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"This has gone on long enough."

Name Aegis
Faction Unaffiliated
Function Medic
Species Cybertronian
Type OC
Alt Mode Medical Space Shuttle
Char_id 57
Status Unknown

Profile[edit source]

Designed as a spacecraft to fix other spacecrafts, Aegis spent most of her early years in space doing just that. When the Clampdown came into effect, she was working in space. Although she had gotten the call to return, she analyzed the situation and decided to stay in space because it made sense to her. As fewer and fewer Cybertronians seemed to be outside of the homeworld, she eventually fell in with the natives of an organic world, where she stayed until the political climate of Cybertron changed enough for her to make the decision to return home.

Background[edit source]

When space travel was still common on Cybertron, back before the days of the Clampdown, Aegis was very useful indeed. A small space craft herself, she had an alternate form that was uniquely equipped to work on damage to space ships while out in space. She was very good at her job and thrived on being useful. She happened to be out in space when the Clampdown came into effect. Instead of returning to Cybertron as a dutiful citizen should, she decided that she would do no good bound to the planet and remained in space. At first there were a few stragglers she was able to help, but soon space became a very lonely place and she went looking for something to ease the emptiness of the stars.

After some time, she crash landed on a planet that was populated with organics, in a land where the culture was very concerned with family status. Initially rejected for her large size and strange physiology, she was eventually ‘adopted’ into a high caste family, which enabled her to wear their colors, their crest, and employ their weapons of choice. She was also awarded a new name, which was part of their traditions; one that she accepted with honor. Even though she was not a warrior by nature, her greater size and strong metallic body gave her a distinct advantage against the fleshy creatures. In time they became used to each other. But she was so radically different from them, and their technology was so far beneath her own, that she had to make some modification to herself to remain sustainable. One such change was that she crafted herself a fully functional set of smaller arms that could be used to interact with the organics on their scale.

As a long lived race, she was slower to change than her organic ‘family’ and she saw many heads of the family come to power, have children, decline, and die, passing on the position to one of their offspring. In their lives she was a constant, and while at first she was seen mostly as a mighty warrior, she eventually became a guide and counselor since her memory was exemplary due to its robotic nature. For many generations she was venerated and valued. It took a couple hundred years, but she even stopped thinking of herself by her original name, except on the rare occasion she looked back and thought about Cybertron. But times continued to change, and so did the values of the people. Her family began to stray from the time honored traditions and they listened to her less and less. As technology grew, she became less important as a guardian as well. Eventually power suits were developed that enabled them to stand as her equal, more or less.

Aegis started spending a lot of time in recharge. Occasionally a head of the family would track her down with a request for information, or services, but this became rarer and rarer. She was on a timer to wake every half century to take stock of the world around her, but often she just went back into slumber to save energy. On one of these period awakenings, she heard something over a Cybertronian channel, an occurrence that happened so very rarely. Soon she learned that the situation on Cybertron had changed drastically and people were fleeing. This meant two things: firstly that the ban on space travel was no more. Secondly, it meant that her home was obviously in worse straits than when she left it. Revealing this to her family, she pressed them for a boost of energy to get her home. Although she parted amicably, she was saddened by the fact that they didn’t seem more reluctant to see her leave.

Along the way she experienced many doubts about returning to Cybertron, but the decision became final when she offered to bring home a fellow Cybertronian who was concerned but didn’t have the means to make it back on her own. Aegis wasn’t a very large shuttle, but she could carry a few of her own kind, and so the two of them made their way back home.

