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Made To Order
Date of Scene: 31 October 2017
Location: Altihex Sub-Orbital Research Facility
Synopsis: Healthpoint is born into a cruel world of war.
Cast of Characters: Prowl, 108

Prowl has posed:
    Altihex Sub-Orbital research facility is stationed high above the city-state of Altihex, and it is where many Autobot and Convocation-sponsored projects have been underway since before the death of Zeta Prime. One of the more recent ones involves creating pre-conditioned soldiers in direct response to a need on the battlefield--like more combat-capable field medics who can stabilize and quickly transport the wounded to relative safety.

    Thousands of sparks are currently in storage at government-operated cryogenic facilities around Cybertron, and the hope is to find a way to upload a conditioning program containing basic combat skills (and hopefully some specific to the intended role) to these made-to-order or MTO soldiers so to speak that would allow them to simply be assembled on-site and dropped onto the battlefield where they would carry out their designated function quickly and efficiently.

    Today marks an important milestone in this project. The doctors have run many simulations, but now is the first time they have elected to actually test the program on a live subject. Triage, the project lead--a very talented medic who decided to turn his pursuits toward research instead of patient care--has the first "Assembler" prototype ready to launch its first subject onto a simulated battlefield based on Harmonex before it was destroyed. Many of his staff are gathered around, excited to see how this test will go. Surely, the abrupt stress to a newspark won't kill it right? Well if their calculations are correct, it shouldn't!

    He keys the activation sequence and the gears churn, they watch eagerly on a videopane above the console as various drone arms set to work assembling the the necessary body parts from the storage units, and finally, once everything is together--the most important step of the process...

    There's a hiss as the cryo-storage is opened and a small glowing object is carefully retrieved and installed into the new frame's chassis, finally giving it life. -Real- life. Once the spark is sealed into its housing and the chest compartment closed, the drones quickly retract into their respective storage, concealing themselves before the subject comes to her senses. Once they're gone we can see that the room actually looks much like the exit bay of a dropship, and the berth the subject is on starts to move to orient her into a sitting position. Suddenly, it seems she is not alone any more. The other seats along the bay walls are filled with other mechs ready to be deployed onto the field...

Healthpoint (108) has posed:
     Healthpoint's optics start to light up, the building glow stuttering before finally stabilizing. She looks around groggily, not sure where she is for a few moments. Her systems go through all their checks, servos and gears and mechanisms all testing themselves out before she finally blinks with the spark of consciousness. Where is she? ...who is she? But then, the pre-programmed instructions start to load up, along with her name. Identity: Healthpoint. Role: Combat Medic. Mission: Airdrop into an active warzone, secure wounded, return them to the field hospital. Engage hostiles only if necessary. She looks around with her gentle green eyes at the other mechs ready to deploy with her. She tries to access files on them. Who are they? Are they here to help her in combat rolls or as fellow medics? What is the current condition of the drop zone?

Prowl has posed:
    There are 2 other combat medic on the dropship, Comet and Caliber. They are flyers like her, and have the same role. Then there's the unit commander, Voltage. The rest of them are infantry mechs, 12 of them. And she'll know the condition of the dropzone now because the doors open to drop her and her unit directly down into the trenches. It's definitely not pretty, that's for sure. Black smoke billows from once-beautiful buildings that are now fiery heaps of scrap. There are wounded directly in the enemy line of fire--but her comrades do not hestitate to go charging into battle. Some of the infantry mechs go down immediately, but ah...there are so many injured! Caliber and Comet immediately transform and head for a destroyed encampment where defenses have been decimated and many are dead or close to it.

Healthpoint (108) has posed:
     Healthpoint watches the others deploy and follows soon after. But, when the infantry start dropping as soon as they are clear of the transport she ducks back in quickly, only emerging after a few more moments. Her ventilators are working overtime as the situation and the reality of war start to overwhelm her. She is supposed to help people during all of that? She takes a few deep breaths to steady herself, then rushes back out. With Comet and Caliber heading toward the encampment, Healthpoint focuses on those from their own unit that just fell. "How are we supposed to make any headway like this, commander?!" she shouts over the sounds of weapons fire all around them.

