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"The greater the challenge the more glorious the victory!"

Name Darkstar
Faction Decepticon
Function Solo Assault
Species Cybertronian
Type OC
Rank 09-Corporal
Alt Mode Arrowship
Char_id 131
Status Active

Profile[edit source]

Darkstar is a member of the aerospace division of the Decepticons. He stands under Megatron's leadership, and time spent with many former gladiators and Cybertronians of many walks of life has sharply increased his competitive nature. He was once a deep space operative meant for both short and long range escort, defense, and blitzkrieg attack missions who the Decepticons have had many uses for during their campaign for freedom and equality. He presently acts as escort for energon mining, repair and resupply operations, a bodyguard for envoys sent to court potential allies within the stars, and a guardian of Decepticon interests at home and throughout the cosmos. Having no true friends but interests he will sooner leave a distressed comrade to burn than waste an opportunity for personal glory unless the glory itself is a side effect of heroics. His chief driving force is his lust for glory, and this vice leads him to occasionally bully others in an attempt to draw them into fights or other forms of competitive sport to both test and affirm his greatness. He is loyal to The Cause, and there is much glory to be had as a champion of the Decepticon ideals.

Background[edit source]

The Primal Vanguard was Darkstar's home, his life, his everything. Hailed as a 'rising star' of the armed forces of Cybertron he won many merits for marksmanship and endurance; he and his comrades were also responsible for setting records and received a number of accolades for excellence as a training unit. Darkstar had the fortune of being a military spacefaring alt-mode, and so it was the black of space that would be his Fate under the law of functionalism. Being away from Cybertron for tours of significant length was what he was made for, but as resources were cut back, escort missions grew longer and longer, and increasingly reduced time was allotted for leave it was only a matter of time before Darkstar would become taxed beyond reason. Despite a number of requests for relief he found that he was routinely exploited, and forced to carry out a revolving door of missions beyond reason. The injustice came to a final head when a first contact situation involving Darkstar and a diplomatic envoy ended in an exchange of fire due to a combination of being surprised by the alien vessel's sudden appearance within weapons range and fatigue, which lead to his neglect of first contact protocols. Though the skirmish resulted in zero casualties and the alien vessel disappeared into the darkness, Darkstar was harshly reprimanded for neglecting to hold his fire until fired upon. Citing the lack of resupply, the extreme fatigue and lack of relief, as well as the element of surprise that led to the incident Darkstar and his representation argued a strong case. In the final assessment that his actions may have led to the incitement of an intergalactic war the court ruled against him. The final decision was to relieve him of his status and place him on a discharge list. Enraged by what he perceived to be an extremely unfair decision Darkstar would stew for some time over the callousness of the court and their disregard for his service record of near perfection.

Megatron spoke more eloquently than he ever could on the injustices of the Senate, and Darkstar was quickly seduced by the great vision having nothing better to do than court his growing disdain for his government. A system that freed the denizens of Cybertron from the bonds of their alt-modes, a people free to choose their fate rather than be handed it was an easy sell for the once praised but suddenly disgraced soldier. Under Megatron’s leadership Darkstar’s sense of self grew exponentially, and he cared more about himself and his duty to excel in his proper role than ever before. Always eager to compete with others, he found himself quickly at home with many of the ex-gladiators that had aligned with Megatron's vision. The Decepticons had little room for the pettiness, the nitpicking, and the tyranny of the Senate and their stooges like his former comrades in the Primal Vanguard.

More recently Darkstar found himself teleported to an alternate universe via an anomaly in deep space that stripped him of his memories. In this alternate reality the Decepticon and Autobot conflict had temporarily ended in a Decepticon victory, and Megatron was elected Supreme Chancellor of the New Cybertronian Senate. He served his new Supreme Chancellor as an Autobot, and battled against the separatist movement that took up the mantle as the new Decepticon Alliance, which chose the name to spite the Supreme Chancellor and his loyalists given that Megatron and many of his followers had once called themselves Decepticons and rebelled for similar reasons. A twist of Fate would eventually see Darkstar returned to his original reality, where he faithfully continues his existence as a champion of the Decepticons yet again.

