902/Battleground: Ibex Central 11

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Battleground: Ibex Central 11
Date of Scene: 13 April 2019
Location: Ibex - Central
Synopsis: Decepticons barely manage to defend Ibex's central sectors.
Cast of Characters: Blurr, Buzzsaw, Vortex, Imager, Shadowstar, Hyperdrive, Starlock, Scrapper

Scrapper has posed:
    After the hard push the Autobots made on the first region of Ibex, it was an inevitability they'd keep trying to push farther in. And despite his kvetching over the lack of effort of actual soldiers participating before, Scrapper was here. Waiting like the evil genius he is. Because the Autobots would come. And when they did, they'd be able to see his handiwork. The walls have been added to, adorn with various grilles, hubcaps, and other portions of racing vehicles. There's even few that still have faded, scraped up racing numbers on them, doors and fenders welded right into the infrastructure. Big spike laiden barricades made out of old hoods and engine parts sit at the base of the structure, making it a bit more dangerous to get run around recklessly.

If they are junk parts just used for materials, or that Scrapper extracted them off former racers that were resisting the Decepticons control of Ibex... well, that's up to your imagination what the real source of the cruel display is.

And the Constructicon himself is standing at the controls, waiting and ready when the proximity alarms do finally go off. "Tch. What rude guests, keeping us waiting. You'll not find your objective so easily taken this time, fools. To arms, Decepticons!" Scrapper dials up the aggressive intensity of the drone AIs, and dispatches them onto the field to meet the encroaching Autobots like a swarm of rabid, voracious turborats.

Shadowstar has posed:
     So, after taking southern Ibex Blurr is here to try and get the central area back under his control. Shadowstar already knows he is a tough one to actually take down. So...she figures she will focus on his support. Although...that rather large femme could be trouble as well.

     Still, medics are a strong asset, and even the strongest fighter can only do so much without their support. So as the Autobots approach the little purple femme with them is unknowingly in the sights of the twin-barreled plasma rifle that is a favorite of Shadowstar's. She watches the drones go out to meet the Autobots, then lines up her shot as the Autobots are being harrassed. "...surprise..." she says quietly and with a malevolent grin before two bolts of burning purple plasma fly through the air at Starlock.

Vortex has posed:
Vortex has come along to help bolster Ibex's forces. And he sees the Autobots approaching and chuckles. "You were right. They'd be back and they are. Lets chase them out of here. And to make it a challenge.." he spins his rotors, creating one of his namesake windstorms to make it harder for others to fight back. "Let's have some weather." he chuckles he aims it at, oh, Blurr. Hes being random in his choices today. "Hey Blurr. Take a funnel."

Blurr has posed:
    Oh, Scrapper made an obstacle course just for Blurr! The former racer can tell just how salty the engineer was about the defeat in the southern sectors, that's for sure. And he finds it very amusing. "Aww, look!" he points it out to the rest of the team spearheading the attack as they crouch in the trenches and behind temporary shields until it's time to advance. "I can just -tell- they got their axles in a twist over last time, huh." he smirks, preparing his weapons. "Well, let's give 'em hell Autobots. I'll scout ahead, might as well oblige Scrapper since he put so much work into that little obstacle course!" So nice of him, right? "Imager, put holes in their defensive line. Starlock, back her up. Hyperdrive you keep your optics on the skies, if any of the air units give us trouble--ground 'em." The big femme definitely has size on most of the Decepticon infantry mechs.

    With that, he takes off, maneuvering around the Constructicon's traps, although he does end up getting struck by one of the assault drones. Alerts flash across his HUD, but he continues, undeterred, shooting the thing out of the air and then continuing to attempt the typical flanking maneuver on the Cons' defensive line, hoping to catch them unawares as he lets loose with a barrage of laser fire.

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock was already on the scene, having come from the group that had taken south, she was one of the first already out on the field, leaping her way over a drone and then sliding under Shadowstar who came from nowhere! Deploying her tank as she did as well as popping open her field monitor, she'd kick herself up and making a mad dash to imager, throwing one those weaks arms of hers in a attempt to slap it against the taller femme, to allow the electrical energy to transfer over to her.

