1516/Medical Bay Investigation

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Medical Bay Investigation
Date of Scene: 27 March 2020
Location: Repair Bay
Synopsis: Autobots begin to investigate a medical lab theft.
Cast of Characters: 1, Swivel, First Aid, Healthpoint, Starlock, Skyshredder, Sideswipe

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock was staring at the list, there was one person.. Well, two people that stood out on the list that made her press her lips into a thin line, and sighed, ribbing at her helm. "Blurr's been checked, right?" She'd call back to the other staff of the medical bay as she'd tap a stylux against the datapad.

First Aid has posed:
First Aid is checking over the patients in critical, working quietly. As a first responder he'd be right here, working as fas as he can to get everything under control.

Swivel has posed:
The missing samples certainly grab Swivel's attention, even though she is neither security nor medical. Nonetheless, the small scout does enter into the medical bay, looking around, before zeroing in on Starlock. Without hesitation, but first making sure she would not be in the way of anyone working, Swivel strides over to Starlock. The femme looks focused, but there is something weary and tired conveyed by the dim glow of her optics. "Any leads?"

EDI (1) has posed:
    As serious as this situation could be, the Autobots are spread thin with the war raging on many fronts, so precious little has actually been done here just yet to actually try to nail down who and where, other than to cordon off the lab from which the samples had been stolen.

    Well, Fixline is here at least. He hurries up to Starlock when she arrives, eager for her help. "No, actually." he answers, looking somewhat deflated. "I've been trying to get someone to help with this investigation, but everyone has other more important priorities..." he sighs. "The critical patients and some of the moderates that were here are still here now, and I managed to get the medical staff in. Otherwise, might just have to try calling the others."

Healthpoint has posed:
     Healthpoint has been here as well, helping Starlock and First Aid with patience in between reviewing security recordings. She doesn't have the sharpest eyes, but she wants to either confirm or clear Blurr of suspicion. And do the same for Prowl, though if he did do it then they probably wouldn't find anything. There was also Triage, who's allegience and motivations were still suspect in her mind. He had done a lot to reduce her distaste and suspicion of him in general, but there was always that tiny possibility.

     And since she had been sent to help with the murder at Maccadam's investigation, she felt kind of like it was her responsibility to find out what happened. So, as people on the list entered the medical bay she made sure to ask each one if they had seen anything out of the ordinary, if there were any visitors that weren't on the list Fixline provided, and even directly but apologetically asking each one if they had taken the samples. And Triage, if he is here, finds himself being watched surreptitiously the entire time. "What would we even be checking him for? Signs that he had used the ultra pure fuel?" Healthpoint says to Starlock when she asks her question.

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock sighs. "Not yet, still going through and checking the paitants to ensure its not in any of their bed or anyones missing." Starlock says. "Why I'm trying to get word on Blurr." She'd click her jaw, before showing Swivel a list, and points out Triages name, before she holds up two fingers.

     Starlock then pauses and looks over to Aid. "...Right you probably dunno Aid, Blurr was injected with some weird enerrgon by Shockwave, we took samples, and got it outta his system, was suuper addictive to.. The samples are now missing." She explains.

     She then hears Fixline and sighs, "Mother-fragger... Alright." She says, rubbing the back of her helm. "Some names to start crossing off at least." She then looks over. "Yeah, signs he's used it, or if he's been bugged to bring it back, given what happened with Nightlash /last time./" Starlock says with a tired sigh.

First Aid has posed:
First Aid heads over to Starlock "Well we shoudl secure Blurr right away. If hes out there like that we might have a second Nightlash. LIke you said." he says with a worried expression.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder is certainly no investigator or thinker, but she is still here. She has been sniffing of everything. The equipment that Fixline was using when the theft took place, the people coming and going, and even the three medics here now. She has also been looking over the security footage, but unlike Healthpoint she actually does have enhanced senses.

     But, as usual the shark femme is more cheerful than the situation should indicate, and when Starlock speaks up she looks over. "Hey, mini-meds! If you have time, Jazz said to ask you if my systems could possibly handle an upgrade so that I could swim in space! And I wanna know if I could learn to pop around like Blurr was!"

