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The FCList system tracks played characters belonging to themes used in Transformers: The Dark Eras.


     +fclist - Lists all Themes in use.                                        
     +fclist <theme> - List the roster of characters in a theme.               
     +fclist/info <theme> - List details about a theme's listing.              


     Open - The character is available to play.                                
     Closing - The character is closing but staff is still accepting           
     Played - The character is played.                                         
     Dead - The character is dead and cannot be applied for.                   
     Temp - The character is being played temporarily for a plot or similar    


     FC - Feature Character. Created by official canon.                        
     OC - Original Character. Generally not listed.        
     DFC - Deluxe Feature Character. A step up from FC, but a step down from EFC.              
     EFC - Essential Feature Character. Crucial to the game's storytelling,    
     such as faction leaders.



     +who - Show all visible, connected players.                               
     +who/idle - Like above, but sorts by idle times.                                                                                                          
     +who <text> - Search for online players starting with <text>.



     +where - Show all visible, connected players by location.                 
     +where <player> - See details about a specific player's location. 


The Watch system alerts you as friends connect and disconnect. The List is shared across all alts. Aliases: +friend, friend, watch, wf, +wf


     +watch - Will display online friends on your list and their status.       
     +watch/list - Will display your entire list, even offline friends.        
     +watch/add <name> - Adds a player to your watch list.                     
     +watch/del <name> - Removes a player from your watch list.                
     +watch/hide - Toggle whether your disconnects and connects will show to   
     anyone who added you to their friends list.                               
     +watch/mute - Toggle whether you will hear when friends connect or        
     disconnect. This only affects the character it is used on. 


The Group System provides organization for players, usually for IC factions, etc. Think of it like an MMORPG Guild system. Staff are considered members of all groups and can use any group resource.


     rank - Rank 1 is a group leader, with all numerically higher values being 
     progressively lower in rank. This way the rank structure can extend as far
     as a group leader wishes. Many commands can be restricted by rank. Staff  
     are considered Rank 0 for code purposes.                                  
     titles - titles represent codenames, aliases, etc, or humorous notations, 
     and display on the group's +gwho and channels.                            
     focus - While you can be in many groups at once, group commands can only  
     affect one at a time. The group you are FOCUSED on is which one they will 

Basic Commands

     +groups - List all groups in the game.                                    
     +group <group> - Show info about a group. <group> can be its name or      
     alias. Also changes FOCUS if you're a group member.                       
     +gwho [<group>] - Check online players of the focused group, or a targeted
     group. Doesn't change FOCUS.                                              
     +gfocus <group> - Changes group focus if a member. 


Leader Commands

Only the group leader is allowed to alter the rank structure and associated permissions.

     +gaddrank <#>=<rankname> - Create a new rank.                             
     +gdelrank <#> - Remove a rank, if no players in it.                       
     +gnamerank <#>=<newname> - Renames a rank.                                
     +gaddperm <#>=<perm list> - Adds <perm list> to a rank's Permissions. ALL 
     may be targeted too!                                                      
     +gdelperm <#>=<perm list> - Removes <perm list> from a rank's permissions.
     +gaddpriv <player>=<perm list> - Extend a Permission to a specific player.
     +gdelpriv <player>=<perm list> - Revoke a Permission granted to a player. 
     +gprivlist - View all priveleges granted to specific group members.       

Privileged Commands

     +grank <player>=<#> - Alter a player's rank to <#>. Can only be used on   
     subordinates, and not to your own rank or better.                         
     +gtitle <player>=<title> - Set a player's title. Setting to nothing clears
     it. Can only re-title subordinates.                                       
     +glog <#> - Looks back <#> amount of events and displays related logs.    

Member Commands

     +grank - Display rank structure and permissions granted.                  


     moderate - Passes the group's /moderate lock for use with +key. May use   
     +gmuzzle and edit board posts on the +gbs.                                
     manage - may manage invites, kick players, and alter player rank. Also    
     grants divisional alteration powers.                                      
     gbadmin - may use +gb admin commands such as +gbnewgroup, +gblock, and    
     gemit - May use +gemit.                                                   
     ic and ooc - grants access to the IC and OOC group channels.              
     titleself - May use +gtitle... but only on yourself.  


Groups have both IC and OOC softcoded channels that work much like normal @channels.

Note: +gradio is an alias for +gic

Basic Commands

     +gic/on - Joins the group's IC channel.                                   
     +gic/off - Leaves group's IC channel.                                     
     +gooc/on - Joins the group's OOC channel.                                 
     +gooc/off - Leaves the group's OOC channel.                               
     +gic/gag - Stop receiving a group's messages. Resets on logout. Reversed  
     with /ungag                                                               
     +gooc/gag - Like above.                                                   

Moderator Commands

Muzzled players cannot use a group's channels for a set duration.

     +gmuzzle - Show all muzzled players.                                      
     +gmuzzle <player>/<ic/ooc>=<duration> - Muzzles a player from group       
     channels. <duration> must be in stringsecs() compatible format - help     
     +gunmuzzle <player>/<ic/ooc> - Removes an existing muzzle.                

Sending Messages

     +gemit <ic/ooc>=<message> - Send a sourceless message on the channel.     
     GEMIT permission required.                                                
     +gooc <speech> - speaks over the group's OOC channel.                     
     +gic <speech> - Speaks over the group's IC channel.                       
     +gradio <speech> - Alternate for +gic                                     
     =<group> <speech> - Shortcut for a specific group's OOC channels.         
     -<group> <speech> - Shortcut for a group's IC channels.                   
     <group> must be a single word in this usage. The command performs partial 
     matching based on what groups you are a member of and haven't disabled    
     reception for. You may also use the /gag, /ungag, /on, and /off switches  
     with it. Extra filtering is not performed if using a switch!              
     +grecall <ic/ooc>=<#> - recall a number of lines of previous chat, similar
     to @chan/recall.  