     "<<We seriously need to get you some rubber treads or something for your pedes, way to susceptible to electrocution.>>" She'd grin under her battle mask before bouncing away out into the open, calling out to Scrapper through cupped hands.


Imager has posed:
Imager would grimace if she could. 'go put holes in lines'. She still wasn't a rocket launcher. And this time there were no handy trenches to crawl into and fire from. The area was just horrifying trophies of destruction lining the walls. One heck of a reminder to what the Decepticons were about. What they believed in. It was one thing to have heard the problems, but she could see the tyranny at hand. The hundreds punished and shunned, if not outright slain and put partially upon the walls.

As before those drone systems rushed overhead, and the maestro's optic sensors were angled upwards, wary.

Lightning rains down on her again, and dances over her armor. Her turbines seize up from the sudden shock, sending her scraping into the ground. Sparks fly as she lumbers down, as the electricity coarses over her. <<Yaaaahhh!>> She bemoans, a sitting duck.

As Starlock reaches her and chastises her, some of the electricity darts off of her, harmlessly grounding through Starlock.

Her solar array shifts a little, <<Y...yeah..would be nice.>>

She angles her array upward, a small beam of energy fires off a few times, trying to ward the drones away. Maybe then she could do that thing she did last time to the wall.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive is supposed to watch the skys? Well this is inconvenient because when the con's attack hits, his visual relays go completely on the fritz. Of course, he did know what direction the offending con was. And roughly how far. And so far the only bot who might be in real danger might be Blurr. So, the bot breaks out one of toys and tosses it in Scrapper's direction. "Here goes nothin....DUCK!" And he tosses the grenade.

Vortex has posed:
Vortex is outnumbered. But he seems to be enjoying himself anyways. The windmaker starts to circle another Autobot, aiming for Hyperdrive this time. "Hi, I'm Vortex. And I have a little problem." he says. "Sometimes my missiles accidentally drop like this." he fires a missile at Hyperdrive.

Buzzsaw has posed:
Battlefields tend to draw carrion birds, and this one is no exception. One particular Cryo-condor glides his way in and assumes a perch near the outskirts of the chaos unfolding, just taking his time to survey the field and click his beak silently.

Ah...well, there's a few annoyances, and one particularly...well, tasty medic. He settles his gaze on Starlock a moment...and then simply pulls from his own collected information on the small mech, quickly relaying it up to Shadowstar. <<There's a weakened weld on her spark-casing... if you target it, you should wreak some...havoc.>>

Shadowstar has posed:
     How the scrap?! Were all Autobot medics this hard to hit! Shadowstar growls as not only does she miss Starlock, but the medic makes it to Imager and ensures that the defenses not be spared the big femme's wrath for even a moment. "...Primus...if Goth hears about this..." she grumbles in -heavy- frustration.

     She stows her rifle for now and manipulates the defense controls next to her. She gets the information on Starlock and a slight smirk returns to her face. <<"Got it.">> she replies to Buzzsaw. But, now that her hiding place is revealed, she figures she had better use the defenses to their utmost. She brings the nearest Marauder turrets online and targets as many of the Autobots as she can!

Scrapper has posed:
Scrapper leaves the drones to do their thing, ducking back behind the defense structure as Blurr's photon blasts zing overhead while he and Imager are potshotting the defenses. At least the drones got most of the Autobots this time in some manner. Starlock is proving to be adversively evasive again though.

While he's musing that, Hyperdrive flings an explosive into the defense structure. "That figures." Scrapper grabs one of the metal bins he'd brought those obstacle course parts in and and dives to slam it down over the grenade. There's still an audible *boom* as it explodes, spewing smoke and flames out from under the bin as the top is blown off of it that scorchs Scrapper a fair bit, but he's kept the blastwave minimized away from the defenses. Engineer suffering for his work.

The Constructicon gets back to the ramparts, seeing that this batch of Decepticons are at least doing their job fighting, and Shadowstar gets the defenses firing. He's not going to just disregard Blurr this time, but at least the obstacles are keeping the speedster occupied even if he isn't running into them as hoped.