Swivel has posed:
Swivel nods politely towards Healthpoint, then takes a time to review the list of people who may have had access. "Anyone you can eliminate right away?" Swivel looks to Fixline. "Like maybe the critical patients? I'm just interested in the names of people you want to prioritize interviewing. Sadly, I'd be among the many who have more important priorities... so I can't stay long." Swivel gives an apologetic look to Fixline, amplified by her weariness. Femme looks like she hasn't had a decent recharge cycle in some time.

"Though if I were to make a top ten list, I'd include...." Swivel stands beside Starlock, nodding as she points out Triage. Swivel herself fingers the names Blurr, Triage, but also a third: Coil.

Swivel looks between Starlock and First Aid at the mention of the Nightlash incident, her face growing grimmer, and she lets out a long sigh. She then looks up abrutply when Skyshredder comes in asking for upgrades, and makes light of the teleportation issue. But this time, she has no gentle reproaches for the shark, just a long, drawn out sigh. She just goes instead diverts her attention to the security footage.

Sideswipe has posed:
There's something up. So a gaggle over headed to the medbay has Sideswipe's attention. Maybe something to do iwth the missing energon? So as he hears things he's going in over with his laser rifle over in hand, going to jog along and then would sweep his optics over. He's got his weapon with the safety on, but is still cautiously checking the corners. There are a lot of Autobots here and this is a safe area.
    But taht's never stopped things. So with his weapon, Sideswipe is ever so automatically looking for anything amiss or that looks like danger.

EDI (1) has posed:
    Starlock wouldn't find the samples in any of the patients' beds, and no who is supposed to be here still is missing. Fixline nods. "Well I haven't seen or heard of anyone teleporting around randomly, so maybe whoever took it hasn't consumed it yet? Hmmm." He rubs his chin. "Has anyone seen Blurr since I reported the theft?" he asks.

    As Skyshredder, Healthpoint, and Starlock have been going over the security footage with keen optics, they may have noticed that it doesn't seem like it has been tampered with at all, or placed on a loop or anything. But there are some suspicious looking smudges around the time the samples seemed to simply disappear. Could they be an invisible intruder, or just anomalies in the video? Furthermore, the samples were not in plain view of the cameras the entire time. It seemed like Fixline had his arm blocking the view of them right before they seemed to disappear.

    Triage does notice everyone glancing at him surreptituously. He doesn't -seem to be nervous, though. As Healthpoint questions him, he just kind of shrugs at the question of whether anyone who wasn't on record entered. "Not that I know of, ma'am. I mean, sometimes people who aren't due for appointments come in for whatever reason, but I don't really keep track. People are coming and going all the time. I always assumed the lab doors were locked, so never really thought much of anyone swinging by without a sign-in." He leans in and lowers his voice. "You ever suspect maybe Fixline did it? I mean, I know he's got some hacker know-how, fiddles in it every once and a while. Just...he seemed awful excited about the stuff and eager to crack it all open."

    Skyshredder's sniffing around wouldn't reveal much trace of the stuff anywhere other than where they had previously been stored. There are scents, sure--a lot of them. But a lot of people come and go from medical all the time. So it is to be expected.

Starlock has posed:
     "Sideswipe stow the weapon, dmanit!" Starlock calls, and sighs... She Looks at the footage and squints, noticing the smudges, she focuses on them, trying to see if there was any colors she could make out. "There's been no word on Blurr sadly, which is concerning." Starlock mutters. She'd raise a ridge at the name Swivel points out, and gives a questioning ridge raise.

     Starlock looks back to Shredder and knits her ridges, clearly a little over loaded. "Errm I can't right now Shredder, I'm dealing with a biiig big problem." She says, goodlord the medical bay was busy.

Healthpoint has posed:
     Healthpoint looks at the list before looking at Swivel. "I would say that yeah, the critical patients can probably be eliminated. Unfortunately I think we have to focus on the medical staff and the minor patients first. And we should look for signs of tampering with the security equipment." she says. Triage suggests a possibility that Healthpoint's still mostly trusting spark didn't consider, and she starts to object...then looks to Fixline. "Were you examined for signs of tranquilizers or EMPs after you woke up?" she asks him. "I know you said that you had been online for more than 50 cycles, but...we need to cover all the bases."

