Combat Policy

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Taking Your Turn[edit | edit source]

TACS is designed around turn-based combat. In general, combat scenes will consist of faction turns. Everyone within each faction will take their turns together, meaning a player may execute a combat action at any time during his/her faction's turn. Each player may take 1 combat action per turn. A combat action is an attack, a !pass, a !retreat, or the use of an active ability, with the exception of using Demolitions to create a bomb or grenade (however using the object to attack does count as an attack).

The following actions are not combat actions and do not consume a turn:

  • Transforming
  • Changing defense level
  • Activating a booster
  • Using !shake if a Stun duration (1 turn) has completed without getting hit

However, it should be noted that these activities must be done before taking a combat action, not after.

Boosters[edit | edit source]

Booster packs may be purchased from vendors located throughout the grid using Advancement Points (AP). A maximum of (1) booster may be purchased every (4) days, and a character may have (1) of each type of booster in its inventory at any given time under normal circumstances. A player may check !limits to see when the cooldown will clear. These objects may be used a maximum of twice per combat session. For more information on how to use Booster Packs, see the Boosters page.

Note: These are general rules that may be assumed unless otherwise specified by the GM of a particular scene. Additionally players may be granted an exception if all involved are in agreement. For more information, see CombatRules.