1582/The Hardest Engex

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The Hardest Engex
Date of Scene: 03 June 2020
Location: Translucentia Heights
Synopsis: Blurr enlists the help of Nightbeat and Skyshredder for an...unauthorized mission.
Cast of Characters: Blurr, 134, Nightbeat, Skyshredder

Blurr has posed:
    After Nightbeat had run into Blurr briefly at the medbay, he'd received private encrypted message from him requesting him to meet in Translucentia Heights in half a megacycle. And to bring Pvt. Skyshredder with him. Yes, Blurr is aware Nightbeat probably doesn't know Skyshredder personally, but hey, she's friendly enough, right? And easy to convince to do well, just about anything.

    So when the time comes, he's waiting for them at the designated place, which is in a local recreation area filled with glittering crystal arrays and holographic displays. It's quite a beautiful place, which should be expected of the Heights. The speedster is sitting on a bench in front of a massive fountain of liquid silver, at the center of which is a trilithium sculpture of an artist's rendition of the first Ark launch.

    It's quiet and peaceful here, almost as if the war raging on the rest of the planet had gone unnoticed.

Nightbeat has posed:
The first thing that caught Nightbeat's attention when he got there was the sculpture of the ark, as in the one that had disappeared. 6,2 million years ago, the Ark had launched and then mysteriously vanished. Nightbeat had actually gathered a decent ammount of conspiracy theories and theories in general regarding said disappearance. This time however, he wasn't here to talk about the ark.

The Translucentia Heights were... something, with it's obnoxiously bright colours and tendency towards flashy architecture. This area was considered rather prestigous and he could certainly see why. He also wasn't that surprised when Blurr told him to meet him and Skyshredder there, and he guessed it had something to do with the energon samples, although he had to admit he wasn't entirely sure why Skyshredder was there. Maybe she knew something he or Blurr didn't. Either way the detective soon spots Blurr and heads over to him after making sure no one's paying too much attention to them.

Skyshredder has posed:
     It's true, the big sharky femme is pretty easy to manipulate and usually up for just about anything anyway. As Nightbeat nears Blurr, he might notice a decently-sized shadow closing in on him. It just gets bigger and bigger until with a low-pitched rumble he is buzzed by the big sky shark. The purple and pink shark that rivals some transports in size grins at him as she passes, then transforms before skidding to a stop to the side of Blurr. "Heya, Zippy! Are you itching for another race?" she asks before lookings to Nightbeat and smiling a shark-toothed smile. "And who's your new friend? And...should I be insulted that you sent him to get me instead of calling me yourself?" she says, obviously just teasing Blurr since she grins at him and pats him on the shoulder somewhat strongly.

     Then she gazes into the silver pool. "Oooooh...shiny! I bet this is fun to swim in!" she says before taking steps toward the fountain with the apparent intent of stepping right into it.

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr looks toward his comrades as they approach. Well fine Nightbeat, don't even say hello.

    "Nightbeat. Skyshredder." he greets, nodding to both of them. "Thanks for coming. I--" And Skyshredder thumps him on the back. He manages not to fall out of his seat, though he does grunt slightly. Then, she's already trying to take a swim in the fountain. "Hey, don't make me stun you." he threatens half-jokingly. "We're not here to go for a swim."

    Looking back to Nightbeat. "You've probably already guessed what this is about." he says with a smirk.

Nightbeat has posed:
Nightbeat doesn't seem to care about such social niceties. He does offer a blunt "hi" however, and he then proceeds to raise an eyebrow at the two.

Aaand then Skyshredder is stepping towards the fountain, it seems like she's actually intending to stepping into it as well. "You should probably listen to him, that seems like a bad idea." He deadpanned.

"I didn't guess, I merely figured based off my observations." Nightbeat stated in a very matter-of-fact way.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder blinks as both Blurr and Nightbeat dissuade her. She thinks a moment while looking at the liquid. "Hmm...you think so?" she says to Nightbeat, then steps back from it and shrugs. "Well, I didn't! What are we doing here? I mean, it's pretty and all but the big city isn't really my style. I do like the lights though." she says as she looks around.

Blurr has posed:
    "Guess, figured, whatever." Blurr says dismissively. "Anyway, I need both of your help." he says in answer to Skyshredder's question of why they're here. "You probably saw Wheeljack's report about that weird energy derivative, right?" Well, Nightbeat probably has, anyway. "I know he said no one should try using it, but Shockwave -must- have thought there was a way to control it, otherwise he wouldn't have been experimenting with it."

    The samples he pumped into me were at some lab in Ibex, in the south sectors. I could pull some strings there, sneak in...I'd just need a diversion." Yes he is looking at Skyshredder now. "And someone who can help me figure where he'd be keeping his research." Now he turns to Nightbeat. "You were interested in them earlier, anyway, right?"

Nightbeat has posed:
"I see, he certianly seems mad enough to." This did indeed confirm what he'd figured.

"No, I just happened to be there, it was a big coincidence." Nightbeat said in a flat tone. "Of course I am. I will however require more information than "some lab". Do you have any details you recall that could at the very least narrow it down." He asks Blurr.

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder's eyes light up when Blurr mentions getting the samples. "Oooooh! No problem as long as you promise to teleport me around sometime!" she says with a grin. "That area is still controlled by Decepticons, right? So I can just go in and break some things until they chase me, right?" She giggles devilishly. "That should be fun~ Not sure how long I'll be able to take on a whole base, but I can't wait to find out!"