     Then Sideswipe enters, and Healthpoint has some Hot Rod flashbacks. Starlock snaps at him, and even Healthpoint winces. "W-we really shouldn't shout like that in the repair bay, ma'am." she says quietly, then makes her way toward him quickly and urgently whispers to him, "Sideswipe, this is still the repair bay! We do not brandish weapons in here without a very good reason! Please holster that until there is actual quantifiable danger in the room! The patients in here are under enough stress as it is!" Then, she physically blocks his way until the weapon is either put away or she is ordered to step aside. Or he just pushes past her, which could create all new problems.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder sniffs nothing of particular interest, but she does notice something on the recordings. "Hey, what are those smudges?" she asks the others, then hmms and starts trying to slow the playback on her datapad. Do they look like anything other than smudges? Do they move or are they just there one moment and then gone the next?

     The shark femme looks up as Sideswipe comes in and is about to greet him enthusiastically when two of the medics seem to freak out for no reason. She blinks a few times, then just offers a wave and a grin to Sideswipe. "Hey Swipers! What are you doing here?" she asks before pouting a bit at Starlock. "Aww. Okay. I'll ask again later. But wouldn't it be fun to be able to pop around like that all the time? Or swim in space?" she says, her voice still a bit overly loud and enthusiastic. Swivel's sigh is noted, but since there was no reprimanding Skyshredder figures everything is fine!

Swivel has posed:
Swivel finds herself rubbiner her otpics while looking at the footage, and after a moment, realizes she just doesn't have the focus she needs for the job. Instead she just looks back at the list of names. When Starlock gives that questioning look, Swivel clears her vents. "Let's just say that name's attached to some questionable endeavors but nothing ever proven on record." Swivel says very quietly. But she doesn't elaborate further. Swivel can feel she's in over her head at the moment with a lot of things - she's just unsure whether she'll drown or boil first. Swivel pinches the delicate bridge to her upturned nose. "Well... I'm not going to do you much good so I'll get out of your way."

Swivel glances over at Sideswipe blunder in with a weapon, but doesn't even jump or move to discipline him like she usually would. She lets the medics handle it. It's almost a relief to not be the one having to boss anyone around. Swivel nods to everyone, and then moves to leave the medical bay with a tired shuffle.

Swivel pauses before leaving, turning around. "Come to think of it, I thought I saw Blurr near one of the gravlifts not to long ago, probably after the theft. But it was just in passing. Might be worth it to check the lift surveillance." Swivel then turns to head out.

Sideswipe has posed:
As he hears Starlock make her comment, Sideswipe just would stow the weapon without backtalk. "Uhm.. If you're going to be wanting to review a lot of stuff it might be easier to do it in a security room? Where you can enhance the footage and analyse it a bit more than.." Well, what monitor were they using? Bit above his ken. He was just an infantry-mech. So he just glances over at it curiously and would go to cross his arms, maneuvering over to try and get a better view of things.

so he just goes to lean back against the wall. "So, does anyone know where Blurr actually is? Like right now? Or could you just ask Teletraan or.. Red Alert." He was SURE that Red Alert put THINGS on everyone.

First Aid has posed:
First Aid nods "Good question." he says. "The first thing we need to do is find Blurr, and convince him to come back with us." He says.

EDI (1) has posed:
    Fixline nods. "I did, I got scans as Starlock said to. Looks like I was just over-exhausted. No EMPs or drugs." When Swivel mentions having seen Blurr, he perks up, but then she starts leaving. "Hey, wait! You might be the only one in here who has seen him, did you notice anything unusual?" But she's probably gone by then already. He sighs, looking deflated again, but then nods at First Aid's words. "Anyone have his hailing frequency? Or just call him out on the comms? Though if anyone is uh...close to him, might be easier to get him to cooperate."