There's still that evasive medic though. Scrapper pulls his smaller gun out, trying to get a bead on Starlock while she's dodging the others and firing.

Imager has posed:
Imager starts to altmode as those dang turrets start up on her again. A few rounds hit her as she transforms, embedding themselves into her joints. Imager grimaces for a second time as she pulls out her shield, and slams it down before her. "Okay...its...its kinda easy if its the same sort of wall...just, you know.." Bullets bounce off of her shield as she tries to psyche herself up. "just sorta go for it. You got allies lookin out for ya..."

<<So uh....So I'mma gonna go hit the wall or somethin...>> She raises up the shield a bit to give her some angled defense as she starts to hoof it forward, right towards that....spike filled wall with fenders and hoods on it. Disgusting!

As she gets close, she puts her shoulder into it, just looking to smash into that wall, and splinter those spikes and trophies beneath her weight.

Blurr has posed:
    Argh! Blurr keeps getting hit by those Primus-forsaken drones, this time a marauder turret almost knocks him off of his feet. Maybe the Cons have upgraded the targeting systems, or something. "Slag it, get off of me!" he shouts, and shoots a couple more off of their perches.

    As soon as they're done, he resumes his assault on the defenses, again going for that sonic wrecking ball method. There's a pop and the structure is rattled hard, supports shaking as he passes by.

Starlock has posed:
     "<<HD, do you have any big bombs to aim at the defenses? Would definitely put us ahead.>>" Starlock would chime over the commlink as she zipped around the field, unaware of just /who/ was out there... Dodging out of the way of Shadowstar once more, kicking some sort of vents on the bottom of her pedes, she goes blitzing a cross the battlefield with a trail of energon purple streaks behind her.

     She'd hiss out in pain upon feeling herself take a hit, looking down to see a rather /bright/ hole on he chassis. "<<Ahhh scrap.>>" She'd curse as she sped at the defences, taking a quick look at her read out monitor, before drawing her energy blades, going right for some of the defenses weaker points!

     "<<Do your best! Your big, so you maybe able to do more than the rest us tinys.>>" She'd chirp.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive goes through his subspace. "Of course not...." <<Apparently not completed....however I do have a few other things that might come in handy.>> He leaps up onto the edge of one of the 'ramparts'. He glances at the bots and then at the cons. A quick radio burst and he LAUCHES his attack. The rather innocent projectile explodes with a deafening BOOM to help highlight Blurr's sonic boom and lights up the entire area with the brightness of a small lost sun.

Buzzsaw has posed:
Buzzsaw vents softly as Shadowstar...misses. If you want something done....

He takes another look around the battlefield before spreading his wings, dropping from his perch, and gaining himself a bit of altitude before levelling flight and getting his telemetry programs running proper. Multiple fire solutions are pooled together for the various targets below and...well, rather than simply pick one.... why not all?

The series of *THWOOMPS* from his mortar cannons unloading their salvo is, all said and done, what probably gives his presence away more than anything as the projectiles are delivered from altitude.

Scrapper has posed:
And there's the sonic boom. It rattles through the defenses, knocking off several pieces of the scrap part adornments. A few more are jarred completely off when Imager slams into the structure, knocking away several of the spiked deterrents with her shield and Starlock chopping into things. But you see, this is the method to Scrapper's madness. All these extra components are -meant- to be knocked and blown off. It's a manner of ablative armoring, while it doesn't stop the enemies from attacking and doing damage, it's taking the damage as it breaks off instead of more vulnerable components. A few extra layers to have to get under. Doesn't really do much against blinding light though. Autobots and their obnoxious tricks.

But then someone sets off a flashbang. "Gah!" Scrapper doesn't even get a chance to see who launched it as he stumbles backwards, and falls on his aft as he trips over the bin he'd covered that grenade with. "Mortilus damn them all," he hisses, shaking his head. Frag, all his targetting processors are on the fritz now. The engineer instead scoots himself back to the defenses, and flicks open an arm panel for his monitor display. The trace signal bleeps off, so Buzzsaw must of made good on his bombardment. Scrapper flicks a different control. "Engaging anti-siege protocols, phase 2!"

Machinery rumbles at the base of the defenses, and a second set of bulkheads ratchet upward over the damaged walls, gleaming with numerous serrated edges. It's like multiple big, extremely sharp bandades being slapped over the damage.

Vortex has posed:
Vortex transforms and comes in for another attack, this time with his glue gun. "Hey, Blurr. this is a present from Blast Off." with that he fires some of that glue at the speedster.

Shadowstar has posed:
     Shadowstar growls as she misses Starlock again. This femme is putting a serious stain on Shadowstar's record! But, at least she hit Blurr with the turrets! That's a victory in itself! She keeps the turrets on target, and is just about to fire another salvo when...

     "Gah! Where did that come from?!" she exclaims as her optics overload. With static in her vision she decides to forgo possibly wasting some of the defenses' energy and pulls her rifle again. She takes aim at what should be the easiest target to hit...the big femme with the shield. If they do somehow manage to take the heavy hitter offline, their chances of victory will rise dramatically!

     She has to pause for a moment and stare as Vortex aims at Blurr...and somehow splashes glue over their own forces. She starts to yell something, but then remembers her own foul up in this battle and decides to just let it go for now. Instead she tries to focus on Imager again and lets the purple plasma fly.

Starlock has posed:
     "<<BUZZSAW!>>" Starlock would shout over her commlink as she saw the Cyro-condor appear, her optics narrowing at him, she'd place her arms up to cover herself from fire and grit her denta behind her mask, she'd heard one of the alarms on her field monitor go off.. IT was Hyperdrives, she'd look at it quickly and sped her way over to her fellow Mini-bot.

     "<<Making my way to Hyperdrive.>>" She'd state simply, taking a few deep vents to calm herself. Her optics would settle into a flat look as she skated her way on over to him, She clearly didn't agree with something said over the commlink! "<<Hyperdrive.. I have your vitals on screen.>>" She'd state flatly, before quickly getting over to him, and getting to work, a slight snark escaping her as she see's Hyperdrive's flashbang causing the cons to all start hitting himselfs.. And each other!

Imager has posed:
Imager breaks some spears, spikes and fenders out of her way as she puts a nice crack into that wall, "...Right.. Okay. Lookin good, another good smack, and..."

A few explosions rain down on her back, the mortar fire catching her on the pauldrons. A mix of fire and shrapnel just sort of glance over her. It was enough for her to turn her head in confusion, "Wait..whaddid that come from?" She scans the area, but Buzzsaw, that lens-headed sneak, was already on his way. When she looks back, the secondary wall implacements had already shot up. She actually takes a step back, "OH come ON!"

A concerned look crosses her face, Mechs were getting hurt again. And she didn't know much about taking care of that, but last time she was in this position, busting a hole really stopped the casualties. Her optics return to the new wall, sharp edges and all. Maybe it could do it again...

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr saw Buzzsaw apparently pop out of thin air a few seconds before he unleashes that barrage of mortars, which is all he needs to easily dodge out of the way of the incoming projectiles, though it does require him to slow his sonic assault on the defenses.

    As it is, he doesn't even notice Vortex's attack, nor the taunts. It's just too darn loud out here, with all that artillery exploding all the time, and gunfire going off and you know the general sounds of all-out war. Seeing Imager focusing her strength, he swerves sharply around one of those extra barriers that go up and aims for the same spot!

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive sees the agile movements of Buzzsaw in the air. His optics train on the fast flier. "Thanks fer the patch up Starlock....but I might accidently make someone mad here in a moment and you might wanna be elsewhere." Bringing both hands together in aim the techvolt, he fires at Buzzsaw.

Scrapper has posed:
Some of the moving parts for those secondary panels jam up and flash warnings on Scrapper's display. "What the... WHERE did that glue come fr--on second thought, never mind, I don't want to know." Well, that's going to be a mess to clean up... Or if they lose, a mess for the Autobots to clean up. Vortex's glue is not fun to deal with.

