1492/Festival at Yuss

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Festival at Yuss
Date of Scene: 18 March 2020
Location: Yuss
Synopsis: The small town of Yuss celebrates purification through fire and the burning of regrets. Or just dance and play games in Skyshredder's case.
Cast of Characters: Blast Off, Swivel, Ravage, Skyshredder

Swivel has posed:
To some the idea of keeping up with festivals may seem extravagant. But there are others who will argue that perserving culture and improving morale are more important in a war. Overall, though, the residents of Yuss don't much seem to care about the politics. They just want to continue on in their ways.

Thus crystal lamps are set out, aglow in various different colours. The rolling hills are dotted with bon fires as some people prefer to celebrate the Festival of Fire privately. But the main community event is in a modest and expansive town square, where a vast pillar of fire dances in the center, with lit braziers at each of the entrances to mark the cardinal directions. Special ribbons are for sale at various kisosks - the purpose is to write a regret on it then burn it in one of the fires. Each ribbon is laced with chemicals so that as the ribbon burns, the fire will change colour.

Besides the purification and regret burning rituals, there's music, dancing, peddling of artisinal wares, and some basic hand-eye coordination or luck-based games set up.

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off is a VERY cultured mech! Combaticon and sniper extraordinare aside, he's not going to miss a display of culture and refinement like *this*! The shuttleformer strides along through the festival, taking in the sights and sounds.

Ravage has posed:
Not every day has to be about conflict. Not war. Ravage, whom considers himself a full citizen of Cybertron and is doing what he can to ensure the survival and prosperity of his race in a galaxy that is extremely hostile to natural mechanically based species, wants to help ensure that Cybertron thrives in a galaxy which hates and loathes them for being superior.

So, a dart and run from along one of the booths, the Decepticon zigging and zagging alogn the ground and evading passerby with ease thanks to his more compact, highly agile form.. And if one were to see him, they might call him wistful.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder is just about as far from cultured as a bot can get. Her idea of art is seeing what kind of bite impression she can leave in a mech. And she doesn't have regrets to burn and doesn't think she needs purification. So, why is she here? The same reason a moth is drawn to a flame. It looks good!

     The big sharky femme is currently stuffing her face with whatever festival fare she has found so far while dancing around the big fire with about as much grace and style as Brawl. But, unlike him, she is smiling and laughing jovially! Even the sight of Decepticons doesn't alter her mood today. Her fin-like ears twitch as Ravage passes somewhere nearby before she raises a hand to wave to him as if they are friends, then she notices Blast Off and offers him some of her food. "Wow! I didn't think Decepticons came to parties!" she says cheerfully, towering over both Cons.

Swivel has posed:
Laughter probably isn't something Blast Off hears often anymore. Not pure, excited, innocent laughter. One mech is running, a ribbon streaming from his hand, while another chases him to get it back. Between giggles, the chaser half-sparkedly begs the other to return his regret ribbon. The game of keep away continues, their sounds growing more distant, as instead the roar of a nearby flame crackles to life as the flame turns a brilliant pink from the copper-laden ribbon that had just been tossed in. A white mech stands, looking somberly into the fire.

As Ravage weaves between the kiosks, the constant movement actually causes one of the stall minders to become startled, nearly knocking over a stack of knick knacks. He manages to catch a few, but a custom coaster falls to the ground, wobbling around on its circumference before finally coming to a stop. "Something has come from the depths of the night! It's a bad omen!" the foolish stall owner mutters.

Skyshredders dancing doesn't seem to gain her any scorn. If anything, some of the locals actually begin to immitate her all in good fun - for her jovial air just makes anything she does look like fun! They don't even seem to notice or care when she speaks to Decepticons in a friendly manner, they just clap and cheer at her before moving off to partake in other parts of the festival.

Once again, one of the fires of a brazier close to where Blast Off is turns a bright green-blue, reminiscent of a certain femme he is all too familiar with. But when he looks, he can't see anyone standing at the fire. BUt, then, who just shed a regret?

Ravage has posed:
Ravage goes to maneuver back and forth in the festival. The Decepticon has rarely had the chance to enjoy these. As a 'beast' former, he was little more than a drone in the class strata. Since he was bonded with Soundwave and the war started, he had had little chance to engage more. So for him, being able to sample these cultural events is.. Something he strongly, strongly appreciatse and one almost might revel in.

There's a tenseness from Ravage as he is caught by the optics of Skyshredder. About to snap at her he restraints himself, "Not.. Now.. Autobot." He would grind out right over as the stall kiosk goes tumbling over. Cursing at himself for being distraction, he goes to dart in and out of the way, his mood spoiled now as he's going to try and use it to get out of line of optic of the sharkbot.