Skills & Abilities[edit source]

Knowledge: Deep Space Navigation. Ability in path-finding and orientation in space, and other environments is above average.

Knowledge: Deep Space Survival. His ability to survive the rigors of space and the unknown for extended periods of time without resupply is above average.

Training: Protocol and Combat Training. Forged with specific purpose he is designed for battle, and has received top military training as a former member of the Primal Vanguard from the moment of his creation.

Weaknesses[edit source]

Psychopath. Darkstar does not care for anything but the glory of Darkstar, and forwarding The Cause. As a result he can lose allies or social advantages in an instant due to sudden callousness or opportunism for the sake of victory.

Egocentric. Darkstar is tremendously egocentric. He thinks that he can take on any challenge, and can find himself in compromising situations easily avoided by others. This manifests most often in his 'high risk/high reward' combat style.

Liability. Because of his psychopathic and egocentric tendencies he is often regarded as being dangerous to more complex coordinated team maneuvers. Even while typically observant of the proper chain of command he is known to go rogue in the absence of handlers. His high standards for glory also manifests as a reluctance for or outright avoidance of entering into combat with weaker foes.

Artwork[edit | edit source]


Darkstar (Far Right) and his PV Training Unit.jpg

Theme Music[edit | edit source]

MAIN THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6rwiUohxzpc&list=RD6rwiUohxzpc&index=1

DECEPTICON ELITE THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-oGk8al9Uo&list=RD6rwiUohxzpc&index=11

CYBERTRON FLIGHT THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZjMd8jISSI&list=RDMM6rwiUohxzpc&index=7

SPACE FLIGHT THEME: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ak1-qLbHHCM

Voice[edit | edit source]


Logs[edit | edit source]