Scrapper vented a sigh as he slapped the panel shut again. Despite his efforts, this was still not going very well. And where the frag is Blast Off? He's the one that wanted Ibex so badly. Or maybe he decided it was futile and ditched already. Probably ran off into orbit to stay safe.

He better not come back and try to glitch at them over this. Or his flimsy armor is going to be the -least- of the Combaticon's worries....

Okay Scrapper, back to the present matters. He grans the bin he'd used to stifle the grenade and stuffs it into storage. Maybe he can learn something from examining it and the damage the blast did to him later. Then checks his internals. Smacks the side of his helm with a palm. Targetting processes are still trying to defrag the signal overload from that flashbang. He doesn't dare try to utilize the defense weaponry in this state. Instead he grabs one of the backup pistols racked amongst the defense supplies, creeps up to the ramparts, and blindly fires in the direction of where the Autobots are still trying to pound through the defenses. Though as everything is still off-kilter, he's probably shooting somewhere else entirely.

Vortex has posed:
Vortex looks left and right. Maybe no one saw the glue...incident. He takes his laser pistol and shouts. "Nothing! No one saw the glue. I was really just firing my pistol at..." He motions it and fires in Imager's direction "That Autobot!" nice cover, Tex.

Buzzsaw has posed:
Buzzsaw watches the series of explosions below before banking hard on his wing, Hyperdrive's shot observed as it nearly hits... But nearly doesn't count. He settles his attention back down and sizes up Imager for a moment. As tempting as it would be to rip Hyperdrive up in front of Starlock and undo all that work... Imager seems to be the one that's more of a presence on the field.

And Blurr is just a nuissance.

So, right! The big tanky one it is... He folds his wings in and dives.

Shadowstar has posed:
     Shadowstar yelps right after firing, then blinks a few times as her target turns out to have been...her own foot?! "GrrrrrAAAAAAH!!" Okay, she's mad now. These Autobots are making her look like a first day recruit! "If I ever hear an Autobot say WE do not fight with honor again, I will simply say the name Hyperdrive!" She's actually dealt with him before, and it was just as unpleasant then.

     So many slippery bots out there...it is looking rather grim already. Shadowstar locks the turrets on again and takes aim at as many of these pesky Autobots as possible. "Burn!" she exclaims as laser fire goes flying every whichway.

Starlock has posed:
     "<<..Fairly I think it's a toss up between us both, Buzzsaw has it out for me.>>" Starlock would reply to Hyperdrive with knitted ridges... This was not going to end well... Oh wait he went for Imager? Well then.

     Unforntattly Shadowstar rolls in to cover for Buzzsaw, multiple alarms going off on her vitals monitor. She'd curse as smoke rises from her wounds and energon leaks from the damaged armor, specifically where that old welding sight had been, that Buzzsaw had targeted, and made. "<<Aahg.. Okay.. I think it's time for another flash bang.>>" She'd glance over to remind her friend with a pained smile with her optics. "<<If you need to run.. Do so.>>" She'd nod to her friend as she took a moment to tend to her injuries.

     "<<Tag, you get to refuel Blurr, Imager.>>" She'd weakly chuckle.

Imager has posed:
Imager puts another big dent in this second later of wall. She talks to herself a little as she does, "Wall behind this one is still all bent. So prolly still the weakest spot, I figure." Laserfire peeks out of one of the holes nearby, causing her to sidle up a bit the other direction. She exposes her side and back to Vortex, who manages a light shot, that hits the weapon at her side. Not quite one to get that she's a target, nor quite aware of her surroundings, Imager turns to Vortex and fumbles for her gun. "Hey! What's..."

And then there's Buzzsaw. Raking talons against her frame. She drops the shotgun and steps back again as the terrorbird dives at her. "Hey!" She says again, cleverly.
Her weapon dropped, the big grey femme actually reaches out to grab the condortape. "Oh yeah, you think that's funny?" She turns back towards the wall, intent on driving Buzzsaw into the hole she's been trying to make. Of course the real question is if she can keep her mitt on the wiley tape.