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off blinks as an Autobot not only appears but offers him FOOD? The Combaticon squints and looks at her suspiciously. "Of course we do..." Huff! Pause. "Well, not a *party*." He nitpicks, sweeping a black hand towards the horizon, "A cultural festival. With music and specialized foods developed over hundreds of vorns... something *special*." Totally not a party! He doesn't accept the food. He's distracted, too, as a fire nearby reminds him of someone... he scans the crowd, just in case. "You bring your annoying friends with you?"

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder smiles happily when people join her in dancing or immitate her. She probably wouldn't realize it even if she were being mocked! Skyshredder's fin-ears lower lightly as Ravage growls his words at her and runs off. "Aw. He doesn't like me? But we always have fun!" she says before pulling back the declined food offering and chowing down on it herself with little to no manners. Possibly even getting a few crumbs or crumb-equivalents on Blast Off.

     The question about annoying friends makes the big femme tilt her head in confusion. "I don't think I have any annoying friends." she says, then notices the hand-eye coordination game. "Hey! We have to try that out!" she says and starts that way, practically running over in the excited way a child might. Of course, when you are the size of Ultra Magnus and your footsteps cause a bit of rumbling each time you move it could be a bit hazardous for stall operators.

Swivel has posed:
While at first no one seems to take notice of any tension between Autobots and Decepticons. After all, no yelling or drawing of weapons has occured. But those who do take notice of the interaction, though mild, seem to elect to attend to festivities a bit further away from the. But no one tells them to leave or inserts themself into the situation. They just want to seem to enjoy themselves.

The mech who had upset his stall sighs, walking around the counter and picking up the fallen merchandise. "My apologies... I let my superstitions get the better of me," he says, though it isn't to clear who exactly he is saying it. He picks up the item and looks at it reflectively for a moment or two, then shakes his head and goes back to minding his stall. Just as he'd got everything back in order, the moving earthquake known as Skyshredder rushes past, causing his carefully stacked items to topple over again.

Blast Off's attempts to scan for a familiar form almost seem to catch sight of large tired, but they quickly disappear into the crowd. This happens a few more times - a hint of someone that COULD be Swivel here or there, then gone again. But then finally, as he is looking one way, a familiar voice peeps up from nearby. "Looks like the sort of game you'd be good at, too. You won't be outdone by an /annoying Autobot/ will you?" Sure enough, Swivel is standing beside a stall, a stick of sweetened energon hanging out of her mouth. She gestures to the disc-shhooting game that Skyshredder had ran off to. "And what about you? Any of your obnoxious friends around?"

Ravage has posed:
As Skyshredder maneuvers off, distracted for the moment, Ravage makes an expression that is almost relief. Those teeth hurt after all! Those teeth hurt very badly. So, when those teeth are not attempting to gnaw on him, he is much happier.

Then he's over to the side of Blast Off as if having come from nowhere. "Oh? Is that what you consider your confederate? Obnoxious? Annoying? That demeans /you/ and /her/." He would bait out wiht that and shift to flank Blast Off. Having just moved quietly - not attempting to hide himself or to stalk. Just something innate. As whatever quasi feline hybrid that he had been forged and repurposed as when he had been remade in something the funtionalists saw beeath their feet.

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off finds himself using his agility (thankfully pretty well-honed) to avoid stumbling as Skyshredder tromps off. He lets out a *huff* after her. "ALL Autobots are annoying!" And yet.... he's soon back to peering through the crowd, even raising on his purple thruster feet tippytoes to try and get a better look- when a familiar voice pipes up behind him.

"Ahhh!" The shuttleformer nearly jumps out of his heat shields. "SWIVEL." Blast Off huffs loudly at her before composing himself once again. "I... uh. Mean." Blink. He looks around, "I think- Ahhhh!" Now it's RAVAGE popping out. "Would you all *stop* that!" he huffs again, now glaring down at the cat. Then he gestures towards his fellow Con. "Well, there's HIM. It seems." He looks up at Swivel, the game, and the big shark over there. "Aren't all enemies *annoying* at best?"

Skyshredder has posed:
     "No way!" comes Skyshredder's quick response to Blast Off even though she is over at the game. "Enemies are fun! You get to fight them and beat up on them and get challenged by them and scrap talk with them and..." she giggles. "...what's annoying about that? The only time they are really annoying is when they do evil things like hurt your friends for fun or try to take over the world or start treating all beastformers as inferior."

     She naturally laughs as Blast Off nearly loses his heat shields, then takes up the disc launcher. "Hmm...guns aren't my favorite weapon. Can I use my chain whip instead?" she asks the game runner. She also takes a moment to wave to Swivel. "Hi Swivel! I didn't think you came to parties either!"

