Assistant Staff Policy

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All senior and assistant staff besides Assistant TP staff will have the secondary responsibility of facilitating scenes and working with players to coordinate TPs and GM where requested or appropriate. For Assistant TP staff, these are the primary responsibilities.

Assistant staff will work under the direction of senior staff members in the following categories:

Code - This role will work under Tachyglossus and assist with code projects. Expectations will include:

  • Attending code lessons (for those who need them)
  • Assisting with troubleshooting bugs
  • Setting up weapon objects, vendors, or other NPCs for various purposes
  • Alpha testing new code
  • Grid expansion projects

Character Management - This role will work under EDI and assist with:

  • Building and setting up newly approved characters, upgrades, and reworks
  • Creating new premade FCs to add to FClist.
  • Monitoring the IDLE and +PLAYED/ALLFC lists and taking appropriate action according to Activity Requirements policy.

Assistant TP Staff - This role will work under all senior staff and assist with:

  • Running NPCs for TP purposes
  • Puppeting TP characters
  • Working with players to review, facilitate and coordinate TPs.
  • Keeping RP hooks board updated.

Hospitality - This role will work under Koinonia and assist with:

  • Greeting guests and fielding questions
  • Assisting new players with acclimating to the game
  • Helping new players feel welcomed into the ongoing story
  • Answering existing players' questions to the best of their ability
  • Assistant staff will be granted ROYALTY permissions on a special bit to begin with, although it may develop into WIZARD level at a later time, and might even become a senior staff position.

Staff members reserve the right to reject applications or remove assistant staff for any reason deemed appropriate.

To apply for assistant staff, please go to: