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About[edit source]

The Character Development Lab is a place where just about anything is possible! The room may be used for testing out characters, scene or TP ideas, or even to explore an alternate universe or special scenario that doesn't fit into this game's current setting.

  • The Dev Lab is not a dwelling place for your character. No character that was clearly designed to function solely in the Dev lab will be approved. You should have joined this game because you are fascinated by its theme, not because you just want to play in the Dev Lab constantly. Thus, you should be spending the majority of your RP time out on the IC grid, not in here.
  • Anything that occurs inside the Dev Lab stays in the Dev Lab, and will not become part of the game's history, nor will it become a part of your character's history. It is completely separate from the rest of the game, and is not to affect any RP that occurs outside of the lab. If you choose to post a log of Dev Lab RP, please place it in the appropriate category on the wiki.
  • RP that violates theme is permissible in the Dev Lab; RP or other behavior that violates policy is not. The Dev Lab is NOT a no-rules zone, it is still subject to the game's overall roleplaying polices, such as those regarding TinySex, consent, and alt-cheating. See +news to view the policy file index.

If you have any questions or concerns, please speak to an administrator.

Recent Logs[edit source]

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