Swivel has posed:
Swivel just smiles to Ravage, slowly moving the sweet enerstick from side of her mouth to the other, chewing on it a bit longer before pulling it out. "Nice to see you looking so well, Ravage," Swivel greets. "I'm just playing along." Swivel says with an air of ease. She then looks back over to Skyshredder, then to Ravage take a step closer and speaking in a quiet tone. "And don't worry, I'll do my best to keep you out of her mouth this time - though, I doubt you really require my assistance." Swivel winks and steps back, giving both the Decepticons their personal space. She turns and heads over to Skyshredder, not keen on yelling a conversation about the festival. Whether the 'cons follow or not is up to them. "I enjoy getting out every now and then. And festivals usually have all kinds of freebies."

The game runner looks Skyshredder up and down. "Uh... well, no, you have to use the disc launcher to shoot discs. It's not a disc shooter if you aren't shooting. You could trie the lasso game five stalls down. Or the Worm-Bopper. That's near the East entrance."

Ravage has posed:
Ravage moves over to flank Blast Off from the opposite side. This of course happens to put the full blockiness of the shuttle between him and Swivel/line of optic from Skyshredder. "But of course. Your -cooperation- is appreciated." He manages to make the statement -most- neutral of course. And there isn't any real -inherent- sneer to it. They are after all in a public arena and playing 'nice' to disrupt the festival.

Then he's skulking along, letting out a soft little wheeze. And for a moment a sigh on his faceplate - which is almost immediately gone faster than Hot Rod could dodge blame.

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off squints at Skyshredder. "Uh.... sure." Though the mention of beastformers has him gesturing to Ravage. "Pardon ME, we do NOT consider beastformers inferior!" Well, no more inferior than any non space shuttle but hey we can't ALL be space shuttles, can we? He, of course, has no idea about any recent interrogations between Ravage and Swivel, though he knows Ravage and Swivel were both there for the prisoner exchange.

He eyes as Ravage moves behind him but stays put, then looks over as Swivel heads for the game. The shuttleformer looks away as if pondering just *leaving* right now, and yet... somehow he can't. There's another glance to that flame, pondering one of his own.... and then he kind of... wanders. Towards the game and the Autobots, but toally like it's by *accident*, you see. But he won't *look* at Swivel, of course not! He's still huffy. Of course he's always huffy.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder aws softly but shrugs and takes up the disc launcher before taking aim. She takes a few shots after paying the game runner, trying to get the biggest prize she can. Then she grins at Blast Off. "See? Not annoying." she says before giving him a pat on the back. A rather firm one, if he doesn't just avoid it.

     She then looks to Swivel and smiles. "Right? I love festivals! They were one of the few things that drew me in from the Mithril Sea back before I was captured by the Decepticons and used as a gladiator!" she says, her cheerful tone and demeanor suggesting it isn't even a dig at their company, just a statement of fact. She then holds the disc launcher out to the others. "Let's see you guys in action!" she says with a grin, the competitor in her coming out.

Swivel has posed:
The music seems to change to something more somber, as if signalling a change in tone. The dancing mostly stops, except for couples who linger close together, swaying to the music. But their embrace seems less about sweet nothings and more about comfort. It seems that expression is running the full gamut in this festival, rather than just focusing on the joyful. The games don't stop running, but for the meantime, the game runners stop shouting out to people passing by, and explain the rules more quietly to those who have gathered at their stalls. The area is bathed in colour, as a great many more people begin tossing their regrets into the flames during this somber interlude.

Swivel just stands beside Skyshredder, listening to her talk about festivals. "I think it's important to remember we are all thinking, feeling people, and that our differences need not divide us." Swivel watches as Skyshredder hits a decent amount of targets. Enough to win a prize. The game runner smiles, and without too much show or pomp, passes Skyshredder a large novelty beer stein with depictions of something that ALMOST resembles Sky Lynx on it, but enough artistic liberties taken so no one could outright claim it was him. "Here you are."

Since things had turned more somber, Blast Off isn't overly hassled or called out to, but a few times some of the people in the stalls look up, hoping to catch his optics with their entreating smiles and their best wares on display. Fabrics from offworld, and some super-fine chainmail that almost works like cloth adorn one particular stall, the mech behind the counter showing off a dark blue cape with a gentle mist of glitter to resemble a starry sky.

Ravage, due to him keeping a low profile, does not attract quite as much attention.

Ravage has posed:
Ravage has maneuvered out of optic-shot and is more than happy to have his solitude. He goes to lightly hop up and over to an unoccupied space. Content to enjoy the quiet and to observe things. Even if just for a few moments to take in an appreciative atmosphere; the festivities, the theatrics.. Skyshredder seemingly challenging Ravage and Blast Off to something..
    Ravage debates over, and then goes to let out a casual little and amused hiss t Skyshredder, "If you insist." He intones over at her, and then goes to hop over to one of the posts to take his own 'game' at the game. A light flick of a claw to be a manipulator, a passing shot put through it then to try and go for a bigger, better target if only to -spite- Swivel.

