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Before you start your application, if you've chosen any type of FC, try logging on the game and checking typing +finger <character name> and +info <character name> to see if they already have a profile. If they do and you like it, you can opt to keep the existing information, provided you agree to play the character according to that profile.

Support Character Application

If you are applying for a Supporting Feature Character (SFC), please click here for the shortened application form.

Character Transfer Application

If you want to transfer a currently or previously played character in good standing from another Transformers-themed game, click here for our transfer application form.

Full-Length Application

Form Instructions

Copy and paste the following into a text editor. Be sure to delete italicized instructions when submitting your application. If you prefer a fill-able form, click here. If you elect not to use the online form, please make sure you do not modify any of the question (non-italicized) text, or else we may not see your application at all. Also, when replying to feedback about your application, please either edit the form if you used that, or make sure you copy/paste the entire application with the requested changes made into your response email.

Player Information

1. Name/preferred alias:

2. Contact Email:

3. If you already have an account with us, who are your current alts if any? If you are new to this game, tell us about your past RP and/or MU* staffing experience, if any.

This doesn't need to be lengthy, we are not expecting you to tell us in detail about every single RP experience you have ever had. This is just to help us determine what sorts of roles you're accustomed to. Remember, prior discipline or otherwise negative experience within other RP communities will not influence your standing with the staff of this game. You will be judged based upon your behavior on this game and this game alone.

4. How much do you know about IDW’s version of G1 Transformers?

Don’t worry if you don’t know anything; we will help fill you in on the details relevant to the game’s setting if you are still unsure after reading our theme information.

5. Would you like to create your own stat build, or would you prefer staff created it for you?

If you create your own, you can copy and fill out the character spreadsheet sheet by clicking here. See Transformers 2005's TACS guide index for more information on how the combat system works. If you agree to allow staff to create it for you, bear in mind that you are also agreeing to staff's full discretion on the matter. In either case, staff must approve of the build along with the rest of the application.

Character Information

6. Fill out +finger information: Name:

Faction: Current options are Autobot, Decepticon, or Neutral/Unaffiliated

Function: This your character's job. It should be their actual job, not a joke or something silly like ‘Whatever he wants to do’. Good examples are 'Warrior', 'Espionage', 'Scout' or 'Medic’.

Altmode(s): Mostly self-explanatory, but of course if you have questions please speak to a staff member. Altmodes should not be Earth-based, for example they should not include names of vehicles originating from Earth such as ‘Lamborghini.’

Rank: 1-10. If your character is not faction-affiliated, please ignore this section.

For all faction-aligned characters: 1 is highest and reserved for faction leaders such as Optimus Prime and Megatron. 2 is for second-in-command. Only Deluxe Feature Characters and Essential Feature Characters may apply for any rank higher than 7; however, promotions may be awarded to exceptional characters/players. If you are unsure, you may leave this field blank; however, please keep in mind that by doing so you are consenting to whatever rank staff decides to assign to your character. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The higher ranking your character is, the more will be expected of them ICly, and the more proactive we will expect you as a player to be OOCly. If these expectations are not fulfilled, demotions may occur. See character policy for details.

Division: Autobot/Decepticon:

Intelligence - Spy, courier, scout, etc.

Infantry - Ground troops.

Aerospace - Air force/space armada. People with flying alt modes should most likely be here, unless their Function clearly indicates otherwise.

Operations - Researchers, security, medics, engineers, construction, other “tech” types, etc.

Neutral/Unaffiliated: If your character is neither Autobot nor Decepticon, then simply put N/A here.

Quote: A short, pithy quote that sums up your character’s personality or alludes to a prominent aspect of it.

Profile: Summarize your character. Who are they, and what are they doing? This shouldn’t be longer than a paragraph.

7. Personality:

This is a general description of your character’s personality. What is the reasoning behind their perspectives, attitudes, thoughts, and behavior? Why are they with their current faction, if any? And if they are neutral, what has kept them from taking sides? What are their personal goals, or what do they want out of life? If you stripped away the outside--friends, stuff, reputation, position--what is at the very core of their being?