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr peers up at the defenses as some odd sticky chemical seems to muck up some important-looking machinery. Wait, wasn't that...Vortex's adhesive slag? Haha. The Combaticon had really lost it, hadn't he? Where the frag was Blast Off, anyway? He thought that guy would've been the one who -really- wanted to hold onto this place, so that he could keep on going around graffiting images of Blurr's face.

    He notices all those pieces of junk falling off of the outer barricade, and decides to make a somewhat risky maneuver. The former racer jumps onto one of those pieces as it leans outward, pushing it down as he jumps again, onto another one a bit higher up, and so on, and so forth. They clatter to the ground loudly as he uses them like stepping stones to find his way up the wall until he finally vaults over the ramparts near where Scrapper is firing blindly, drawing his Techvolt as he does so and taking aim at the Constructicon from above before he hits the floor.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive is hit again and is hurting still from before but he's got a job to do right? Otherwise they might put Swivel out here. And that's when Imager manages to not only grab buzzsaw but uses him as a nail as she hammers the wall. "Remind me not to mess with Imager..." He glances at the battlefield and sees Vortex looks lonely. So he pulls his laser and fires it at the con.

Buzzsaw has posed:
The crunch that results from Imager's rough handling of his form is far from appreciated, and he is at least grateful she lets go after slamming him through the wall.

Still...how rude.

He shakes himself off and gets his wings back under him before flying his way back to a more suitable...altitude. Clearly, cracking that nut will take a bit more effort than he has in him at the moment, and perhaps more forethought.

He lets his attention shift to Starlock and folds his wings into a dive once more to tackle the medic.

Okay, less tackle, more...slice and dice a bit.

Scrapper has posed:
Scrapper is so focused on the comm trying to get recoordinated that, with his sensors still being a bit muddled as well, fails to notice Blurr. Or just because Blurr is that damn fast. Doesn't really matter when the surge of electricity is blasted through the Constructicon. "YAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!" You can just imagine that in a big word balloon with bright jagged edges to reflect the nature of the attack as he topples over in a spastic fit from his servos shorting.

Vortex has posed:
Vortex ducks out of the way of Hyperdrive's attack. "Oh? You wanna play? Well come here then." he fires at him, moving closer to Scrapper as if to cover him. "There's plenty of Vortex to go around!" with that he fires.

Shadowstar has posed:
     It isn't until after her sensors clear that Shadowstar realizes she has a scorch mark that she doesn't remember getting. And from the angle she thinks it came from...

     She looks over at Scrapper just in time to see him get caught by Blurr's attack. She winces, remembering that feeling. She looks over the battlefield from the control tower she's occupied almost the entire battle, then mmphs. "This doesn't look good." She keeps the turrets on target, unsure how much energy they have left...

     ..and a red warning lets her know that there is insufficient energy. She growls lightly at the readout, then steps out into the open and spreads her wings. Small panels open all along them, and dozens of mini-missiles are launched, raining explosions down around the battlefield on as many of the Autobots as she can manage.

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock optic upped the defences, they were starting to crumble, best to focus fire, but Imager ignoring her was definitely /not/ helping, and draws a irritated grumble from her as she runs to meet up with Blurr. "<<Right, headed for you Blurr!>>"

     Whoop there is Buzzsaw! "<<Nope!!>" She'd state as she quickly duck out of the way and continue to the blue bot, pulling her hose from her tank, and getting Blurr backup to level, cursing as Hyperdrive's vital alarms start going off again. "<<Damnit.>>" She'd take a slow vent, trying to keep calm, but everything has left her a bit frazzled and angry, she'd have to take a moment to avoid digging her talons into her own face plate as she pinched her nose bridge, but it was enough to allow her to get her heads straight.

"<<Hyperdrive, do you need to pull out?>>" She'd ask, looking at his vital monitors, there wasn't much she could do for him now, all she could hope was that he would be smart and go.. but he's not and unforntally Starlock take quite a hit, panting heavily, but she's still standing, despite the pitch black smoke coming from her.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive could keep fighting on, even as he's struck again by Vortex. He turns to glance at Starlock when suddenly he finds himself on the ground. His audios are ringing and everything is confusing for the moment. He covers his head and focuses, trying to protect himself from addditional attacks with his forcefield, unable to pay further attention to the battle.

Blurr has posed:
    Blurr smirks triumphantly when his ambush on Scrapper is totally successful and the Constructicon yelps and falls over helpless. This gives Starlock time to make her way toward him and give him that much-needed refill.

    Then rushes at Scrapper, attempting to slam him into the wall of control terminals behind him.

    "Hey, I just wanted you to know, I really appreciated that sweet little obstacle course I can tell you made -just- for me! It was super thoughtful of you, really! I had a lot of fun! Not a lot of those around any more, you know? Especially ones that actually present some kind of challenge!"

Imager has posed:
Buzzsaw escapes any further fury from Imager for the moment, the cassettecon just a distraction. <<You know, the last wall fell easier. Starting to think I'm not gettin anywhere.>> What she doesn't see is some femme who could easily be her mirror opposite. Svelte and nimble, and dangerous edges, and rich colors. Imager raises her head, noting Shadowstar a bit too late. "Aww, hell." before the femme's missiles launch.

She raises her arm to cover herself, as eight mini-missiles fire out at her, buffetting her with their impact. She stumbles backwards, and wavers, going down to one knee. Smouldering, Imager stands back up, considering if this new dangerous Con was needing the focus, or the objective. <<so....so I should keep hitting the wall? I feel like its not doing much>>

She looks back across the zone, everyone was looking pretty banged up now. And there was no telling how many Cons were going to be in there, or what shape they were in. It was only due to Blurr's insistance that she followed through. <<Alright....>>

Her leg groans as she stands back up, then with a slow start, puts her back into it for another smash against the wall, "Come on already! Buckle!"

Buzzsaw has posed:
Buzzsaw takes a moment, slowly gaining altitude after Starlock proves to be...a bit slippery. Oh well. He looks towards Imager again, trying to get his systems working properly so he can get some useful information down for someone to take advantage of.

It's not going well, though.

Shadowstar has posed:
     Shadowstar grins as Hyperdrive curls up and protects himself. He may not be truly down, but he at least seems out of the fight. If they can disable one of the heavy hitters they may just pull this off!

     She does some quick planning over the Decepticon comm, then frowns with seriousness. The defenses can't take much more. Taking out Imager might be their only chance. She tries to rally the other Decepticons, and her frown turns to a light smirk as Buzzsaw responds. She pulls her rifle from her back and makes her way across the wall quickly until she is standing right above Imager. "One unfortunate thing about being so big...you draw a lot of attention." she says as the twin barrels of her rifle start to glow purple. "I hope you understand it is nothing personal. This is war!"

     With that, two bolts of searing purple plasma fire from the rifle and right down at Imager!

Vortex has posed:
Vortex moves in closer. "Okay okay "ll go for the big one next' He says out loud. "But I gotta goop the little one first." he calls out "Hey Hyperdrive? What starts with c'mere and ends in bloop?"

Scrapper has posed:
With a few jerky movements Scrapper manages to get onto his hands and knees, and look up just in time to see Blurr speeding towards him. Not like he can really do anything about it. The impact is hard, and the Constructicon is thrown backwards into the terminal station, causing it to crunch under his weight. Though it keeps him on his feet, groaning softly as he thumps the side of his helmet again. At least things are finally clearing up. Though he can't quite tell if Blurr is being sincere or not. Though compliments are compliments either way.

"A pity we likely won't get to construct the entire racetrack soon." Even if they somehow hold Ibex, a lot of resources have to go to rebuilding the prison and what not. Something to grouse about later. Like the impact in his chestplate from Blurr ramming him. Also something to worry about later.

But getting slammed around isn't enough to deter him from dealing with the other threats still present. "Still have to do everything myself," he growls under his breath as he stomps outside the base. And transforms. "QUIT BREAKING MY STUFF!" The big construction vehicle roar full force towards Imager to forcefully remove her from the wall.

Hyperdrive has posed:
Hyperdrive is...now protected under a glue shield? At least he's out of sight. Maybe this will double as Camoflage. The glue coated forcefield wiggles a bit and he starts wondering if it'll run off before he lowers the field.