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off finally *deigns* to look over at Skyshredder and says, perhaps TOO quickly, "It wouldn't be a fair fight! I'd best you all so easily." Though his violet optics linger on that Sky Lynx-like mug before he looks away again. The fine wares catch his optics next and he starts making his way over to the chainmail and cape, though those flames of regret keep calling to him... for absolutely NO reason, none at all!

He does look back in time to see Ravage score. "Well done..."

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder nodnods to Swivel. "Right!" she agrees with Swivel before gasping as she is handed the mug. "Oh wow! I kind of looks like Sky Lynx!" she says excitedly, then hmms. "Now...to find something to put in this mug..."

     Ravage steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park! Skyshredder lets out a low whistle. "Not bad!" she exclaims...just in time to be the only person speaking loudly as the more somber music starts up. She blinks in surprise before looking around. "Hey...what happened?" she asks, not realizing she should also lower her volume and likely being heard all across the festival grounds. The textiles also catch her gaze, but mostly because they are shiny. "Oooooh."

Swivel has posed:
Swivel lets out a low whistle when Ravage decides to take on Skyshredder's challenge. "Looks like I'm on the wrong team." Swivel says mostly in jest. Mostly.

The game runner looks a bit stunned, but quickly hides his surprise as he grabs for one of the more coveted prizes. A small bismuth lamp! Turn it on, get some ambient light, while heating up the bismuth inside for a mesmerising effect. And when it cools, or forms interesting new bismuth crystals each time.

Swivel doesn't seem at all perturbed by Ravage's display of skill. And she certainly doesn't try to compete, even at the urging of the game runner. She just lifts her hands, palms out, and steps back, disengaging from any entreaties. "I know when I am out of my league." Swivel glances over to Blast Off, then back to Ravage.

The clothes merchant beams when Blast Off approaches. "You look like a mech of refined taste. You won't find textiles like this so easily. Hand made. No two pieces alike. Easily sub-spaces so as not to jam up transformation! Look how it catches the fire light..." Then, seeing Skyshredder also intrigued, holds up a glittery gold scarf that would accent pink and indigo quite nicely.

Ravage has posed:
Gaudy and appropriate. Ravage glances up and over at the vendor, "Why thank you. You do have excellent wares here for the festivities. I hope you further luck with your crafts among those who are wagering here in tests of skill and cunning." Prize is not. . Quite in tow so Ravage just goes to put a 'marker' on it to come pick it up later when the Decepticons present are on their way back to base to retrieve it.

And then Ravage smiles at Blast Off, "Why thank you." Ravage would note. "I'm sure that you would be.. Extremely festive in that and it's.. FOrging would quite suit your frame." It's still theoretically trendy by what few subprograms Ravage has when it comes to fashion. Maybe?

Swivel is once again given a cautious look. Then a light chuckle "Why not? You are at no risk by not participating. What are you afraid of seeing? There is no reason to not -enjoy- yourself here. I'm sure that you can find something -befitting- of you." His tone is at least sincere and -intended- to be encouraging. Here they were all 'equals' after all.

Then Ravage lets out a sigh, "And I am indebted to you. SO let us see what we can accomplish. IS there anything you might happen to fancy?"

Blast Off has posed:
"Ah, well, you would be correct," Blast off proudly confirms for the merchant, eying that nice starry material. "It *does* look rather exquisite..." He glances back towards Swivel at the mention of his name. "Like I said, I wouldn't want to *embarrass* you..." Though he nods to Ravage and the cat's assurance that the material does INDEED look fashionable has definitely piqued his interest back in it... Hmmm... he moves to hold the cloth.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Gold scarf! It's so shiny! Skyshredder's blue optics widen and she practically snatches it from the vendor. "Wow! Hey Swivel, what do you think?" she asks, then the scarf is wrapped around the shark femme's neck before she strikes a heroic pose, head tilted up and hands on her hips. "It looks great, right?" she says enthusiastically.

     Swivel declines the game. This causes Skyshredder to pout somewhat. "Come on, Swivel! You have to let loose at a party! We won't make fun of you if you miss things! I mean, I missed things and they didn't make fun of me!" she says, then looks at Blast Off. "I'm surprise you didn't try though. Aren't you like...a good shot or something?"

Swivel has posed:
The mech holds out the fabric, and the cloth whispers lightly over Blast Off's metallic fingers. It's fine and smooth, but with just enough body to have a nice drape to it, without being too heavy or stiff.

The music, although still slow, keeps a somber untertone, but a light, airy instrument begins to trill out in whimsical melodies that lilt and glide in long notes only to twitter and skip about the central theme of the tune. But things sound like they are picking up again, heading into a more playful direction. Which seems to suit Skyshredder as she strikes her heroic pose, a breeze picking up and billowing the scrarf lightly. How did she do that? Swivel claps and laughs. "It suits you."