Title Date Scene Summary
Cybertronian Commerce November 30th, 2019 Swindle sells a pillow to those who need it most
Space Spar Round Two November 28th, 2019 Darkstar and Blast Off have a sparring match- again. Can Blast Off win this time?
To Infinity And Beyond November 26th, 2019 Decepticons consider the possibilities beyond their present reality...
Brobots November 6th, 2019 Darkstar and Goth rekindle their...'friendship'?
A Temporary Exile November 5th, 2019 Bats, Bots, and Sparkeaters, Oh my!
Redirects and Boasts November 3rd, 2019 Swivel tries to get info about Darkstar from Blast Off. Then Darkstar and Blurr show up.
A Bitter Win November 1st, 2019 When Goth FINALLY defeats the bot he's been unable to beat for over a year, doesn't remember all the work he put in..
An Uncanny Running Into October 30th, 2019 While patrolling Polyhex's border at nighttime, Blurr runs into a familiar face. The Decepticons observe until Goth breaks cover, a skirmish ensues.
A Release And A List October 29th, 2019 Darkstar is released, and there is talks on how to.. Handle, Phantom.
The Times They Are A-Changing October 27th, 2019 Plausible theories herald the possible reinstatement of a long lost Decepticon Elite.
A Spacy Return October 22nd, 2019 Darkstar doesn't seem to remember anyone after being rescued from space, and thinks he is hallucinating.
Regenerative Possibilities August 3rd, 2019 Darkstar suggests something Goth isn't too sure about.
Late Night Repair July 30th, 2019 Darkstar wakes Goth up way-late in the night for petty repairs.
Clemency Aftermath - Decepticons (4-3) July 28th, 2019 The immediate aftermath of Clemency, Sixshot gets repaired while Goth must wait.
Sass-Is-Faction July 27th, 2019 Darkstar is joined by Blast Off and Goth in Dead End
The Hills Have Optics July 24th, 2019 Goth assists Darkstar, and the two talk of Mimic concerns.
DEFC: Double Trouble July 21st, 2019 The Dead End Fight Club is crashed by a familiar foe!
A Full Moon It Must Be July 18th, 2019 Decepticons talk upgrades, and Vortex and Phantom's issues...
Rosy's Demise July 17th, 2019 What began as a private meeting between Quartz and Epitaph ends in a corpse.. or possibly two.
Barracks Break July 14th, 2019 Goth attempts to rest in the barracks, only to run into a few missed faces.
Law and Disorder June 29th, 2019 The Dead End Fight Club garners interest...including that of Rodion's DA
Of Monsters And Mechs June 27th, 2019 Darkstar meets Starlock for a drink.
Virtual Top Shot June 25th, 2019 Darkstar shows Goth a new training method
Mangled June 23rd, 2019 The sonic canyons once more prove to be a near deadly opponent.
To Optimus June 11th, 2019 Autobots and Darkstar toast to Optimus' return.
Creativity and Conversation June 6th, 2019 Darkstar and Goth chat while the former tests his new prototypes.
Goods and Services June 5th, 2019 Everyone is broken, Goth is happy he lit Prowl on fire, and really nothing else matters beyond that. Combaticons pay in booze for fixin's.
Fending Off Feral Insecticons June 2nd, 2019 Cosmos the Attaccing Snacc
Moxie and Negotiations May 31st, 2019 Darkstar and Soundwave head into Dead End to sniff out info on Howl.
Combaticon Training Session - R2 May 30th, 2019 The Combaticons gather to train in the Training Arena once more, with onlookers.
Papa's Got A Brand New Jam May 27th, 2019 Goth and Darkstar train, and Goth shows off some new abilities
Dead End Fight Club May 26th, 2019 Dead End Fight Club
The Institute of Lower Learning May 25th, 2019 Darkstar is 'intrigued' as Goth and Vortex talk about Pharma and The Institute...
Battleground: Nova Cronum 3 - 3 May 24th, 2019 The Autobots seize control of Nova Cronum.
Aftermath of Nova Cronum May 24th, 2019 In which Vortex shows off his collective medical knowledge and Tends to the wounded.
Con Medbay Social May 23rd, 2019 Those involved in Garrus-1's rescue, get the medical attention needed.
Jailbreak May 22nd, 2019 Darkstar, Dustoff, Onslaught, and Swindle help break Blast Off and Vortex out of Garrus 1.
Chaos, Order, and the In-Between May 21st, 2019 Darkstar and Goth chat about keeping the peace.
Battleground: Ibex Central 3 - 3 May 20th, 2019 The Autobots push toward Ibex's central sectors and capture the region successfully.
Same Page May 20th, 2019 Dustoff makes Darkstar a deal, while Goth stands intrigued.
Working at Rodion May 18th, 2019 First Aid and Starlock hang around Rodion, and end up chatting with Rung, then Darkstar shows up.