Blurr has posed:
    "It had to have been at the forward base near the border between the south and central sectors--between our territory and theirs." Blurr replies. "At least, that's where they nabbed me, so that's where I would start. If there is a lab there, I'm sure that's where he took me." He can't be sure, since the Decepticons aren't dumb enough to let prisoners clearly get a read on their location after getting captured. But he makes himself sound more confident than he probably really ought to be.

    He chuckles at Skyshredder. "Well maybe, but we'd have to successfully pull this off, first. You'd just need to remove your badge and maybe put on some different paints, and pretend to be some disgruntled civilian--and, yeah. Break some things, act mad, whatever."

Petroglyph (134) has posed:
It's been a hot breem or so since the cryptologist, nicknamed 'Glyph, had seen or hung out with Blurr. In fact, the last time they'd actually chatted was way back right after Blurr had been released from the New Institute. Yeah, that conversation hadn't gone over smoothly at all.

Naturally, he'd heard the news about Blurr getting demoted following that, and so the moment 'Glyph had some free time to check in on the blue speedster, the minicon makes his way to Translucentia Heights, hoping to catch the former Ibexian athlete at his .. luxurious abode.

Nightbeat has posed:
Nightbeat says, "Hm." Nightbeat noted all of this down mentally. "Shockwave wouldn't be stupid enough to stick around, let alone with his research but it is indeed a start and it might offer clues nonetheless. I advice you to not get too confident regarding your recollection of the location of said lab however."

He looked around without being terribly obvious about it. "I don't suppose we could discuss this where people are less likely to be listening?"."

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder hmms and nods at what Blurr said to her. "So...we need someone who can do a quick custom paintjob!" she says, her volume probably obliterating Nightbeat's attempts and suggestions to not draw attention to them. "Hey! You're a racer, Blurr! I bet you know a good painter!" she adds, equally as loudly. Petroglyph will likely hear her.

Blurr has posed:
    "Shhhh!" Blurr hushes Skyshredder, lowering his voice. "Don't go shouting to the world about it, Primus." he scolds.

    He shrugs at Nightbeat. "It's a start. Even if the data isn't there any more, I know it -was- there previously. And maybe there will be leads to where he's taken it if it has been relocated. Which is where you come in, detective." he chuckles.

    "Listen, if we can figure out how to harness this stuff, control it for our purposes..it could turn the tables of this conflict. Whereas if they figure it out before us? They'd be turned -against- us."

Petroglyph (134) has posed:
Petroglyph chuckles as Nightbeat advises Blurr to not get too confident in his recollection. "Sorry pal," he says, grinning at the private eye, "but that's probably going to fall on deaf audial receptors," he says in a jovial, teasing manner.

He looks over at Skyshredder, protoforming. "What about a custom paint job now?" he turns to Blurr. "Hey, hey. Slow down. If that's possible for you. What's going on here? Didn't you just get out of medical recently?"

Nightbeat has posed:
Nightbeat says, "Figures." Nightbeat sighed. He stops holding his hands to his audios. Primus, this was like Siren all over again.

"I'm already listening thank you very much" Nightbeat deadpans at Blurr. "I'm also aware of of the seriousness of the situation and besides and I'll obviously help, I've been feeling somewhat stir-crazy recently." He might or might not have almost-smirked as he said the last part."

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder is shushed by Blurr and squeaks a bit before covering her mouth and looking around in a not at all obvious fashion. "...do you think any Decepticon spies heard me?" she asks just barely above a whisper. She looks to Petroglyph as he speaks up. "Ooooh. You would do that now? Right here in public?" she asks, gaining a teasing grin.

     She looks to Blurr again after that. "So...if we get some of it, can I try it too? I bet it packs more of a wallop than the hardest engex!" she exclaims while bouncing lightly on her feet, albeit still in a whisper.

Blurr has posed:
    "What? No, I've been out for several decacycles already!" Blurr protests at Glyph as he suddenly seems to appear. "Nothing." he replies to the question of what's going on here. "Nothing at all, just hanging around enjoying ourselves, that's all."

    "Right guys?" he says, glancing at Skyshredder and Nightbeat. "In fact, I was just about to turn in. Talk to you all later. Feel free to stick around here and enjoy yourselves, though."

    Then he turns and heads off back toward the residential complex where he still owns a unit.

Petroglyph (134) has posed:
"...." 'Glyph turns to Skyshredder, frowning. "Alright, well, hate to break it to you, miss, but it looks like whatever well kept secret Blurr was trying to hide kinda got out and it looks like you're responsible." He offers her an apologetic smile. "You were saying something about getting something that packs harder than the hardest engex?"

He looks at Nightbeat. "You're Nightbeat, right? Heh. Been looking for you. Heard lots of good things. I'm probably gonna need your help for something else, actually."

Skyshredder has posed:
     Skyshredder blinks at Glyph. "What? Uh...we weren't talking about anything! I don't know any secrets! Blurr lives here so it isn't suspicious that we are here!" she says, then looks around before transforming to her shark form. "I..uh...I should go. See you guys later!" she says, then swims off into the air. "We weren't planning anything!" is the last thing the others hear before she heads for the horizon.

Nightbeat has posed:
Nightbeat was about to turn around and walk when the other guy said something. "I think you know that already, and maybe I can. I do however have somewhere else I need to be so we might ned to talk later." He was intruiged definitely but he also probably shouldn't stick around here for too long considering the seriousness of the current case. "You probably know where to find me." He then transformed and drove off as a proper dramatic exit.