8. Background:

Please give a brief description of relevant events in your character’s history that have shaped who they are in the current setting. This doesn’t need to be lengthy, so please make it as concise as possible. Additionally, try not to include anything too specific. E.g., specific relationship types with FCs, specific interactions with events or FCs, etc. Keep in mind that while this game is inspired by IDW, it cannot be exactly the same. We would also like to avoid boxing other players in as much as possible.

9.  Explain how your character fits into the theme and setting of this game. What is your character’s current role in Cybertronian society?

If your character is not a homeworld or native Cybertronian (e.g. hailing from colony worlds such as Velocitron or Caminus), you will need to provide justification for their current presence on Cybertron. Please see relevant the news files for more information about the state of the IC world (+news current). If you still have questions or need help, please speak with a staff member.

10. Skills & Abilities (IMPORTANT - If you have opted to create your own stat build, you may ignore this section unless you want to include something that the system doesn't cover, such as a character strength. The same goes for Weaknesses.):

Special skills or abilities go here. Outlier abilities such as Soundwave’s telepathy go here, or expertise such as Ratchet’s exceptional medical skills. Please organize this section into a bulleted list with a specific, concise description for each ability or skill. For example, don't just tell us "he knows how to fight". Tell us what kind of combat training your character has. Is he best at aerial combat, or hand-to-hand melee? Both? How does the skill or ability give him an advantage in various situations he may find himself in?

11. Weaknesses:

Please describe your character's weaknesses in a similar format to Skills & Abilities. We would generally like to see at least 3 weaknesses.

12. Extra Information:

Include any other information of note to us here, such as positions of importance like a seat on the Grand Convocation, or leadership of a minor neutral group. Or if you want your character to be introduced in a certain way and would like help from staff in doing so, please include the details of your scene hook here.

13. Roleplay Sample:

Pretend you are setting the scene with other players in a situation that is compatible with the theme of this game. While you may "NPC" other characters, ensure that your character is the primary focus of your writing. Focus on how you would play this particular character in this game’s setting, but be sure to follow the pose guidelines as explained in our General Policy and Gameplay Etiquette files.

14. Terms of Use Agreement

If this is your first application to the game or have been away from us for six months or more, please fill out the following form with the name/handle you entered in the PLAYER INFORMATION section of this application, as well as the date. If you already have an active account with us, or have otherwise already signed the agreement, you may skip this section.

I, __________________, certify that I have read, understand, and agree to all files that pertain to players and are listed in the NEWS index on the game, which is accessed by typing +news while logged on to Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH as a player or as a guest.

Typed Signature:___________________ Date: _____________________


Send your application in plain text to TFDEmush@gmail.com. Subject heading should be in the format: Character Type - Name - Faction, such as FC - Blurr - Autobot or OC - Exodus - Neutral. If your character isn't already listed on +fclist, don't worry about determining a Character Type; staff will decide that upon approval of your character.

Please note that the email is only for applications. If you have other questions, please use Slack or Discord to contact us. If followup emails are required, make sure your messages are threaded, or else we will not receive your message.

Having trouble thinking of a name for for your OC? Our Character Name Suggestions page might help, or this Transformers name generator!

Not sure where to start? Check out the Sample Applications page.

Submission Policy

Staff will allow each player 5 major revisions before we will simply decline your application and ask you to try a different character. A "major" revision is defined as anything that alters your character's core concept; such as background, personality and theme fit. Minor revisions that do not change the overall concept do not count toward this limit. Therefore, it would be in your best interests to do what you can to make the changes staff has requested of you. If you don't like something about what we've asked you to do, try to find a compromise.

Once we have responded to your application, if we do not receive a revised application from you within 3 weeks of our email for FCs, 2 weeks for DFCs, and 1 week for EFCs, the character will be re-opened. That means if someone else applies for the same character, they will be considered first in line instead of you. Additionally, if you've been approved and we gave you access to a character, but you do not log onto it within the aforementioned time periods for each type of FC, that FC will be @newpassed and re-opened to applications. Of course, if you get back to us before someone else manages to take that character, you will be free to continue your application process or request a password if you were already approved. This policy applies only to FCs, OCs are exempt.