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Don't fire 'til you see the lights in their eyes.

Name Dogfight
Faction Autobot
Function Air Warrior
Species Cybertronian
Type SFC
Rank 10-Private
Alt Mode Jetfighter
Char_id 142
Status Active

Dogfight is a Triggerbot, with a temper that's on just as much of a quick draw short fuse as his guns.

Profile[edit source]

A wild, wicked street fighter of the skyways capable of being just as savage as the Decepticons he seeks to destroy. Likes to go nosecone-to-nosecone with his opponents in a "dance of doom" as he puts it. Although aggressive and short-tempered he does value life and friendship; knows how a soldier hesitating can mean the end of either and that's part of the reason he fights without relent or self-concern. Equipped with rapid deploying fusion-powered blowtorch blasters in jet and robot modes. Also armed with bladed wings that cut through solid steel.

Personality[edit source]

On the surface one might question how Dogfight wound up an Autobot. He's aggressive, bombastic, unruly, and his temper is on as short of a hair-trigger as his dual blowtorch blasters. He loves to fight, living on the end of danger for the thrill, and with the sort of unrestrained brutalness that makes it hard to distinguish him from his Decepticon foes at times.

The difference lies underneath that, as despite his confrontational personality Dogfight has two things most Decepticons lack -- A respect for life and seeing the value in friendship. The only thing Dogfight honestly fears is the loss of those because someone hesitated to act, so he focuses on acting first. Look first and you might not leap as Air Raid would say. His aggressive courage is paired with an unflinching loyalty to allies and cause, and Dogfight will throw himself into the fray without a second thought if it means his comrades-in-arms can survive to see another day.

As his name suggests Dogfight is skilled at more than just blasting every enemy that gets in the Triggerbot's sights. He is a skilled but reckless daredevil that uses flying stunts and other tricky maneuvers to get up close and vicious with his enemies while making himself a more elusive target. This 'Dance of Doom' as he calls it is his halmark, outmaneuvering his enemies as much as overpowering them.

Background[edit source]

The Triggerbots are a subset of Autobot soldiers aimed at adapting to the rising state of war, being constructed with quick paced combat in mind. Like his group-mates Override and Backstreet his design combines mobility, precision and firepower and delivering that quickly onto the battlefield. In the case of Dogfight it's bringing that to the skies, and making them extremely unfriendly for the otherwise larger Decepticon air forces.

Relationships[edit source]


Abilities & Weapons[edit source]

  • Flight, Dogfight transforms into a cybertronian fighter-jet, this is to be expected. Rather than the 'tetrajet' design utilized by Seekers he is more compact and sleek, with forward-sweeping wings and secondary canards to facility his daredevil air stunts.
  • Fusion Blowtorch Blasters: (Both Modes) Dogfight's primary weapons, which he can deploy at a second's notice from his arms in robot mode, or the sides of his fuselage as a jetfighter. When used in vehicle mode his wings flip backwards to counterbalance the large weapons and maintain most of his aerial maneuverability. Alternately he can deploy them without switching his wings to hit targets behind him, or use them to temporarily boost his speed. Because of their power source the blowtorches are Plasma in nature, producing intense thermal energy hotter and faster than any normal Fire could.
  • Razor Wings: (Jet Only) Dogfight has serrated blades built into the tips and edges of his wings. The blades can cut through solid steel with ease, and are a nasty surprise for aerial foes that think they're safe from physical combat in the skies.
  • Gatling Pod: (Bot Only) Mounted on Dogfight's shoulder in robot mode, this small gunnery pod fires bursts of otherwise standard issue Laser bolts. As a shoulder weapon he doesn't have to disengage his main blasters to use it.

Skills[edit source]

  • Aerial Combat: Dogfight is more than an angry aggressive mech with big guns for his size. He is a highly skilled, abiet reckless, stunt flier. Not just for mobility and evasive maneuvers, either. Dogfight loves using his high flying skills to get 'nosecone-to-nosecone' with his opponents with guns blazing and wing-blades ready to strike. The more dangerous the opponent and the environment, the bigger the thrill the Dance of Doom is for him.
  • Daredevil: Dogfight is pretty agile on his feet too, and fights with the same in-your-face fearless manner as he tears across the skies with. He's not afraid to jump off walls, throw around obstacles and make use of the environment to strike or disrupt his enemy's attacks.
  • No Fear: The only thing that really scares Dogfight is what might happen to others if he -doesn't- act quickly. He will be one of the first to charge into battle, against superior opponents and unfair odds, and fight without relent or remorse. Dogfight is not afraid to be as brutal as the Decepticons are in combat, gleefully fighting them on their own terms.

Weaknesses[edit source]

  • Shoot First, Maybe Ask Questions Later: Hesitation gets soldiers and allied kills, so Dogfight doesn't bother taking the time to think more than how he's going to blow a big hole in his opponent. His aggressive, hair-trigger temperment throws him into dangerous situations with little self-concern or consideration of other actions besides punching or shooting a problem until it stops being a problem. He is a skilled combatant but the lack of planning ahead or general common sense often backfires on him.

  • Blood Knight: Dogfight lives for battle, and he wouldn't have it any other way. The excitement and thrill are what keeps his energon pumping. He's known for being capable of being just as savage and dirty as the Decepticons in battle, which definately teaks many other Autobots the wrong way, especially if they don't understand -why- he fights that way.}}

Trivia[edit source]

  • With his serrated wing blades, Dogfight is one of the few Transformers with akin to Ramjet with a deliberate physical attack in jet mode.
  • Dogfight's "flavor" of Chaotic Good would certainly be the "Good With Nuts" variety.

Playlist[edit | edit source]


Logs[edit | edit source]

Title Date Scene Summary
Battleground: Rodion 6 - 3 January 16th, 2020 Autobots successfully defend Rodion against a Decepticon assault.
Battleground: Clemency 6 - 1 December 21st, 2019 The Decepticons successfully defend! But also question Dogfight's sanity.
This is Not A Party December 7th, 2019 Hot Rod ventures to the Mithril Sea with Sky Lynx and Dogfight to search for space slugs, but runs into several Decepticons.
Battleground: Polyhex 5 - 3 October 24th, 2019 Autobots take Polyhex!
Battleground: Sonic Canyons 5 - 2 October 13th, 2019 The Decepticons take the Sonic Canyons!
Meeting in the Repair bay October 13th, 2019 Dogfight stumbles into the repair bay, and meets Nightlash, and Starlock.