    Upon closer examination, slowing down, speeding up, freeze-framing and all that, no color can be made out on the 'smudges' but it does seem like they are following a particular path. From the door, to where Fixline is sleeping, then back again along a similar route. Also, it seems Fixline had not only left the door unlocked, but slightly open. And if anyone is looking closely enough, they'd notice it moving to open just a bit farther--as if to allow someone inside...

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock's ridge twitches and she just smiles, closing her optics as she slowly raises a wrench in response, but only threatens! Before she vents out. "Thanks Swivel." She'd call to the femme as she goes. "Swivel just said she saw him by the gravlift, could you see if you can get the footage from there? And.. Yes sick Red Alert on him." Starlock chuckles in agreement with Sideswipe and First Aid.

     Starlock pauses. "...I do.. and I, Aid, believe HP does too?" She says, and can't help but think on what Swivel said about Coil.. Much as she may think Triage could of swiped them, She does trust Swivels judgment.... She raises a ridge seeing that. "...Two people?" She asks herself a loud.

Healthpoint has posed:
     Healthpoint nods, then goes back to looking at the footage. When it seems that the smudges are moving in a way a person might move, she considers that for a few moments. Then peers at the door being open somewhat before apparently being pushed open just enough to let someone inside. She looks at Fixline again, then approaches him. "Fixline...I'm sorry, but I have to ask. Are you absolutely certain you do not remember anything?" she asks, then shows him the footage and points out the door. "I don't want to accuse you of anything, but...the door being left open could easily have been on purpose, and...you seem to be obscuring the view of the vials. Are you sure there is -nothing- else you have to add? If there isn't, then...well, this footage could indicate someone with a cloaking field of some kind, or maybe someone with some kind of device that can scramble surveilance equipment."

     She then Triage again and asks, "Did you notice any doors opening but no one seemed to enter or exit? Or perhaps equipment that moved seemingly on its own? Maybe someone bumped into something but was standing in an open area?"

     When the subject of contacting Blurr comes up, Healthpoint nods. "Yeah, I could try to contact him. He seems to listen to me...every now and then." she says, nodding at First Aid's point. "We have to talk to him as soon as possible."

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder notices the smudges, but...there's really nothing else to see. And the medics seem to have that part under control. Finding Blurr becomes an obviously important point, and she raises a hand. "I'll find him! I'm sure I can sniff him out in no time!" she exclaims enthusiastically before running out of the repair bay in apparent pursuit of the speedster...and possibly knocking bots or equipment over in the process. "See you later, Swipers!"

Sideswipe has posed:
And then as he hears this ever, ever so subtly Sideswipe is moving over a few meters over to the side from Fixline. Just a few meters away, positioning himself over to just trying to be able to get a free look over at the camera footage over as he would go to glance up and then ever, ever so subtly block off any immediate avenue of departure Fixline might have to go around him.
    "WHere the cameras in here exactly that have coverage of the door?"

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock pauses. "That's actually a really good question, as there should be one in the ceiling." Starlock says, pointing up to a little round, black light bulb looking thing in the ceiling. "We have those installed all over the place so there should be a ceiling view." Starlock doesn't think Fixit did it, but that line of logic with Sideswipe wasn't wrong.

     Starlock would ping Blurrs personal radio, waiting for a response.

EDI (1) has posed:
    Fixline starts to look nervous as Healthpoint suddenly appears to become suspicious of him. Perhaps he hadn't thought of the fact that -he- himself may be a suspect in this... "N-no, I told you, I was in recharge." he insists. "I mean, I wasn't trying to obscure the view of them on purpose, I must have moved while I was in stasis..."

    The med tech nods at the request for footage from the gravlift. "Well, not sure which one exactly she was talking about, but..." He searches through the content on the security database, for footage around the gravlifts with Swivel in it. "Here." He brings up something from yesterday, with her standing next to Impactor, appearing to be waiting on the floor where the officers' quarters are. But, doesn't seem like Blurr is anywhere near them at all. "Well, that's odd..." the technician remarks.

    Triage shrugs. "I noticed the door was open wider than before, after the report of the theft. But I didn't see it happen." He gives Fixline a look. "She's right you know. The evidence is there. Even if you didn't steal them yourself, you could have been an accomplice to it. How do we know you -actually- stasis locked, maybe you were just pretending."