Swivel looks around as both Ravage and Skyshredder give her a hard time about not playing the game. She raises an optic ridge at Ravage's last statement, but doesn't bring attention to it. "I don't find shooting things fun. I'm always having to put in mandatory time in the training sims shooting stuff, so it just doesn't seem like recreation to me. And I have nothing to lose, but I also have nothing to prove." Swivel explains. Swivel then smiles. "Maybe one of the other games?" Swivel says, looking around, searching the other stalls.

Ravage has posed:
Ravage laughs at Swivel, "Very well." He would head along, maneuvering through the area. A booth was setup with old, repurposed 'Chiq Chips' whereupon in it a Cybertronian could go in to have a hologram etching of their exoframe done in psychedelic colors, which to the side of the booth would have an artisan's holo-statue at it promising that the decorations 'would showcase your very spark reflected on your frame'. In other words - a quick holo paint job.

Ravage goes along, swiveling his optics and his muzzle to look up at some of the other games. "Ahh, Fullstasis." A very, very old strategy game from old Cybertron that almost no one quite remembered it's origin. Then.. Ravage grins.

And sees a table on which is tumbling rays of light. Quick and rapid 'jabs' having to be sent into it to intercept them. As they were intercepted, scores would rise as the lights wouldd rop quicker and quicker, making an increasingly difficult game to try and intercept them most rapidly and efficiently.

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off huffs at Skyshredder, "Of course I am! It'd be /TOO/ easy for me, I'm sure...." He does stop and look at that gold scarf though, giving a small nod of approval. Now back to the merchant. "...how much?" he asks, then glances back as Swivel claps and praises Skyshredder. The shuttleformer huffs softly and rolls his shoulders back before determinedly looking away and at the merchant, waiting for the answer.

Skyshredder has posed:
     With Swivel's approval of the scarf, Skyshredder pays for it (assuming she has enough money, after all she only has a soldiers salary to use), then looks around for other games. "Too easy, huh? But, the cat did it. Maybe you are afraid you won't do as well as he did?" she says to Blast Off, giving a teasing grin that makes it clear she is trying to provoke him into accepting the challenge.

     Then she returns to trying to think of what games Swivel might play. "Hmm...is there a be small and quiet and out of the way game?" she asks no one in particular. "Oh! Or maybe a discipline the misbehaving mech, game?"

Swivel has posed:
The fabric merchant looks Blast Off up and down. "I can see you really are a mech of fine taste. I'll even knock down the price a little," the mech says with a bright smile. "Better to see these works go to someone who can appreciate them than for them to just sit on a shelf." The price offered to both Skyshredder and Blast Off are certainly affordable amounts, without it being suspiciously cheap.

Swivel glances over at Skyshredder, staring at her for a moment, looking almost mortified at her last suggestion. "Is that... what you think I find fun?" She blinks a few times, seeming stunned. FOr a moment, she can't help but even glance over at Blast Off, wondering if he'd show ANY sign of agreeing to this assessment of her. But rather than offended, she seems to settle into deep thought and review. Thoughts which consume her as she follows Ravage, not even noticing the Chiq Chip stall. Not that it's particularly her thing. Too flashy.

Swivel observes this game that Ravage seems interested in. She squints, studying the rules of Fullstasis for a while "I think I remember some mechs teaching me this one." She sits down opposed to Ravage. "Alright... willing to give this a chance." She waits for her turn, takes in a deep vent, and gives Fullstasis a go.

Ravage has posed:
The back and forth between Skyshredder and Swivel is filed away for now. Discarded. Then Ravage glances over at the beams as they fall. Of course he goes to pick the thing that a feline would be good at. Claws going to snap back rapidly and forth over to dart in and out of the beams. The slashes go back and forth rapidly, and Ravage has himself a good 'pile' of lasers by the end of it. His game done, he goes to hop over towards the game of Fullstasis.

"Lovely. I find this game.. Relaxing." He hops up and over at the 'side' of the display, a holographic field of parts and pieces. An old game. One that was always played the asme. A two dimensional field, parts and pieces scattered over it representing the two armies in the field. And so the game starts.

And Swivel is much, much better at it than Ravage.

Blast Off has posed:
OHOHO! As Skyshredder pokes Blast Off, well, now the challenge is ON! "Of course not!" HUFFF. "Fiiine!" Again a little too quickly, the shuttleformer accepts the challenge, though he still has to find out what the price is for the merchant... then he hears something that has his stiffening, shoulders pulling back again. He turns to just *stare* at Skyshredder and Swivel, though when he sees Swivel look back at him he quickly turns back to the merchant. "Uh, YES! Isn't THAT the trut-..." AHEM. He shakes his head. "I mean..." His cultured voice wheezes once, then grows more refined, "I-I mean that sounds acceptible to me."