FIGHT CLUB May 16th, 2019 First Aid and Starlock stumble upon Darkstar and the Dead End Fight Club
Polar Possibilities May 15th, 2019 Autobot and Decepticon scouting parties clash over Simanzi!
Overcharged May 14th, 2019 Aid has to deal with a overcharged Starlock and Darkstar being.. Darkstar.
Preparations May 13th, 2019 Goth, Dustoff, and Darkstar report in to Soundwave.
Cyber-lemons to Cyber-lemonade May 11th, 2019 Darkstar conscripts Goth for training, and the two talk of retrieving POW's
Pacing... May 10th, 2019 Goth tries to lie to himself about the recent Rodion news.
Battleground: Rodion 3 - 2 May 10th, 2019 The Autobots defend Rodion and end up with a decision to make.
Combaticon Training Session May 8th, 2019 Combaticons train as various other Decepticons join in watching them- or conducting their own fights. Blast Off has a very memorable training session and Vortex learns some new techniques.
Forshame May 7th, 2019 Vortex does the walk of shame into the medbay, and Goth helps Darkstar.
Anatomy of War May 6th, 2019 Darkstar hits the books hard, Goth wakes up from a recharge, and Vortex has a trophy!
You Get A Car, You Get A Car! May 5th, 2019 Darkstar brings gifts to his comrades. So begins the end
Sonic Canyon Search May 4th, 2019 Blast Off goes on patrol over the Sonic Canyons, looking for Autobot stragglers, which he finds... and then doesn't seem to know what to do with. Starlock takes the opportunity to repair Nightlash, who seems a bit out of it at first, while Darkstar comes in to investigate.
Arena Fighter Turbo May 3rd, 2019 Decepticons train without projectile weaponry, one goes batty, and now the chase is on!
Wine Shop Tour May 2nd, 2019 Combaticons plan things and Darkstar plans some more.
Burn Out April 30th, 2019 Dustoff ends up with a full medbay after the prison break.
Sea Side Melody April 29th, 2019 Starlock gives Vortex and Darkstar the cold pauldron.
Battleground: Thymesis Mining Facility 3 - 1 April 26th, 2019 The Decepticons capture the Thymesis Mining Facility.
A Reversal of Roles April 25th, 2019 Goth ends up having to repair a severely wounded Dustoff after the capture of the Undergrid.
The Good Thing About Refugees... April 24th, 2019 Darkstar and Goth go loot-...salvaging in the aftermath of the Ibex refugee exodus.
Hunting Autobots April 23rd, 2019 Quake and his friends go hunting for Autobots. They find Hyperdrive.
Firsts April 23rd, 2019 Darkstar ends up offline for a change! And Vortex get's to poke him.
War of Words April 22nd, 2019 Lots of posturing occurs while the Autobots attempt to help civilian refugee escape Decepticon-occupied territory.
Echoing Howls April 19th, 2019 Following up on "Howl", Darkstar and Soundwave set their sights on X-El Courier's Head Office
Power Base Power Up April 19th, 2019 The Power Base is back in action with a Battle Royale between Decepticon warriors. Who will be victorious?
Managing Medbay April 17th, 2019 The Decepticons except for Vortex make sure that the medbay remains clean and orderly, and Phantom rescues Vortex from his sobriety.
Labor Union April 16th, 2019 Darkstar, Goth, and Vortex hang out in the medbay as Darkstar and Goth showcase their latest projects.
Nightmare Fuel April 15th, 2019 Darkstar, Blast Off, and Vortex start discussing taking down Sky Lynx, what challenge and honor mean to them, and then things get really... drunk. Which is when Goth and Dustoff arrive and watch the show.
Mech Medley April 13th, 2019 What starts off as just Dustoff and Goth, turns into a long line of visits from various meches, being Scrapper, Darkstar, Blast off, and Vortex.
Strange Science April 11th, 2019 Scrapper comes to check out Goth's lab, Darkstar follows, Phantom has a moment, and they end up trashing the poor bat's lab! Well, except Scrapper, he goes into one of his Mad Scientist moments.
Where Every Con Knows Your Name April 10th, 2019 Decepticons gather for drinks! Darkstar congratulates a victorious Goth, while Phantom wrestles with the inevitible, and Vortex boots sobriety.
Repairs and Upgrades April 7th, 2019 Goth wanders into the medbay after getting slagged at Praxus, to find that Dustoff has a bit of a surprise for him.
Blood and Chrome April 7th, 2019 A whole lotta training takes place among the Decepticons, Goth tests out his new abilities, and bonds of camaraderie tighten as a result.
