     She is soon back in the burning armory. There was still the mech that apparently caused all of this, but her senses and his lack of any motion at all tell her he is a lost cause. No reason to try rescuing a corpse!

     She makes her way out of the fire again, and of course coughs quite a bit. Smoke and burning hot air do a number on the intakes after all. She takes a seat beside Starlock, confirming that no, the fumes are not getting to the medic. And after a few deep breaths to try and clear her intakes she shakes her head. "That last mech is gone, I think. He was all bits and pieces, and I think I heard him say 'whooops' right before the explosion. Guess he made some kind of mistake with his chemistry set?"

Tachyglossus (95) has posed:
As Starlock tends to her own burns, and Skyshredder takes a breather, the sound of the crackling fires begin to subside in the background. Stomping and the sound of high powered hoses and glooping foam can still be heard, but from the bits of chatter and yelling back and forth one can surmise the flames have been tamed.

one of the mechs who was on fire suppression duty staggers out near where Skyshredder and Starlock are. "You did good... thanks..." he says. "Mostly for staying out of my way." He adds, cracking a smile. Noting that Starlock seems to be attending to herself, he moves on to be checked over by one of the other medics. There's still some mechs inside, making sure the area is clear of flames, and nothing is likely to combust into a new set of problems to deal with.

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock grunts. "I couldn't go back in there to check even if I wanted, not with these burns, I'd be just risking makin' another corpse." She'd vent and looking up at the pink femme.. nope, that was definitely a big pink femme! "Dunno, wasn't here for that, seems to big and too much fire for a chemical explosion, would need quite a uhh..." She'd click her tongue as she slowly, struggled with the words she wanted. "A number of highly volatile flammable chemical to make a explosion that large but i'm pretty sure most in there aren't chemicals based substances."

     glances up at the new commer, raising a ridge before she chuckles, shaking her helm as she gets a patch over the burns, taking a slow vent. "That was everyone, yeah?" She'd question to the supervisor. She'd pause at that and knitted her ridges, wait, it was too soon to ask for a count of the injured and dead wasn't it?

Tachyglossus (95) has posed:
The mech who had been crushed has been stabilized enough for relocation. A medic hoists him up on a hover-gurney. But just before hauling him out, he waves weakly at Skyshredder, calling out "Sorry... bout the... hitting... just..." but the mech trails off into silence as he is taken away.

By now, most of the injured have been taken away. The mech from before looks over to Starlock from where he was getting a quick check up on the spot. He looks to where some of his comrades are still finishing up and securing the site. "No one alive left in there...." he says, turning grave. "It's a real mess."

Another mech finally steps out, letting out a long exvent. He looks to the much larger Skyshredder, not seeming to even see Starlock from his angle. "Thanks for hauling that mech out. But we don't need anymore of your help. Best report to repair bay. We need to clear the area out so the fire investigation can get in here and do their job. You may be asked some questions later... but for now we just need to clear the site of non-essential personnel."

Skyshredder has posed:
     A mech wanders out and thanks them, and Skyshredder grins that sharky grin of hers. "Hey, that's pretty impressive for me!" she says to him, then looks to Starlock. "I was there for that, though! So, I'm just telling you what happened." She smiles to Starlock and gives a bit of an overly forceful pat on the smaller femme's shoulder. "Good work in there! That melting mech might make it now! That was pretty brave for a little femme like yourself, especially considering it looks like the fire was doing a number on ya even while you were saving him!"

     She happens to glance back into the armory...then blinks. "Wait! There are still mechs inside!" She leaps up and starts to run back in. And likely will unless someone points out to the sort of dense femme that those are the fire fighters and not injured mechs.

     That is taken care of when that mech steps out and addresses her. She pauses mid-stride and blinks a few times. "Oh. You guys are uh..." She looks a bit sheepish and rubs at the back of her head. "Okay. If you guys have it handled, I'll just help the little medic back to...uh...the medic area." She holds out a big hand to Starlock. "Hey! Want me to carry ya?" She seems rather jovial considering the circumstances.

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock blinks rapidly, a bit taken aback, then again she normally has a freeze response when it came to receiving such affectionate touching, that and Starlock's small /very/ small compared to this Femme and could probably ride and stand on her Pauldron! So she's almost knocked over and lets out a weak chuckle. "I'm small, but I gotta' be able to pull my wait as a doctor, and medic on the field." She'd smile weakly.

     Starlock then turns to the supervisor and nods grimly, and in understanding, yep.. They were gonna have some bodies later to autopsy.. She then looked to the larger femme and bit her lip slightly, thinking saying no would be rude and just.. nods slowly. "by the way, I'm Starlock, Starlock of Harmonex." She'd introduce.

Skyshredder has posed:
     And with that, Skyshredder scoops up Starlock and starts toward the repair bay. "Harmonex, huh? Neat! I'm Skyshredder of...uh..." She thinks a few moments. "...oh right! Of the Forgotten Plains! ...hehehe. Kind of funny that I nearly forgot that." she says as she walks, though with her size there is a bit of thudding with each step.

     "So, you're a medic, huh? No wonder you were able to stop that guy from melting! Do you think those two will be alright? It looked like the guy I pulled out might lose his legs! Whatever the one guy was working on must have been powerful!" Once again it is clear that the big femme either doesn't grasp the gravity of the situation or...perhaps doesn't care that someone just died? Perhaps more than one someone?

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock wasn't exactly going to get onto her for such jolvity, or nativity, concerning? Yes, but.. well, long as she meant no harm as she was carried. "Indeed, and pleasure to meet you Skyshredder... Gotta admit, I didn't know we had other bots the size of Sky Lynx walkin' around." Shed chip a bit in surprise.

     "We have a lot of good medics.. Ratchet and Aid will ensure he gets back into right shape again." She'd smile. "Thank you.. for helping pull them out also."

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder laughs at that part about Sky Lynx and shakes her head with a grin. "I'm big, but Sky Lynx is still bigger! But, maybe if I gobble up enough good scrap and bad mechs I'll get there some day." she says.

     That grin fades to more of a proper smile as she hears that the mechs should be fine. "That's good. It's sad going out in something like an accident. If you don't go out fighting, then it's kind of...wasted."

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock crosses her arms. "I rather no one die from accidents or fighting at all but.. reality is not such a kind mistress, so I just gotta settle for making sure people least go comfortably, and don't suffer, and save who I can." She'd nod. "but I'm am edic so probably know lotta' us think that way." She'd grin up. "So.. you're new here?"

Skyshredder has posed:
     "Er...right! Yeah, no one dying would be better. But, if you gotta die it's better to die fighting or protecting something." the big femme says. She nods at the question, then considers. "Well...sort of? I've been in the academy a while. Those tests are hard! But, I finally made it through. I kinda owed the Autobots, I guess. They did let me out of the Decepticon coliseum, after all. And patched me up after the escape."

     They soon reach the medbay, and Skyshredder leaves Starlock there before giving her another pat. "Well, gotta get back to newbie duties! Catch ya later!"