The sniper pulls out some shanix for the cape, then turns to meet this new challenge, pulling the cape up around his shoulders as he strides towards the game in question. "Now, how shall I demonstrate?"

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder blinks at Swivel's question, then shrugs lightly. "I dunno. It isn't like we've spent a lot of time together, but whenever we do you are always telling me not to do things, and you seem to enjoy not being paid attention to so...I guess so?" She notices the look that Blast Off gives of course, but doesn't know what to make of it. "...what?" she asks finally.

     Skyshredder seems impressed by Ravage's catching of the lasers, then tries to watch the game of Fullstasis. Her attention span there is about...1 minute. Then she is trying to catch lasers! She is much like a giant cat herself! ...except not agile or skillful or graceful, especially in robot form. She doesn't even realize that Swivel is beating Ravage until the game is called and she looks over. "Oooh. Good job, Swivel!" she says, then resumes trying to swat lasers.

Swivel has posed:
"I... well it is true. Usually I am trying to guide you to better behaviour." Swivel says carefully to Skyshredder as the board is configured. Then she turns her attention to the task before her. Swivel is deeply concentrated on the game, more and more of it coming back to her. Eventually she manages to corner Ravage and score a win for herself. For a moment she regards the Decepticon, wondering if he let her win. But for what purpose? That was an irrational thought. She just nods and smiles. "Good game." Swivel stands up, taking a moment to stretch. She glance around - at Blast off left hanging mid challenge, and Skyshredder playing the laser game. She just... smiles. "This festival has been a nice break." Swivel remarks to no one in particular. She peers towards some of the fires, still being crackling.

Ravage has posed:
Ravage nods at Swivel, "OF course. YOu can enjoy this sort of thing." His tone is instructional. "RElax and let you rprocessor take over." Ravage notes.. WHile haing his own large stash of ill gotten energon goodies that will be traded no doubt later for 'more goodies' that go up whatever nearby black market exchanges that the Decepticons have. HE glances at Blast Off for a few moments to see how well the gun goes.

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off sticks his nose up in the air as he strides to the game, waving a hand at Skyshredder. "Nothing!" His little outburst was cathartic, though, and he steals a quick look at Swivel but she hasn't seemed to react. Probably just as well. *ahem*

He stands by the game, looking at the shark and the cat. "Well, just to add to the challenge, I'll...uh..." Looks like he wants to show off. "I'll shoot from way back *there*.... Over my shoulder." Heh. This should be impressive! "Just to give you all a *chance* at beating me. A *small* one." The Combaticon takes the gun and makes sure the way is clear before stepping far away from the target- then turning his back. He twists to look over his shoulder and aims- and fires!

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off scowls as... he misses? Frag it all, that won't do!! The shuttleformer *huffs* and shoots again before anyone can say anything, hopefully. C'MON, rolls some luck his way for once! No, not luck- skill! Yes, yes.

Actually, maybe both.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder nods quickly in agreement with Swivel. "Very nice break!" she agrees, then joins Ravage in watching Blast Off. Sharp senses might reveal what he did, but the shots are still so impressive that Skyshredder doesn't even mind that Blast Off fired twice! "Wow! I guess I'll know who hit me if I can't even figure out where the shot came from!" she says in a tone that is much too jovial for talking about being shot on the battlefield.

     And finally, she asks something she should have asked long before now. "...so...what is this festival about, anyway? Why are we burning ribbons and dancing around fires?"

Swivel has posed:
Swivel peers at Fullstasis, almost as if she were tempted to go another round. But she gives a small shake of her head. "Maybe I'll see if I can find someone to play with..." Swivel's voice lowers, almost as if she finds something distasteful, "...back at base." Swivel glances at Skyshredder. Probably not the shark. Once again Swivel is staring at the flames ponderously.

Swivel breaks from whatever thoughts are whirling through her mind when Blast Off finally takes up the gauntlet and plays the disc shooter. She notices the first shot go awry, but his quick second shot manages to hit the previous shot mid-air and redirect it to its mark. Swivel doesn't mind letting out an enthusiastic cheer at this feat.

The game runner stares at Blast Off in silence for a moment or two, seeming unsure what to make of such a maneuver. He stutters a bit, then shrugs and announces loudly, "Congratulations!" and goes to bring down another one of those Bismuth Lamps.

Swivel then looks over as Skyshredder asks about the festival. "The Festival of Fire? Well... from I understand it's a purification festival. About letting go of regrets and starting anew. That's what the ribbons are for. You write a regret and burn it. It's symbolic. I don't know much about the history, though. I heard some people say people used to actually jump through the fires, but I don't know if that's true. You could always ask a local."

Ravage has posed:
Ravage goes to hop off and over to the side, turning his attention to Blast Off, "Excellent accuracy, marks-mech! Megatron himself would approve." Ego galvanizing of Blast Off done, everyone around applauding and even Swivel seemingly relaxed. Yes, that earlier feeling that Ravage had has mostly returned.

