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Pressure Points
Date of Scene: 21 January 2018
Location: Northern Polar Region
Synopsis: Blast Off tests Autobot response times.
Cast of Characters: Blast Off, Sky Lynx, 95, Hyperdrive

Tachyglossus (95) has posed:
    Sometimes, despite being barred from special assignments, CERTAIN disobedient cadets are still dragged along patrols. But usually in places that aren't terribly important. It's part of the practical training after all. And there's hardly a more unimportant or unpleasant patrol route than the chilling Norhtern polar region. Private Washer is tasked with taking Hyperdrive along somewhere out of the way to keep him out of trouble while still getting his necessary credits. Outposts are far and few between, and both Washer, an uninspiring and average mech in all aspects, and Hyperdrive are between check points. Because of the treashurous terrain currently being traversed, Washer has reverted to root mode to pick through this portion.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive is a hovercar and has no real problem traversing the area. Of course he isn't going to leave his current mentor and after doing a wide circle, he transforms and moves to walking alongside Washer, "Looks like more of the same in most directions....Are ya sure this isn't a punishment assignment from Prowl?" He grins a little and glances around. "Would hate to be stuck here all the time. But its kinda cool to check out."

Blast Off has posed:
They're not alone. High above them a purple and brown shuttle soars through thin air effortlessly. It is Blast Off and he's on a mission of his own- one that could bring him into a collision with the two 'bots below, maybe even literally.

He's been instructed to do a little of the usual scouting, as there are certain resources in the area, but most importantly to keep an optic out for Autobots. Track them, get an idea of how many are around and, if spotted, how orgainized their defense and backups are. It's not a place that would /obviously/ call out for attack... but in war sometimes part of the deal is keeping your enemey offgaurd and observing their responses. The Combaticon makes note of the two life forms down below and begins adjusting course, slowly losing altitude to put him on that collision course. ...Not a literal one, just yet.

Tachyglossus (95) has posed:
    Washer shrugs. "Don't know if this is punishment, but someone needs to patrol these routes. Relax. Nothing much happens up here." Washer says, seeming to have maintained a good natured attitude to his tag along. It's not the first time he's been stuck with a cadet after all. "Just so long as you keep close, everything will be fine." Yeah. No ditching patrol duty and running off to Vos like a certain other minibot.

While Washer does occasionally glance up to the skies on his patrol, it's become less and less frequent as the stillness of the frozen landscape lulls him into a false sense of security. And his scanning device, kept at his hip, isn't pinging him just yet about the encroaching shuttle. For now, Blast Off is just barely out of sensor range. Barely.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive walks backwards for a few steps, checking their rear flank before turning back around. "I'm still hoping ta just graduate at this point. I fell behind and I've had a glitch of a time tryin ta catch back up. But I think I've nearly got it ta where I'll be able to get some more specialized instruction. I do like explorin but not quite this open. It always seems just when ya think everything is safe that it all comes crashin down....sometimes literally. How long have you been doin patrols out this way?"

Blast Off has posed:
Murphy's Law is a thing across all the great wide universe, and that includes Cybertron itself as something very much *does* happen in the next few seconds. First, the two Autobots may notice a sudden electrical charge in the air that even causes some small rocks to start rattling around, followed by a flash of blue light. That's the only warning they get before the world explodes, or seems to, right where Washer is. Or was. That's followed by an audial-popping loud BOOOOM and smoke, ash, and little else until the dust clears a bit.... at which point if anyone looks up, a Decepticon shuttle can be seen hurtling down towards them from the sky, lasers warming up for another go-around.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive glances around in confusion at the strange movement of the rocks. Now Hyperdrive has never seen an attach like this. But Washer has been around a while. He suddenly SHOVES Hyperdrive away, "SCATTERRRRRGGHHH---" And that while is no more. His scream is mercifully drowned by the BOOOM as he is neatly atomized and put out of any misery he may have had in that instant. Hyperdrive himself is not so lucky. As he's shoved, he tumbles away, given but a moment to raise his forcefield instinctively. The very air is seared and the blackened dust that scatters clouds his view of Washer's end like a leaf in the wind. And while the forcefield takes the brunt of the attack, he finds his metal charred and damaged as the forcefield drops, leaving him down, darkened and dazed.

