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The account system tracks players, their alts, and their current status on the game (unapproved, approved, builder, admin, etc.).

Player Commands

     +account - Shows your account if you have one.                            
     +account/email <character name>=<email> - Sets your account's email. Your character's name must be specified. 
     +account/ap - Displays a chart with a list of all characters registered to your account and how many AP they have earned through the voting system.                                        
     @password <old>=<new> - Change your password. If you forget your password,
     staff will send a new one to your <email> on request - or if your Guest IP
     matches your previous logins.                                             
     +ip - Shows your recent logins. Please report any suspicious login        
     attempts to staff!


Your character's DESCRIPTION (or @desc) is what others will see when they look at you. These commands are used to manage your DESCRIPTION.

Basic Commands

     @desc me=<text> - Sets your current description. Use %R for linebreaks and
     %T for indents.                                                           
     &short-desc me=<text> - Sets your short-desc shown in the room display.   

Multidescer Commands

The Multidescer stores your Descriptions for later retrieval. Handy for maintaining a versatile 'wardrobe' of appearances! Aliases: desc

     +desc - Shows all your saved descriptions.                                
     +desc <name> - Sets your desc to a stored one.                            
     +desc/noisy <name> - Like above but emits to the room. Useful for         
     +desc/save <name> - Saves your currently worn description to a <name>.    
     +desc/save <name>=<text> - Creates a new saved desc with specified text.  
     +desc/rename <name>=<newname> - Renames a saved desc.                     
     +desc/view <name> - Shows you a saved desc.


The Info system allows Players to store notes about their character. These notes can be used for a number of things, such as tracking details of resources, backgrounds, cheat sheets, or other notes that might be several paragraphs in length. Anything stored in +info is visible to ALL PLAYERS. If you want private files, use +pinfo (the commands are the same.)


     infonames - Info files can't be very long, may not contain special        
     characters, and are not case sensitive.                                   
     filelists - Some commands let you specify a list of files. Seperate their 
     names with | symbols, such as file1|file2.                                
     locked - Locked files have been verified by staff and are read-only.      

Managing Infos

     +info <infoname>=<text> - Creates or replaces an info file.               
     +info/delete <filelist> - Deletes a file or series of files.              
     +info/rename <infoname>=<newname> - Renames Info files.                   

Viewing Infos

     +info - Show all of your Info files.                                      
     +info <filelist> - Display an info's contents.                            
     +info <player> - Show a player's visible files.                           
     +info <player>/<filelist> - Display a player's info contents.             
     Use the /get switch as you would reading files to retrieve a decompile'd  
     version for easy editing.                                                 
     If your File name matches another player's, you will have to use +info          
     <yourname>/<filename> to set or view it.  

Each character on Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH will have three info files set by staff as indicated in an approved application: Personality, Background, and Skills & Abilities.


The Alts system allows you to specify what characters of yours other players can associate with you. It also allows you to configure which alts take precedent (if any) for receiving messages from channels and BBS notifications.


     +alts <target> - Check someone's alts. Alts are any characters with the   
     same ALT ID. Without a target it will use yourself, showing you what      
     others would see.                                                         
     +alts/list <#> or +alts/list <alt>=<#> - Set your current character or an 
     alt of yours to use a specific ALT ID. Characters with the same ALT ID are
     linked on +alts displays. Alt IDs are numbers.                            
     All Alts begin with Alt ID 0, which is special. Characters with Alt ID 0  
     have no alts period.                                                      
     +alts/priority <#> or +alts/priority <alt>=<#> - Set your Alt PRIORITY.   
     +alts/priority - Show the priority settings of all your alts.             
     The PRIORITY affects channel reception. In both cases, the HIGHEST        
     PRIORITY ALT who is eligible to receive the message (has the channel      
     turned on and not gagged) will receive it. Where multiple alts have the   
     same priority, all with that priority will receive it.                    
     For example, if Alts A and B are set to Priority 1 and have the Public    
     channel on, and Alt C also has it on but is priority 0, only A and B will 
     see messages from the Public channel. If A and B gag or turn it off, C    
     will once again receive Public messages.  


The +oocfinger system keeps track of and presents out of character information for your fellow players' convenience.


     +oocfinger - Show your own OOCfinger.                                   
     +oocfinger <name> - Show someone else's +oocfinger.                     
     +oocfinger/set <field>=<text> - Set an oocfinger field. Setting to      
     nothing may clear it.                                                   


Fields not listed here are controlled by other factors. The EMAIL field is special. If you wish to hide your email from everyone but admin, prefix it with a ! - for example, [email protected] This is different from your Account email, which is seen only by admin.


All +finger fields will be set by staff, according to the approved application.