Frenemies April 5th, 2019 Decepticon and Autobots square off without a single shot fired. Darkstar makes a new friend
Jumping at the Jump Joint April 4th, 2019 What happens when Blast off and Darkstar get drunk at the same place? Well Bar fights, that's what!
Quid Pro Quo April 3rd, 2019 Darkstar and Goth squre off yet again in the training room while Blast Off observes. Darkstar makes a tempting offer...
Sherlocks and Shenanigans April 2nd, 2019 The Decepticons come together at the ruins of Kolkular Prison to ask the important questions...before they descend into the usual madness.
Lost Stars April 1st, 2019 The Autobots launch a full, all out assault on Kaon, and the Kolkular Prison in a bid to rescue Starlock! Sky Lynx leaving a path of pure destruction in his wake, and delivering a good dose of karma to Darkstar! and Sinnertwin does the unthinkable: He gets Prowl to laugh.
Recovery March 31st, 2019 Or at least that is what Dustoff wishes he was doing, The medic ends up further overworked and unable to tend to his own wounds as his medical bay ends up busy once more.
Battleground: Clemency-10 March 30th, 2019 The Decepticons manage to capture Clemency by a sliver! Unfortunately Darkstar abandons his teammates as fast as he came in.
The Cost of Victory March 30th, 2019 The Decepticons barely won at the mining outpost on Clemency...and it nearly cost them their lives.
Alliances and Artifacts March 28th, 2019 Darkstar meets a new fan looking for answers in the form of Howl(Swivel). They strike a bargain, and look forward to a prosperous future...
Medbay Psychology March 28th, 2019 Dustoff and Goth enjoy some peace and quiet for all of a nanosecond. The Blast Off puzzle is put back together, Sinnertwin gets some dents knocked out of him, and Phantom decides to break reality while Vortex fails to drink.
Cell Mates March 27th, 2019 Darkstar, Phantom, and Vortex visit Starlock in her cell. It's about what you'd expect...
Prison Reconnaissance March 26th, 2019 Starlock is held captive by Decepticons and a small team of Autobots infiltrates the prison trying to obtain information.
Tell Me About Yourself March 26th, 2019 Darkstar askes Goth a question he didn't expect to ever get.
The Boast and The Brush March 25th, 2019 Darkstar gloats to Goth about his latest victory, while Goth decides to scoff and a bit of his 'other side' begins to show
When Darkness Falls March 24th, 2019 Blast Off, Darkstar, Sky Lynx and Starlock run into each other in deep space while investigating a strange anomaly only for the unspeakable to happen to one of the most magnificent mechs of all of Cybertron
Special Delivery March 24th, 2019 Darkstar and Blast Off deliver Starlock to Kolkular Prison, and the little bot is defiant as ever!
Medics at Macc's March 22nd, 2019 What starts out as a not-date? Turns sideways as Starlock starts a bar fight between Brawl and Darkstar to escape Darkstar attempting to grill them about Blast Off.
Aft-erburners March 21st, 2019 Goth, Dustoff, Vortex, and Darkstar are all in a bar, and at least two get smashed, Vortex also sets his aft on fire.
Stupid But Awesome tm March 20th, 2019 Skirmish at the Mithril Sea. Darkstar gains respect for Nightlash, Swivel makes Vortex cry, and Starlock and Blast Off are long-suffering.
Battlemech Beatdown! - R3 March 19th, 2019 Darkstar and Goth meet for another training session, only it turns into a free-for-all when Vortex joins in!
Battlemech Beatdown! - R2 March 18th, 2019 Darkstar and Goth meet for another training session, to which Goth actually lands some hits!
What the Slag Just Happened March 17th, 2019 Goth gets repaired, again, by Dustoff, Darkstar can't hold his drinks, and Vortex is an Iaconian model.
Rude Interruptions March 17th, 2019 Vortex and Darkstar rudely interrupt Starlock and Sky Lynx. Hookshot lingers in the background judgingly.
Sans Camaraderie March 16th, 2019 In the aftermath of the Sonic Canyons defeat, some friendly conversation and banter takes place between the Decepticon fighters.
Verbal Kombat March 14th, 2019 Darkstar and Goth exchange friendly fire at the Jump Joint in a verbal battle for the ages!
Battlemech Beatdown! March 14th, 2019 Darkstar and Goth square off in a 1v1 training session!
Sonic Canyons Hide and Sneak March 13th, 2019 Blast off, Vortex, Goth, and Darkstar scout out the Sonic Canyons, only to get tricked by Swivel.
A Darkstar March 12th, 2019 Goth gets the unfortunate pleasure of meeting the newest Decepticon recruit, Darkstar.