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off is quite satisfied with his shot. Looks like he took out one Autobot *completely* with one of his most most orbital blasts. It'll be awhile before he can fire off another shot with that power, but while he powers up the X-ray laser canon in his nosecone again, his wing lasers are ready to go and already locking on the one remaining target. He *is* grateful Swivel is nowehere to be seen, which leaves him free to just do his job- and remind these Autobots why they should *always* respect the Combaticon name. Plus, yeah, that other stuff about observing their response times and all that, too. Blast Off draws nearer now as he sends some shots right at the second Autobot, not giving him much time.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive has been doing alot of training. And the sounds of laser fire snap his senses to here and now and he does a tumbling dive forward, being neatly missed by the Shuttle. The young mech looks at the darkened spot that used to be the nice mech Washer. Washer...Barreler, Tap out. Every time he turns around, they're bein taken away from him. He turns and glares at Blast off, "What? NOt enough time practicin with yer rifle?" He throws reaches down to pick up a rock and THROWS it at Blast Off. Of course just as quick he shoots the projectile, hoping to cause the flashbang he stuck to the rock to explode and catch the shuttle off guard.

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off missed? This always comes as at least a mild surprise to the sniper, used as he is to hitting his targets (even Blurr, though Blurr tests his mettle). With a rumbling huff, the shuttle's wing lasers begin to lock on his target once more... a target he's starting to recognize and identify for certain. Oho, that's... well he doesn't get a long time to remember the mech, though yes it IS that brat that helped Swivel capture him before. Humiliated him. Took his GUN. And now he's... what? Throwing a rock, are you serio-OH. OH!

There's a sudden blinding flash of light through his systems and then just as Blast Off made Hyperdrive's world all dark, now Hyperdrive makes Blast Off's world all light. TOO light, he can't see! The shuttle veers up, throttling and trying to go higher up to avoid any possible collisions. "<< I see you're both full of tricks lately... >>" He muses over his loudspeakers. "<< But fear not, I've had time to practice shooting. Have you ever practiced dying? >>"

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive grins darkly at the success of his attack. All that simulator practice has been paying off. Of course now he's pissed off the con. He cycles through his possible attacks and decides perhaps the best bet is to radio for help **ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ** "slagittahell....ya couldn't just leave us alone. We weren't attackin any of yers, Ya didn't have ta kill Washer...no...but that's not yer way. I might not of shot at ya before fer my friend's sake....but I'm not gonna go out quietly either. And as fer practice dyin...yep! I practice it weekly." And he does too. The terrain doesn't give MUCH for cover but what little it does allows him to steady his hand before aiming at the shuttle.

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off huffs more loudly this timne, engines growling as he twists up into the sky once more, trying to make sense of his altimeter and NOT crash into the ground. The only good news for him at the moment is that his erratic swerving helps him avoid Hyperdrive's shot. "<< We will never leave you alone, not until you leave *us* alone. And THAT is not the *Autobot* way, is it? >>"

It's starting to feel as if his sensors are clearing and Blast Off can see once again, though he's still not at 100% He IS well enough to focus back on his original target and try for another shot with his wing lasers. The shuttle arcs back down now, making a gentle glide towards the planet- for a very NOT-gentle purpose as his weapons target the Autobot. His voice, when he speaks, is cool and aloof. "<< You're that little guttersnipe, aren't you? Thought it amusing to take on a Combaticon, as I recall. I do wonder what you'll think of that idea later... that is, IF you HAVE a "later"...>>" With that, he fires. ]

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive is really still trying to call for help but so far he's getting static. Maybe he's in a dead zone. Well considering Washer's fate he jumps to his feet and transforms, trying to get some distance from the spot that got nuclear toasted by Blastoff. Now he's got some manueverbility and he can try and find a spot with more than one bar or roaming and maybe get someone to save his sorry aft before he looks worse than just toasted. The hovercar speeds across the pole, spinning and firing when he thinks he's got a good bead on the con to perhaps convince him to lead the mech alone.

Blast Off has posed:
What the frag? Blast Off's shots go way off their mark. Apparently his systems are still experiencing interference. The Combaticon's engines growl again. Frag it all, he's had a string of humiliations and Primus be damned if he's going to let this Autobot cadet best him now! It's time people remembered what a Combaticon warrior is, why they are a force to be reckoned with. The shuttle is jjust more determined to strike his target now. As the Autobot transforms and fires on him, Blast off manages to avoid the blasts.

"<< Tsk, you'll have to do better than that, little Autobot... >>" The shuttle runs some diagnostics on his targeting systems, trying to detect the issue so he can unleash a nice, big orbital blast Hyperdrive's way and make everyone forget the difficulties he's having right now.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive says, "I'm not the one who went after CADETS fer no reason but to fuel yer own thirst for energon sports. I'm not the one who brought down buildings on civilians. Ya wanna blame me fer stuff...Blame yerself fer not carin fer those around ya! You create yer own enemies outta people who would have never BOTHERED with this war except fer the fact that the cons forced us INTA it!" He drives backwards, still tryin to get to safety but also wanting to keep the con taking pot shots at him. "Also.....SIZE HAS NOTHIN TA DO WITH COURAGE!""

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off finds he's starting to get a little heated, himself, listening to this cadet cry about things he obviously knows nothing of! "<< Typical Autobot babble, do they make you memorize that exhaust or is that speech your own? >>" He's just starting to *hufff* again when the car finally lands a shot on the still disfunctioning shuttle. "<< Argh! >>" It knocks him away for a bit, fuselage dipping in altitude before catching himself again and maintaining his previous course after the cadet.

"<< No, you're right, size has nothing to do with courage.... but size CAN really ruin your day, you'll find, when you get hit with an large blast from my orbital laser! >>" And now, feeling his targeting systems clearing some (apparently that blast helped it somehow), he fires!

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive's forcefield comes up once again to try and protect from the worst of the Combaticon's damage. Unfortunately its not working as well as it would have if he'd not already took a glancing blow from this weapon. Struck, he's knocked aft over fender and transforms midair to continue skittering along the ground from the speed of his retreat. He is now dented pretty significantly and still rather charred. He needs to by himself some time to call for help. At Blast off's speed. He wonders how well his landing might be if he can't steer.

-Autobot- Hyperdrive says, "Mayday please someone hear me. Under attack, Washer is GONE! Combaticon attack!"

-Autobot- Sky Lynx says, "I can be there momentarily."
-Autobot- Swivel says, "'Yperdroive? Did you say Washer is gone?"
-Autobot- Sky Lynx says, "Who, or what, is Washer?"
-Autobot- Swivel says, "Private Washer (I'm guessing)"
-Autobot- Sky Lynx says, "I see... Well, I can extract everyone if need be. I'm not against it at all, and I've yet to have a combat zone too hot for me to get things done right."
-Autobot- Hyperdrive says, "Nothin left...ain't a body! I'm tryin ta get free. I might not be able ta answer. I'm on the move. Its only me ta save. Shuttle Blast off. Beware!"
-Autobot- Swivel says, "I wish there was somethin' I coo do... but I don't think I'm anywhere near..."
-Autobot- Sky Lynx says, "Blast Off? That little fellow? Oh, well, then this should be a properly easy extraction. Do stand fast! Set your location beacon to the coordinates I send over secured comms and don't you worry about a thing."
-Autobot- Hyperdrive says, "don't expect me ta stay still. I'm already burnt ta slag. Look fer the black movin target!"
-Autobot- Swivel says, "I'll make sure there are medics ready fer when you get back. Don't die."
-Autobot- Hyperdrive says, "Tryin not ta"

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off is determined to do his job- AND maybe, just maybe, get a little payback for the humiliation earlier. He's not even really trying to kill the car... isn't he a friend of Swivel's? But Blast Off does have a job to do, and getting a little payback satisfaction wouldn't be all bad. (How uncouth!)

"<< Hmm. Seems you Autobots aren't nearly as organized as you'd like us to think you are... I don't see any reenforcements, do you? What was your name again, hmm? Hyper-something? I'll remember it... for your epitath! Just take this thought with you- do NOT mess with the Combaticons again! >>" That little guttersnipe will certainly remember this encounter... IF he lives! Blast Off lets his X-ray orbital laser recharge again and fires. It... is a powerfull blast and if it hits it's gonna hurt, though somehow... it's not quite at full power. Perhaps... because of a certain Autobot femme he knows.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive doesn't precisely know what the xray laser would do since he's never been hit by one. He is still running and does try to raise his forcefield. Looking over his shoulder is probably the last thing he should have done. There is a brilliant flash and it feels like his head is on fire. He has no control over how he falls as his hands clench to his head. He gives an anguished cry of pain and goes still. The young mech's optics are completely dark and well his body is already blackened so its impossible to tell if he's grayed out. He can't run, he can't see and its taking everything he's got to go completely and utterly limp in a bid to play dead.

Sky Lynx has posed:
Off in the distance, there's the tell-tale roar of a shuttlecraft. But, well, in all fairness, those engines are also not the usual 'made by the cheapest bidder' sort, and carry a distinct roar that just screams of high-grade and high-performance... They're engines Blast Off probably knows very, very well.

The closer they get, the more distinctive that shape is. Long neck, tail, claws, teeth... that distinctive bold red, bright blue, and polished white with gold accenting? Oh dear. It's Lynx. Seems /someone/ called for an extraction.

And said extraction has arrived in style. Swooping down, with hardly a word said otherwise, the massive mechasaur sweeps in, those claws flashing out at the combatative shuttlecon. What's more, true to form, he doesn't even bother seeing if he connects or not since, well, only the unrefined savor the aftermath of their defensive attacks.

Landing with a loud *THWOOM*, he just strikes a triumphant pose, head held high, tail slowly snaking behind him, and certainly a look that just screams 'confidence'.

"Have no fear, Sky Lynx is here. This battle's all but over now."

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive would happily comment about how well Autobot forces work for response teams. But he has no clue what is actually going on and isn't going to move until he figures out that he's safe or until the pain stops. So yeah play dead until you are dead or somehow safe again

--RADIO: Swivel-Hyperdrive-- Hyperdrive says, "I'm sorry!"
--RADIO: Swivel-Hyperdrive-- Swivel says, "Sorry fer wot? Nothin' to apologize fer unless you died. Which... well then you couldn't."
--RADIO: Swivel-Hyperdrive-- Swivel says, "'Yperdroive?"

-Autobot- Swivel says, "....Everything okay out there?"
-Autobot- Sky Lynx says, "I'm here, of course it's okay."

--RADIO: Swivel-Hyperdrive-- Hyperdrive says, "**there isn't an answer but the signal is reaching something or someone as its being received.**"

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off doesn't see it coming. At least not in time. He's gloating over his glorious shot there, sending that cadet into a smoking pile. Maybe he'll land and provide some more superior and condescending remarks to the young guttersnipe, should he still be functional. Yes, that'll show them, that'll show them ALL that this Combaticon is nothing to be messed with! Except...wait, he knows those engines. ...Sky Lynx? A combination of surprise at seeing his fellow space shuttle, a confusion over what to say or do- he'd love to have a chat with the mech, really, if he only *weren't on the enemy side*, which by the way, speaking of which, maybe he should, like, get out of here about now- whoops too late. "<< Sky Lynx? I... >>

He tries to swerve away but the dragonshuttle catches him, tearing claws into the glass cannon's armor. The shuttle *screams*. Ceramic tiles scatter everywhere as his heat shields are shredded. His fuselage is shredded, *everything* is shredded. Frag, now HE's the one who's worried he's going to die. Energon sprays through the air as the shuttle rockets downward, heading towards a crash collision with the ground after all. All he can do is try and land somewhere out of Sky Lynx's sight, if possible.

Sky Lynx has posed:
Sky Lynx leaves Blast Off to fall from the sky -and grace- as he marches his way towards Hyperdrive's location. <<I regret, Blast Off, it came to such blows. But when one of ours asks for extraction, I do not compromise their safety. It is nothing personal.>>

He leaves it at that and simply looks down at the prostrate Hyperdrive, opening his cargo bay. "Hyperdrive, if you're unable to carry yourself out of here, then simply...remain as you are and I'll carry you out myself. Otherwise, I say dust yourself off, climb aboard, and we will be off as easy as you please."

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive feels the thump of something big near him. Nope. Not Moving. He's dead see. Just poor pathetic dead autobot. And either the autobots will leave his body like Barreler and he'll try getting help when he's sure that the con is gone. Or hopefully the bots will find him and take him home. But blast off is probably still there. But he has no clue. Everything in his head is warnings and damage reports and pain. So just stay still.

Blast Off has posed:
Blast Off makes a hard landing off in the distance, shedding a few more layers of armor and fuselage. The Combaticon can hear Sky Lynx's message, but he's in no condition to really answer right now, as most of his systems are in emergency mode and he's busy sending radio beacons out for a rescue of his own. However, the words from Lynx may be of some small comfort, and perhaps a hint it won't be HIM dying out here on this wasteland, despite just bringing death to another. Perhaps... it would be best just to shush now.

Sky Lynx has posed:
Sky Lynx hmms... "Very well then." He moves to carefully pluck Hyperdrive up with the most gentle and precise thing he can. His teeth. Undignified for Hyperdrive, perhaps, but certainly not the worst of places to end up. He pushes himself off the ground as engines engage, and just like that he's flying off to leave Blast Off to...well, whoever comes to pick him up. It'll be someone.


-Autobot- Sky Lynx says, "En route. Hyperdrive was non-responsive on arrival but I cannot properly assess the severity of his wounds. The threat was eliminated rather swiftly. Expect no complications during our return."
-Autobot- Swivel says, "Eliminated? ...........Of course we dun expect any less from you, Sky Lynx."
-Autobot- Sky Lynx says, "Indeed. A solid blow. I believe Blast Off is still...functional, but he was also unresponsive after a rather decisive blow upon my arrival. I'll need to pick some of his solar panelling out of my claws."
-Autobot- Sky Lynx says, "I'll circle back after I drop off Hyperdrive to confirm and, possibly, deliver him to the appropriate medical services and authorities."
-Autobot- Swivel says, "Well... medical 'ave been notified to be expectin' you and 'Yperdroive."

--RADIO: Swivel-Hyperdrive-- Hyperdrive says, "**still open com**"
--RADIO: Swivel-Hyperdrive-- Swivel says, "Just 'old on a l'il longer."

-Autobot- Swivel says, "I'll... I'll meet you at the landin'."