Prowl has posed:
    Voltage just sighs once he finally gets a chance to respond to her in between barking orders and trying to keep the Decepticons from advancing toward their defenses. "Well you sure won't be making any if you just stand there and wonder how you can." he says roughly. "Just go help Comet and Caliber. Or...oh Primus slag it just grab someone who's injured, they're definitely not in short supply!" He's right, the wounded are everywhere.

    Caliber abruptely comes in on her comms. << Healthpoint, got a big tanker over here can you help us get him rearward so we can at least stabilize him? You've got the big cargo space. >>

Healthpoint (108) has posed:
     She wasn't -just- standing there! She was trying to help those from their unit! But as the commander instructs her and the other medics radio for her, Healthpoint finally transforms into her VTOL mode. She keeps low to the ground to try and avoid enemy fire, then lands where Caliber called for her and lowers her boarding ramp. "Get him onboard quickly! We won't be helping anyone if we get targeted!" Healthpoint doesn't have a lot in the way of weapons, and tries not to fire the ones she has. When the big mech is loaded up Healthpoint's repair arms get to work on him even as she takes off, heading for the nearest medical facility. "Hang on, big guy! We'll get you home!"

Prowl has posed:
    "Oh, thank Primus you're here!" Comet exclaims when Healthpoint shows up. They quickly load the injured tanker into her cargo space--he's in bad shape. He'll leak out if they don't get him to somewhere they can stop and stabilize him without getting gunned down soon. "Go go go! We'll cover you!" The others shout. As she takes off the other two take flight as well, one behind and the other on her left flank.

    They are expecting to be pursued, and sure enough a group of seekers starts onto their tails. Comet and Caliber break away to open fire on the attackers, managing to finish them off, however one of them launches a missile before going down in flames. It strikes Comet as he is attempting to rejoin Healthpoint, sending him down to the ground as well, his body bursting into flames.

Healthpoint (108) has posed:
     "I'm sorry! I was...some of our unit went down and..." Healthpoint doesn't try to explain more than that. She just gets in the air and moves as fast as she can. She isn't the speediest of conveyances, and when the seekers catch up to them she turns and flies backwards so she can fire her Syringe Launchers, hoping to disable the seekers.

     But, it isn't enough and Comet goes down! "Nooo! Comet!" Healthpoint cries out. She almost stops to try and pick him up, but...she already has a patient. "Caliber! Please help him!" Healthpoint says before she continues on. Expecting to be alone now, she pushes her engines to their limits to try and get back to base before any other seekers can find them. This is war? You have to choose who lives and who dies? You have to somehow fight while still saving your patients?

     The data coming back to the scientists is not good. Perhaps she didn't have enough pre-programmed training, or perhaps even with it a newly activated spark is too inexperienced to properly process the events, but whatever the reason Healthpoint's energon pressure is spiking and her heat levels are rising rapidly as she tries to keep calm while thinking about the mission, her no doubt dead comrades, and their commander who is out in the trenches probably already dead. She doesn't even know if the mechs she patched before going to meet Comet and Caliber are alive or if she failed to patch them well enough for them to survive!

     Everything looks like death and destruction, and the newly born transformer is not taking it well.

Prowl has posed:
    Triage and his colleauges have grim looks on their faces. The readings aren't as good as they were hoping.

    "Well she's still alive and fighting, right?" A vaguely familar voice behind them says. As they turn they find Prime's second-in-command, Prowl himself standing behind them and watching the feed as well.

    Meanwhile, inside the simulation, Caliber checks Comet's vitals. "No....Healthpoint he's gone." he says with regret. "We -have- to go." Pressing forward, Caliber covers her all the way back behind the strongest defenses where a large pulsar cannon is set up to keep the Con forces back. As soon as they arrive, he moves to weld the patient's leg where he's lost the lower portion of it to preven him from bleeding out completely. All the while the injured mech has been moaning with the agony of the pain.

    "Okay, okay big guy this is gonna hurt, but we have to do it to keep you from leaking out okay? We can give you some sedatives but that's all we've got."
    "Just p-please...m-make it stop...please I don't want to die!"
    "No, no you're not going to die, we're gonna fix it okay? We're gonna fix it!" Caliber encourages. "Healthpoint--hold him down at the waist."

Healthpoint (108) has posed:
     Healthpoint's flightpath decays and her wings wobble as she hears that Comet is gone, but she regains control before she crashes. She lands behind the defense perimeter next to whatever medical facility is there, then waits for the big mech to be unloaded. Healthpoint deploys the robotic arms in her repair bay to hold the big mech down as best she can, and applies a sensory dampening injection to help with the pain. "Don't worry. We're safe now. We won't let you die!" she says over her speakers as Caliber works on sealing the wounds.

     The robotic arms shake a little as Healthpoint struggles to come to grips with 'reality'. Please don't die, please don't die...

     "H-has there been any word from our commander? Or...o-or the unit?" Healthpoint asks, her vocalizer developing a bit of a glitch as she tries to keep from simply breaking down.

Prowl has posed:
    The mech screams in agony despite the dampeners when Caliber takes the welder to his leg, although it is over quickly. "It's okay, it's okay! We're done now, it's over, it's over, they'll get you back to Deltaran and then once they get spare parts you can be back on your feet again okay?" he assures the tanker. A group of techs hurry out of the field hospital and carry the mech inside on a stretcher.

    Caliber turns to Healthpoint. "Phew, that was a close good wo--" He doesn't even get to finish his sentence, because a sniper shot from a high vantage point suddenly nails him in the side of the head. Fuel spurts and he collapses to the ground, his vital signs still struggling for life but quickly losing the fight. Another shot goes off, taking out the gunner operating the pulsar cannon, who drops to the ground as well, motionless.

    Voltage comes on the comms again. << Healthpoint! ---kkkkzzzttt---atus report. What's the situation out there? The pulsar's charged but not firing! >>

Healthpoint (108) has posed:
     Healthpoint lets out a short shriek as Caliber is hit, and a squeak as the gunner is gunned down. "Oh P-p-primus..." she says as she transforms quickly. She starts to help Caliber, but then comes the call from Voltage. Another life and death decision. She could try to save Caliber, but she knows that ever second that gun is not operational is a second someone else could be dying. She crouches down, giving Caliber's hand a squeeze. The tactical subroutines quickly make the calculations, and getting the gun running is the higher priority. But, there's a surge in Healthpoint's systems and she shakes her head violently. "N-no! I won't leave him!"

     She drags Caliber behind something solid and starts working, sealing up leaks and trying to make new connections so that his systems can keep functioning. While she works she sends out a radio message. <<A-anyone in range, the pulsar cannon is under fire! Reinforce it o-or we may be overrun!>> But, her probability calculator tells her that if the gunner was hit, there is likely a force of Decepticons trying to take it already. The defenders may be too busy to get it manned again, and that means more troops will be in danger. If transformers can cry, Healthpoint would be crying right now.

     And back in the booth, the level of psychological trauma is quickly rising, along with those heat and energon pressure levels. Things are nearing critical levels.

Prowl has posed:
    Triage is really not liking these numbers; he moves to shut the simulation down before Healthpoint is overwhelmed by the mental strain. But Prowl steps forward and gently pushes his hand back.

    "But sir--"
    "Wait. Be patient with her--she'll make it through."

    Back in the simulator, Voltage quickly makes his way to Healthpoint's location, and attempts to get to the cannon, but only barely manages to evade getting sniped like the last gunner did. "Slag it, there's a sniper out there, we're pinned down! I have to take him down. Vantage--you're in charge until I return!" Caliber's life is slipping away quickly despite her efforts--the internal damage is just too much. "...H...H-healthpoint...Voltage won't make it back on h-his o-o-own...the boys n-need his leadership..." he urges her.

Healthpoint (108) has posed:
     Healthpoint shakes her head quickly at Calibur's urging. But, him telling her to go sort of absolves her of abandoning him. She stops her work, then gives Caliber's hands a squeeze. "...I...I'm s-sorry..." she says to him, then takes off at a run. <<Commander Voltage, I...I will go with you. I-if we can't get that sniper, then...the defense line might be overrun.>> she radios as she runs to catch up with him. With the reality of priorities setting in along with the realization that no matter how hard she tries she won't be able to save everyone, Healthpoint realizes it is best to save as many as she can. Whether that is by repairing the fallen or making sure a sniper can't take down any more. Her resolve kicks in, and the readings start to level out. They are still close to critical, but they no longer seem to be rising.

