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"A good life, like a good building, should have purpose."

Name Bulwark
Faction Neutral/Unaffiliated
Function Engineer/Builder
Species Cybertronian
Type OC
Rank NA
Alt Mode Transport/Armed Fortification
Char_id 78
Status Unknown

Profile[edit source]

Bulwark is a builder in the Engineering Guild, generally involved in large construction and maintenance efforts. He’s started to feel that the guild’s focus on ‘helping the population’ is restricted to those already protected and has started to wander the fringes, where he might find those who are truly in need.

Background[edit source]

Bulwark has lived an exceptionally ordinary life. Forged for construction in high-stress environments, he's cannot recall a time when he wasn't creating something. Generally satisfied with things the way are, the only modification he had made to himself was to integrate his primary tools, the hammer and torch, into his hands and wrists, respectively. However, when the trouble started with Megatron and he lost his mentor in the fighting, he further modified the tools of his trade for combat. Just in case. Tired of a war he didn’t want and losing faith in his leadership he wants for a new purpose. This dissolution has led him to wander the war-torn areas of the world, looking for ways to help others caught in the crossfire between what he sees as the chaos of the Decepticons and the imperialism of the Autobots.

Skills & Abilities[edit source]

Construction and Reinforce. That's what he was made to do, and he's good at it. That's pretty much all he'll say about that.

Weaknesses[edit source]

Due to his advanced internal cooling system, which helps him function in high-heat stress environments, his system doesn't react well to lower temperatures. The same system that keeps him cool can be overwhelmed by higher intensity Plasma and directed electric attacks as well.

Slow to action: Mentally sharp, but not agile. Give him enough time and he can solve about any logistical problem you can present. Need a solution now? Be prepared to wait.

Minor memory loss: Bulwark has some corrupted memory banks that he refuses to have fixed because they don't store what he considers to be 'valuable' information. However, this means that he doesn't always recall names and events very well... and then there's the force field device he made, but just can't seem to locate.

Logs[edit | edit source]

Title Date Scene Summary
A Sticky Situation January 29th, 2017 Bulwark helps Swivel out again.
No One Has To Die January 14th, 2017 The Autobots are caught in the same fire three times. But it all works out in the end.
Rumble in Rodion November 26th, 2016 Brawl throws some temper tantrums.
Art Assessment November 25th, 2016 Bulwark is surprised at the monetary value of art.
Building Plans November 21st, 2016 Bulwark continues to work in Nyon and comes up with a plan.
Appraisal November 15th, 2016 Bulwark seeks to get a Nyonian trinket appraised.
Idealists November 15th, 2016 Swivel, Blaster, and Bulwark all share drinks and ideals.
An Old Home pt2 November 11th, 2016 Swivel and Bulwark consider a minor dilemma. Their plans don't change.
An Old Home November 10th, 2016 Bulwark and Swivel do some salvaging in Nyon.
A Request for Bulwark November 5th, 2016 Swivel has a job for Bulwark.
The Start Of Something Good October 12th, 2016 Aegis and Bulwark meet for the first time in a bar and it doesn't take them long to realize they have some things in common.