779/Hyperdrive Moves In

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Hyperdrive Moves In
Date of Scene: 06 February 2019
Location: Rod-Pod
Synopsis: Hot Rod unexpectedly finds Hyperdrive in his hab suite.
Cast of Characters: Hot Rod, Hyperdrive

Hot Rod has posed:
After getting off of his night patrol shift this particularly uneventful cycle, Hot Rod returns to his quarters, and discovers that Hyperdrive is taking full advantage of him offering to let him drop by anytime he likes.

"Oh.. uh. Hey." He pauses. "I see you've.. made yourself at home."

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive has...well not alot of stuff. MOst of the stuff he'd had when he hung out with Tapout and Barreler was put into storage since he couldn't deal with seeing any of it. And when he lived with Swivel, well he only had a few things but unfortunately he needs to not be the trainee area anymore. And apparently he lost the roommate lottery. He ends up with the one mech that not only seems to enjoy causing trouble but has no trouble getting him in trouble. He's not sure if it's Hot Rod's way of being a bully or what. He looks up at Hot Rod When he walks in and sighs, "Yeah...not sure if this is proof Prowl has a sense of humor or not...since um....yeah....I guess I'm yer Roommate now." He sits there with his box staring at HOt Rod's room having no idea what he is able to touch or if he'll end up with a blanket in the corner of the room.

Hot Rod has posed:

Hot Rod doesn't react immediately.

Then he closes the door, grinning. "Okay, good," he says, "I need your help."

A pause. "So..." Another pause. "I'm assigned to night patrol again tomorrow, but in Petrex. And there's something, uh, I need to do. Do you think you could cover for me? If you do, you can get dibs on putting your stuff, well, anywhere."

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive frowns a little, "I'd have ta check my schedule and all. Umm...yer not gonna get yerself in trouble are you? Cause if you do somethin stupid and get caught then we're both in trouble,"

Hot Rod has posed:
"..." Hot Rod frowns. "I mean no. Of course not." But he's avoiding optic contact. "If anyone asks, I'm, uh, scouting out the newly won over territory near the ruins of Nyon. Checking the base for any weaknesses or defects. Can't have us losing Nyon twice in a row, right," he mutters.

Well, he's a terrible liar.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive makes a face at Hot Rod. "I'm pretty sure fer all the trouble ya cause her, Swivel still cares fer you. And she would kill me if Somethin happened ta you. Especially if I coulda done somethin ta prevent it. Will you at least be careful?"

Hot Rod has posed:
Hot Rod shrugs. "Yeah, yeah, sure. I'll be sure to come back in one piece," he says dismissively, waving a hand at Hyperdrive.

Then after a moment of consideration, he says, "Uh, if it goes south, I might not be back for quite a while. So um.. just hold down the fort. Make sure no one takes my pyropen."

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive sighs, "And when Swivel comes ta me and asks me to tell her where you went? what do I tell her?"

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive puts his box down and tries to figure how in the world this is going to work. He was sure he wasn't taking much space in the trainee area. "Which bunk at least do you want?"

Hot Rod has posed:
"..." A long pause. "Just tell her that I needed some space so I went off world for a bit to vent."

He shrugs. "She should believe that." Or not.

"Look, if you really want to know, I'm ... visiting someone in the brig. Don't ask anymore questions. I'm not going to answer them." He then transforms, and drives out into the hallway. "I'll see you around. Thanks for covering!" And with that, he's off.