Inviting Members

     +ginvite - Show all extended invitations.                                 
     +ginvite <player> - Send an invite.                                       
     +guninvite <player> - Revoke a pending invitation.                        

Joining Groups

     +ginvites - Shows all groups who've invited you to join.                  
     +gjoin <group> - Accepts an offered invite.                               
     +grefuse <group> - Rejects an offered invite.                             

Removing Members

     +gleave - Leaves a group.                                                 
     +gkick <player> - Removes <player> from group. Requires MANAGE permission.


Group Settings

     Channelrank - <bool> - Display rank tags in group channels.               
     Color - <colorcode> - What color the group channels and group name will   
     be, unless personally overriden.                                          
     Command - <rank> - The tier at which Divisional display Type will consider
     someone part of the command staff.                                        
     IC - <bool> - enable or disable the IC/RADIO channel.                     
     OOC - <bool> - enable or disable the OOC channel.                         
     Major - <bool> - display group in the Major category in +groups.          
     Type - <typeword> - The group display uses special rules governed by      
     <typeword>. If set to nothing, or an invalid typeword, uses default       
     display. See further on.                                                  
     Startrank - <rank> - the Rank at which a newly added player begins.       
     Defaults to 4 if this is ever rendered invalid.                           
     ABBREVIATION - The abbreviation used for Who list and other areas if the  
     Group is MAJOR=1.                                                         
     Sysalert - <rank> - Anyone at or above this rank will receive group system
     alerts regarding major events.                                            
Only the group leader may alter these using: +gset <setting>=<value> 'bool' refers to a true false value. 0 = false, 1 = true. TYPE, MAJOR, and ABBREVIATION may only be changed by staff.

Display Types

     FACTION - Alters display for large and officialized factions. +group      
     <name> and +gwho will use a variable width roster showing only name, rank 
     number, and the first found of either <title> or <rankname>, such as      
     1-Field Marshal (or if a title was set, 1-Grand Poobah).                  
     DIVISIONAL - For well-organized groups that make use of divisions a lot.  
     +group <name> and +gwho become a fusion of traditional +groups display and
     +divisions, showing first anyone who is at or over COMMAND rank, followed 
     by every division, then anyone who isn't in a division. The R# column is  

Bulletin Boards

Each Group has its own set of Boards that use much of the same conventions as the Global BBS. The commands and features are completely identical, with one difference: they all begin with +gb instead of +bb!

Reading Boards

     +gbread <#>[/<#>] - In group mode, takes an optional =<groupname> to      
     specify which group. otherwise, uses current focus.                       
     +gbscan <groupname> - Like +bbscan, but can be pointed at a specific      
     group. otherwise, uses focus.                                             

Managing Boards

You must have the GBADMIN Permission to use these commands. Anyone with it passes all group board locks and can use +gbremove, +gbedit, etc on any post.

     +gbnewgroup <name> - Creates a new board.                                 
     +gbcleargroup <board> - Deletes a board and all posts.                    
     +gborder <new order> - Reorders board display order. Must use all board   
     numbers in new order. Example: If you had five boards, and wanted to make 
     the final board the first, you'd use +gborder 5 1 2 3 4                   
     +gbconfig <board>/<parameter>=<value> - Sets a board's <option> to        
     <value>. Entering no <value> clears the option. Available Options:        
          anonymous - Set to <name> makes all posts appear to be from <name> 
          as long as it's set. GBADMIN still see real poster.                
          timeout - See +help BBS/Timeouts                                   

Securing Boards

Group Boards can be locked so that only certain people of a certain rank or better may see or post to them.

     write - Controls who may post to a board.                                 
     read - Controls who can see a board and read its posts. Boards you cannot 
     see will not be displayed on +gbread!                                     
Managing GBLocks
     +gblock <board>/<locktype>=<rank> - Locks Board. Examples: +gblock        
     +gbunlock <board>/<locktype> - Unlocks a board.


Divisions are groups within a group. Codedly they are simply extra labels to help with organizing members. Divisions have no extra permissions, and ranks are completely for show.

Administrating Divisions

This requires the Manage permission.

    +dcreate <name> - Creates a new division.                                 
    +drename <#>=<new name> - Renames a division.                             
    +ddisband <division name or #> - Delete a division.
    +daddrank/<ranknumber>=<name> - Adds a new rank to a Division.
    +ddelrank/<rank> - Removes a rank if unused.
    +dnamerank/<rank>=<newname> - Renames a division rank.       
    +dassign <player>=<division name or #> - Add a player to <Division.>      
    +dkick <player>=<division name or #> - Remove a player from <division.>   
    +drank <division>/<player>=<#> - Sets a player's rank in <division.>

Member Commands

     +divisions - Show all Divisions.                                          
     +drank <division> - Display Rank information for <division>.  


Personal Options

     ALLIC - <bool> - Disable ALL IC channels. You will not hear any group     
     ALLOOC - <bool> - Disable ALL group OOC channels. You will not hear any   
     group messages.                                                           
     ALLGB - <bool> - Disable ALL group board checking with +bbscan.           
     IC - <bool> - Reception of the IC/RADIO channels.                         
     OOC - <bool> - Reception of the OOC radio channels and SYS alerts.        
     GB - <bool> - Whether you will see the group's boards show up on +bbscan. 
     Color of a group channel may be changed via +config. +help +config        
     To change an option:                                                      
     +goption <option>=<value>                                                 
     'bool' refers to a true false value. 0 = false, 1 = true.