"Oh, there are many festivals. An ancient one called the Fyre Festival was made when a group of wandering Iacon socialites in the days after the THirteen Primes vanished to take themselves to festivities far, far on the outer ranges of the Rust Sea. Where they were promised a great celebration, performers and artisans of great reknown, the finest of energons and solvents.. The fuel works. There was purportedly a moment of chaos when the festivities were being established.."

He goes on, "And then when the Iacon socialites arrived, far out in the Rust Sea and beyond communications range and not having enough energn or transportation to return to Iacon, they found that they had been frauded. Nothing there but the most basic and inadequate of energon rations that one would not see fit to give a servitor drone, no kits to even perform basic maintenance.. And the socialites, without their servants and vassals, abandoned and alone out along the Rust Sea.. Well, it was ont quite their Pyre.. Moreso than metaphorically."

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off smiles under his faceplate, giving Skyshredder a courteous nod. "Indeed~... I take pride in my work, you know. If we meet in the battlefield, expect only the best from me." He gladly accepts the game runner's hearty congratulations, and praise, but Swivel's cheer causes him to stiffen slightly, then glance over at her in a rather...cool gaze. Not cold, but not warm either. He seems to think about something a moment, then turns away.

He gives Ravage a polite bow, seeming to find his 'flourish' again. "I'm sure he would... and does." He straightens to listen to Ravage's tale of woe. "Well, *That* is certainly a festive tale!" Not. He huffs. "I suppose theirs's was the first tale of regret, then?" He gazes into one of the present-day fires.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder smirks lightly at Blast Off's promise of battlefield perfection. "I hope so, 'cause if you don't stop me with the first shot then you'll likely lose a wi~ing~" she says in a cheerful sing-song kind of way. She listens to the festival descriptions after that, then hmms. "I don't think I have any regrets, and I'm not sure I need purifying. But, I'd hop through a fire if that was being done here. The only festival I remember is one that was pretty common back when Chela and Onyx Prime were still here. It was called the Day of Diversity. Since the vehicle-formers didn't like us much, we started having days which celebrated our different beast forms and looked for ways that our varying skills and natures could complement each other. There was dancing like this, and often a big beacon or fire, symbolizing how Onyx brought us together. And of course plenty of dancing and games and food!"

     The shark femme isn't sure what to make of Ravage's story. She frowns at it finally and says, "Who would even do that? I know socialites aren't a favorite type among a lot of bots, but...that was just mean."

Swivel has posed:
Blast Off's controlled, stiff body language as he gazes at her cuts her cheering short. But she says nothing. She just instead quickly diverts her attention to Ravage and his tale. "I think I've heard slight variations of that tale. Though the versions I heard mentioned Vosian elitists. But never quite understood the point of the story other than further spreading prejudice." Swivel looks to the fires. "Though I'm not sure if that's what started this festival. And as much as I'd like to fully participate, I'd go broke buying enough ribbons to list all of my regrets..."

Swivel looks up at Skyshredder when she talks of the Day of Diversity. "I think I'd enjoy something like that a lot. I'd rather celebrating how we could be all brought together, rather than have to be separated based on differences."

Ravage has posed:
Those bits spoken on by Skyshredder have Ravage's attention immediately on it; even as he makes a flick of a claw in a tone of neutral agreement or dismissive of her comment. "Do as you wish. Expressions are a personal affair, between yourself and your spark. What you do not feel is not purposeful. If you see no purpose in the purification, then that is just as meaningful as participation."

While sending a very, very low signal tightbeam to Blast Off with the tags of 'Chela' and 'Onyx Prime to it. <<Is this known within her profile?>>

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off gives Skyshredder another nod. "As a good opponent should..." Though he stares at her a bit blankly as she mentions no regrets. That... is something so foreign to him he can't imagine it. Then he blinks and jerks his head back slightly with a *huff* at the mention of socialites- HEY! You're *speaking* to one here!!! ...Ok, former one but...

Swivel's cutoff cheer strikes at his spark and he... well, add that to the 'regrets' list. He looks a bit... sad as he glances about the ground, then flicks his gaze up at her again, this time searching for something... but it gets cut off again and he looks away just as Ravage radios him. "<< I don't know! Do I look like a beastformer? >>" He looks around, since his prize isn't apparently something you can burn ribbons in, and watches the crowd to see how they do it. Not that... not that he *wants* to join in or anything!

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder smiles at Swivel and nods wistfully. "It was a very fun and very nice festival. Of course back then we weren't in a war like this one. Not yet at least. But, there were still things going on. Like how beastformers tended to stick around others of similar types. Lizards, felines, fish, things like that. Just easier for a shark to relate to another shark than to a turbo-fox or a cyberdeer, you known? So, the Day of Diversity helped keep us all strong and kept friendship going. Not sure if they practice it now, wherever they are."

