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How to Apply

Click the appropriate application type below, or visit to apply.

FC/EFC/OC   SFC   Transfer

Check out Character Policy for information about the different character types. If your character exists on another game and is in good standing, the Transfer Application may be appropriate.

Having trouble thinking of a name for for your OC? Our Character Name Suggestions page might help, or this Transformers name generator!

Not sure where to start? Check out the Sample Applications page.

Submission Policy

Staff will allow each player 5 major revisions before we will simply decline your application and ask you to try a different character. A "major" revision is defined as anything that alters your character's core concept; such as background, personality and theme fit. Minor revisions that do not change the overall concept do not count toward this limit. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to do what you can to make the changes staff has requested of you. If you don't like something about what we've asked you to do, try to find a compromise.

Once we have responded to your application, if we do not receive a revised application from you within 3 weeks of our email for FCs, 2 weeks for DFCs, and 1 week for EFCs, the character will be re-opened. That means if someone else applies for the same character, they will be considered first in line instead of you. Additionally, if you've been approved and we gave you access to a character, but you do not log onto it within the aforementioned time periods for each type of FC, that FC will be @newpassed and re-opened to applications. Of course, if you get back to us before someone else manages to take that character, you will be free to continue your application process or request a password if you were already approved. This policy applies only to FCs, OCs are exempt.