Skills & Abilities[edit source]

  • Medical Skills: While she’s no Ratchet or anything, she’s a very proficient medic and she’s equally comfortable fixing someone in vehicle mode as she is in robot mode. In fact, her specialty is fixing shuttles that are damaged in space.
  • Tinkering: After crashing on a planet full of organics, she’s had to think outside the box on how to keep herself comfortable and functional. Using her already considerable medical skills, she turned into a bit of a tinkerer, and while she’s unlikely to come up with the newest ‘best’ technology, she’s pretty good at jury-rigging a solution in a pinch.
  • Defensive Combat: While she’s not primarily a combatant, Aegis trained herself over time to be able to fight enough to let someone weaker than her get away. It was from this that she earned her new name. She’s more of a guardian than an outright warrior, and is better at slowing or disabling a foe than defeating one entirely.
  • Musician: The organics she lived with were very much interested in art and culture, and to fit in better she eventually learned to play an instrument...after she figured out how to build one that was her size and strong enough for her metal fingers. By the time she left them, she was quite good, though not a concert level performer. Her specialty is something like a zither.
  • Multi-tasking: In her alternate mode, she has a lot of ‘arms’ which she uses with equal precision to the point she can do many tasks at once. Oddly enough, this doesn’t seem to extend to her right and left arms in robot mode, where she is primarily left handed.

Weaknesses[edit source]

  • Out of Touch: Not only has she spent a lot of time away from Cybertronians, but that time was spent in the company of a particular group of organics, specifically a family of them. This means she is likely to have a strong case of dissonant values compared to those on Cybertron. There will also be a great deal of things she just won’t know anymore, such as who is important and who needs to be avoided.
  • Inaction: Unless medical emergencies are involved, she can get so caught up in deliberating over a course of action that action sometimes gets forgotten entirely. In a world of peace, this might be considered a positive attribute, but in a place filled with chaos and warring factions, it’s a danger. Not only is she prone to deliberation, but she can become cross with those who try to rush her or push her in any direction she doesn’t wish to go.
  • Low Armor: Aegis was never designed for combat, and so she simply can’t take the hits. While she’s resistant to heat, due to the need to get in and out of atmosphere, physical blows from melee weapons or projectiles will easily pierce her armor.
  • Adjusted Sensitivity: Because she lived with organics for so long, Aegis altered her pressure sensitivity and pan receptors so that she could more easily sense and feel the organics, making her less likely to crush or damage them. Since she's used to dealing with smaller organics, and not used to working with metallic beings of her size, she's likely to have trouble adapting to physical life on Cybertron. She'll have little tolerance for pain, which will often result in panic attacks. In a way she could be described as delicate.

Saving This for Later[edit source]

In case I need it.

Logs[edit | edit source]

Title Date Scene Summary
Appreciation Day at the DMF April 6th, 2018 Autobots and neutrals socialize at Deltaran.
Helex Debate August 21st, 2017 Three of the four candidates form a Triumverate and concede from the convocation while attempting to seize power in Helex. Hot Rod (and many others) object.
Medical Investigations December 30th, 2016 Hot Rod seeks Aegis' help in examining Coil.
Unclandestine December 26th, 2016 Swivel seeks Aegis for results, Hot Rod seeks her for ILLEGAL THINGS.
Fun With Glue October 16th, 2016 Ignoring Vortex results in him going on a glue-gun rampage.
The Start Of Something Good October 12th, 2016 Aegis and Bulwark meet for the first time in a bar and it doesn't take them long to realize they have some things in common.
A Messy Business October 10th, 2016 First Aid reports to a field hospital in the ruins of Harmonex, and meets Hot Rod and Aegis.
Three Neutrals May 23rd, 2016 Three neutrals determined to stay that way discuss the pressure to pick sides.
Setting Up Shop May 1st, 2016 Aegis comes into Blast Off's wine shop with an apology.
The Fall of Toraxxis April 12th, 2016 Autobots and Decepticons battle over the Toraxxis Mega-Refinery.
Well I Never March 30th, 2016 Prowl attempts to manipulate Starscream into renouncing the Decepticons. It doesn't work. Prism never.
Abhorrent Treatment March 29th, 2016 Sunstorm makes some noise at Deltaran.
Media Storm March 28th, 2016 Starscream is taken to Deltaran for repairs, with the promise of prison time afterward. Aegis takes on the case, while the media clamors for answers outside.
Watch Where I'm Going March 25th, 2016 Aegis and Swivel have landed!