    Fixline sputters. "I--I would never!" He's starting look pretty indignant, now.

    Perhaps surprisingly, Blurr does answer Starlock's ping. He sounds...tired. << Starlock? What is it? >>

Sideswipe has posed:
Sideswipe just smiles ever, ever so slowly at Fixline, "Don't worry, I'm sure that we'll go ahead and sort everything out and this wil lbe really simple. Don't worry, we just need to ask you a few things over to make sure that it's all smooth." Some Autobots were in the Guard. Sideswipe was an enforcer. And he konws how to play it up.

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock takes note of Triage and /squints/... She doesn't like that deflection or accusations.. the footage is weird too... Triages past history has Starlock suspicious alright.

     "<<Hey Blurr, you doing okay? also where are you? You sound Exhausted.... Erm, sorry to bug, but there's been an incident, and I'm just following standard regulation for these sorta things, could you come in to the Medical bay?>>"

Healthpoint has posed:
     When Triage starts leaning on Fixline, Healthpoint also peers at Triage. "Wait...you noticed the door was open before the theft and didn't close it or tell Fixline to close it?" she says, turning fully toward him. "And just why was that? How long was it open without you saying anything? We still don't have much to go on after all, and if you just left the door open you could just as easily be involved." she says to him. She really tries not to be biased, but Triage is still on her list of people not to be trusted.

Sideswipe has posed:
Then as he sees Triage and Fixline being looked at by Starlock and Healthpoint, Sideswipe goes to make the next jump of logic. The two are squirrely. Maybe not Prowl level squirrely, but Squirrely. He's not sure how. It's just a processor focus.
    So, goig towards Fixline and Triage, Sideswipe would have an aura of towering over them despite the small difference if any in mass. One hand would smash into the other, him balling a fist and going to make a Ker-RUNCH sound. Sideswipe was a thug. He had been a Senate Enforcer and Goon. He knew /how/ to do this routine.
    It was less putting up the air of one and having -done- it for a living. "Now, we are going to have some QUESTIONS for you two to settle this thing up. So you're going to come wiht us while we talk these things over. You wil lboth be -very- cooperative with us when we do this so we can/ /sort/ this out. That will be much, much easier for me. Because if you don't cooperate immediately I wil lget UPSET."
    Then a WHAM as Sideswipe would punch the wall. Hard. Not leaving a dent. But a CRACK-ECHO would go through the room like someone had just crushed something.
    "You will not like me if I get upset. I presume you are willing to cooperate without any issue?" Oh yes, Sideswipe could be scary.
    "BEcause I hate wasting time. And you'll -hope- that we get things done in an efficient manner so you can get back to your normal routines and patterns. We would HATE to have something happen that would get in the way now would we?" ANother CRACK-THOC.

EDI (1) has posed:
    It's a moment before Blurr responds to Starlock. << But I was literally -just- there. >> he complains. << Look, if you need to ask me any questions, you can come by my place in Translucentia tomorrow, okay? >>

    Healthpoint's questioning of Triage gets him on edge. "Well, yeah but I didn't think anything of it, I mean as long as Fixline was in there I figured it was fine--I wasn't expecting him to fall into recharge or anything. I mean, I trusted him. And I don't -know- how long it was open. As long as he was in there, I guess."

    Fixline is still staring at the security feeds. "Wait, you guys are forgetting something important, I think Swivel lied just now. She said she saw him by the gravlift, but the only footage of her by the gravlift between now and the time of the theft has her standing with Impactor. Blurr's nowhere to be seen..."

    But then Sideswipe starts towering over he and Triage, and punchin walls. The two med techs stare at him, and shudder at the show of violence. "H-hey!" Fixline starts to protest. "I never said we wouldn't cooperate, I mean I've been cooperating--"

    Triage suddenly cuts in. "You know what? I think we're all exhausted. Let's uh...let's continue in a few cycles, yeah? Fresh optics, and all." He looks to Sideswipe. "We'll answer all your questions, don't worry."

    At that, Fixline nods quickly, eager to get away from Sideswipe for now, and the two of them take their leave.