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Special thanks go to:

  • Volund @ Multiverse Crisis MUSH (and many others!) for making this project possible by allowing us the use of his amazing softcode and its help file database on Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH, for lending his server space for development purposes, and for his continued development and maintenance of the system, including adapting it to the Gamepedia wiki. Also to anyone else who put work into creating the code.
  • Curse Gamepedia for allowing us the use of their wiki site, and for all the help they've been so gracious to provide. Especially to Ben who has been working most closely with us.
  • The folks over at theMUDhost for providing us with our completely free current server space and SQL databases, and to our server admin Michael in particular, who has been awesome with giving us everything we've asked for thus far.
  • Mike over at M*U*S*H for helping with server migration and backup creation. He is one of Pennmush's developers and is super helpful. Hats off to him!
  • Redshift and Ashen-Shugar at Transformers: 2005 for allowing us to use TACS and assisting us in getting it working. We couldn't have done it without you guys!