Imager has posed:
It was already quite clear to the Maestro that she was in over her head. She warily watches Shadowstar, especially when the femme approaches. There's little time for a precious counter-insult though, not that anything came to mind. Instinctively, she brings up her shield to block the blow. It succeeds well enough, the metal glowing lightly where the plasma washed over it.

That sense of relief fades when a large construction vehicle bears down on her. It was still a bit smaller than her overall, but the thing had a nasty blade on it, and momentum that she couldn't match. Her optics widen, "Meep." as Scrapper slams down onto her, and catches her on the tines, as he forcibly drags her away from her assigned stomping ground. She groans as the payloader's tines dig into her armor, making it quite hard for her to pry herself free. Her feet drag against the ground, but the truth of the matter was that Scrapper had her in a good spot.

Parts of her scrape against the ground as he barrels her away.

Curse you, velocity! My one weakness!

With little else she can muster at the moment, Imager just bashes at the front of the payloader, hoping to hit a joint or something to cause that thing to buckle enough to get her some leverage back.

Blurr has posed:
    And then Scrapper runs away from him. What a coward! Blurr thinks. He watches as the Constructicon decides to switch targets. "Hey, I wasn't done with you!" he shouts. "Hmph, well fine then. Guess your forward base will just have to fill in for you." he chuckles, then transforms and starts speeding across the top of the ramparts, letting loose with those sonic booms again and hoping that will do the trick, because they're running out of time before reinforcements arrive. << Well I'm going to hit 'em again. Careful, might be some falling debris. >> he warns the rest of the team. << We're running out of time, if this doesn't do it, the push might be a bust for now. >>

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock panted out, looking to her medical and nodded, they were not going to win this fight, but least she can do is make more work for the slaggers! She'd pull out her pistols and does what she does best with them, Blow holes into fragile systems!

     "<<Go for it.. uuhg, may not win this, but least can make a load 'o work for 'em.>>" She'd reply to Blurr, before opening fire on the defences after he strikes.

Blurr has posed:
    Suddenly, the whine of engines can be heard overhead, it seems the Decepticon reinforcements are already incoming. << Slag it! We're too late. >> Blurr curses and jumps down the wall, skidding at the bottom and zooming off back to the south sectors before he can get wrecked!

Scrapper has posed:
Blurr can call it whatever he wants. Scrapper isn't so easily baited with taunts like some Decepticons... Well, at least when someone else is being a bigger threat to his efforts.

In all honestly just push a mech like Imager away would be hard. It's mainly by virtue of a shovel being designed to lift and catch with that tined edge instead of simple shove that Scrapper is actually able to get enough leverage, combined with momentum, to forcefully extradite the large femme from the proximity of the wall. Not that it isn't with it's own dangers. He thrashing about doesn't do much to the heavy duty shovel, but one of her erratic blows does hammer the struts and bust the hydraulics that helps operate the mechanism. If the engineer wasn't already extremely annoyed, he would definately be at the hissing of lost pressure.

Well he can't dump her due to the leaking hydraulics, so he just makes a hard stop and lets momentum disengage her from his shoveling appratus. "Go on, scram, before I decide to do worse than just -throw- you out!" Scrapper backs up to turn, then turns again as he shifts into forward and drives back to the defenses. He's got too much work ahead of him cleaning up this mess to bother actually beating up Imager farther.

Starlock has posed:
     Starlock would cringe and go to scoop up Hyperdrive, That's what she thought was going to happen, well no point in getting upset now, just make sure everyone gets out alive. "<<Imager Retreat!!>"

Imager has posed:
Imager gets forcibly tumbled down to the ground. There's a look of surprise and worry in her optics as Scrapper taunts her. No doubt the mech had more in store for her if she stuck around. She takes the hint...

Buzzsaw has posed:
Buzzsaw finally runs out of steam and just finds a place to half-crash, half-land, turning to survey the Autobots as they...seem to exhaust resources and call off the assault. He vents slowly and straightens himself up to broadcast the withdrawl to the other Decepticons. <<Looks like we hold.>>