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The Decepticons are one of the primary factions available to players on the game. They are a military organization comprised of characters who are sworn to the service of the present leader, Scorponok. Originally, they were a faction that sought peace through tyranny under Megatron's leadership. Now, Decepticons follow Scorponok's more brutal philosophy of "survival of the fittest," at least publically. Many Decepticons disagree with this path but are afraid to openly challenge him and are biding their time, for now.

The Decepticons desire to do whatever it takes to quash corruption of the former Senate, and to stop the Autobots. In their view, the Autobots are greedy government officials, functionists, and their allies who are willing to stop at nothing in order to keep power for themselves and keep those they deem as lesser beings under heel. The Decepticons seek to rise up and take that power for themselves.

The faction is organized into four separate divisions: Infantry, Aerospace, Intelligence, and Operations. For a list of members within each division ordered by division rank, please see +divisions while managing the Decepticon group. This action may only be performed by Decepticon characters..