     Skyshredder looks up at the sky after that, probably thinking about the lost titan and all the beastformers it took with it. "...maybe we could start having those again. I like fighting, but war is no good."

Swivel has posed:
Swivel had been careful to not avoid looking at Blast Off, even interact with him, but always avoided optic contact or meaningful looks. Not since Prowl had began asking questions. But this time, as Blast Off for a moment seemed to be searching her face for something, she looks him squarely in the optics. Regret. And then it's broken. She's looking to Skyshredder.

"I don't much care for fighting. I long for a day when peace returns. And I've devoted this evening to peace. I am glad that all of you have, as well. Knowing that it won't be long before we meet on the battlefield." Except Swivel always conveniently manages to avoid outright battles. Swivel looks up, and then boldly walks over to where ribbons are being dispensed, purchasing one. She unrolls it, taking one of the many pens that have been made specially for the occasion, and writes 'joining the Autobots' before rolling it back up and tossing it in the closest fire. The copper the ribbon was laced with causes the fire to briefly turn a brilliant blue.

Ravage has posed:
There was a low, low laugh coming from Ravage. A sad, sad laugh. "Oh, it will never be that simple. You Autobots are lead by the Matrix Bearer, chosen herald of Primus himself." He went on, "So, in thsi conflict of ourselves against the representative of Primus' on his shorn metal Cybertron.." He would laugh ever, ever so amusedly. "There will never be any forge of template for peace so long as the Autobots think that they are chosen by Primus and blessed by him for this conflict. So forgive me for that particular observation."

Becuase a religious war is something that can't end simply. That can't end without fuel and iron spilt. Because there's been too much violence done for either party to back out of. "Perhaps then there will be no more war. In the day when all are gone." An odd aphorism. If a slight inversion. And a darker invocation of the normally more uplifting Covenant of Primus, if one could almost call that a translation from one datatract.

Blast Off has posed:
When Swivel locks optics with him, Blast Off doesn't break away... until she does. The shuttleformer seems to join her in the 'regrets' department, broad shoulders sagging as he looks down and gazes into his lava lamp- er Bismuth Lamp. It's not anger, it's not depression, it's just... somber. He looks back briefly as Swivel throws a ribbon to the fire, watching the blue flame burn. He glances over to the others as they speak of war and peace but remains silent on the matter.

The shuttleformer stands there a moment before striding over to purchase his own ribbon. However, he makes an effort to keep the writing hidden from all, hunching over it and rolling it up quickly. Then he tosses it into the flames, which flicker in a swirl of purple, gray, silver, military blues and greens...and teal. Lots of teal. He doesn't say much, just turns and strides away.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder actually nods in agreement with Swivel. "Yeah, war's kind of fighting takes a lot of the fun out of it. I mean, you are supposed to kill in war, but if you do that then you can't fight that bot again." she says. Ravage's laughing and grim assessment actually draw a frown from Skyshredder. "...or as long as Decepticons decide they can just kill off whoever they want just because they are strong or don't like how things are being run. Megatron is the one who struck first and started this whole thing, so don't go pretending it is Optimus's or the Autobot's fault."

     The last thing Ravage says makes her wonder though. Even the optimistic Skyshredder isn't sure how this can end without one or both sides being wiped out. But, she is distracted by Swivel and Blast Off buying ribbons. She has a pretty good vantage point from which to see what is being written, but since Blast Off actually tries to hide his (and isn't super short like Swivel), Skyshredder only sees Swivel's. She gives Swivel a slightly confused look, but for once decides not to press the matter.

     The sharky femme stretches her arms over her head with a satisfied groan and a bit of metal creaking, then looks at Swivel. "Well, I guess I'll head back. Feel free to hop on if you want a ride." she says to Swivel before transforming to her shark form. "See you around, Cat-bot!" she says, then takes off once Swivel has decided whether she wants a ride. "And you too, Huffy!" she adds as they pass Blast Off.

Swivel has posed:
Swivel looks at Ravage and Skyshredder quite seriously. "Well that just spoiled the mood," Swivel remarks. "But I suppose I was the one who opened the door to that sort of talk..." Swivel says quietly. She doesn't really jump to the Autobots defense nor join Skyshredder in derriding the Decepticons.

Swivel stares long and hard into the flames for a moment. "All I want is peace. But not absolute silence." Swivel's optic ridges knit together, then she looks over as Blast Off finally decides to burn his own regrets. In her mind, she is already trying to guess the sorts of things he may have written. But, it's not for her to know. It's personal. And between Blast Off and his conscience. She watches him go, then lookg into the fire again.

Skyshredder's decision to head off brings Swivel out of her reveries. "...Well the night isn't over yet. I think I will go for a spin - but thanks for the offer, Skyshredder. May your sparks burn bright."