     As they make their way toward the sniper's position, Healthpoint keeps her syringe blaster at the ready. She is a bit overly nervous though, aiming at every little sound or distant gunfire. But, she manages not to fire at anything and gives Voltage proper rear guard coverage.

Prowl has posed:
    Indeed, Healthpoint finds herself assaulted from all sides. Shots are flying everywhere, and a big bruiser even charges her on her way after her commander. But somehow, she gets through the battle.

    Voltage transforms and rushes the enemy lines, attempting to approach from a right flanking position while most of them are focused on the front. Pinpointing the sniper, he makes his way up to where he's perched on top of one of the enemy barricades. He manages to take the sniper out, although he is spotted immediately after and takes a shot to the chest. He falls to the ground, alive but in critical condition. Caliber was right, he wouldn't have made it back on his own!

Healthpoint (108) has posed:
     Healthpoint only manages to handle the bruiser with a quick shot of an immobilization serum before she continues after Voltage. She doesn't transform when he does, as her vehicle form is a bigger and less armed target than her robot form. She can't help a slight cheer when he disables the sniper, but when he falls back with wounds of his own Healthpoint transforms and pulls him into her repair bay before rushing away at high speed.

     She will no doubt take plenty of fire on the way back, but she is determined not to let their brave commander fall like she did the rest of their squad. Her small robotic arms work on him even as she flies, and her syringe launchers do a decent job of keeping attackers at bay. Still, when she makes it back to the field hospital she is riddled with holes, and one engine is on fire. She transforms and secures the commander, then looks toward the gun. Is it firing again?

Prowl has posed:
    Give it a few more breems, and one of her squad manages to get up there and start operating the pulsar turret once more. It seems the situation has stabilized for now. Voltage is safe behind Autobot defenses--she has done her job well. Just as she plops down at the hospital for a moment's reprieve and to observe the results of a job well done, something rather odd starts to happen. The room she's in starts to fade from view, dissipating into little streaks of white light before disappearing completely. She wasn't at a field hospital at all, but in some kind of barren room covered with reflective paneling. A VI voice speaks up.

    "Scenario ended. Score: 5421. Rank: Seventy-fifth percentile. Assessment: Proficient."

    There's a hiss and a door slides open, revealing Prowl, and Triage and colleagues standing there. "Excellent work, Healthpoint. Your skills are--well, on point!" Triage says with a grin.

Healthpoint (108) has posed:
     Healthpoint's biometrics spike again when the surroundings start to change, but when she sees the room and who is walking out she blinks a few times before standing. "...a s-simulation?" she asks, then vents hotly. "That is how you welcome a new soldier?! I hope you will at least give them time to acclimate to being alive before you send them into a very realistic combat simulator next time!" She seems...upset. The praise though tempers her anger a bit, but only a bit. "I appreciate the positive reinforcement sir, but...I do not feel like my skills were on point. By my estimation we lost thirty percent of our unit, including two combat medics. And our commander was disabled!"

     Her hands clench into fists. "I-I have only rudimentary psychological knowledge, but simply launching a new spark into a combat simulator with only programmed instructions and no experience is far too stressing! I doubt I will be able to hold my weapons steady again! Why are we even fighting a-anyway? Aren't there peaceful solutions?!"

Prowl has posed:
    "Well, it's a good thing you were only the first live trial. We'll be using the data you generated to improve our pre-conditioning protocols." Triage smiles and pats her on the back. "You are understandably distressed. But don't worry, you'll understand everything very soon!"

    He nods toward one of his colleagues. "Pharma here will take you to the Academy now, where everything will be made much clearer, I promise."

    But before she leaves, Prowl has one thing to say to her. "Healthpoint. You've done well as you know. However, you are not to tell anyone about what you saw and learned today. If anyone asks, you are from Altihex. You were were trained at Deltaran before enlisting. I'll be sending you a more detailed cover profile later....good luck."

Healthpoint (108) has posed:
     Healthpoint is still pretty upset as she is patted and given further instructions. But, when Prowl orders her to keep this a secret, her optics go wide and she stares for a few moments. If she were not already pre-programmed with the protocols of a soldier, she would probably outright refuse. As it is, she simply lowers her head and quietly says, "...y-yes sir..." before following Pharma out. "...b-but...I would like it put on record that I object to these orders." she says before being led away.