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Welcome to the Medbay, where you'll never know if we fail to keep you alive.

Name Dustoff
Faction Decepticon
Function Ruler of Medbay
Species Cybertronian
Type OC
Rank 7
Alt Mode Search-and-Rescue Vehicle
Char_id 85
Status Unknown

Profile[edit source]

Dustoff, or 'Dusty', is a sarcastic, quick-witted medic from the Search and Rescue teams, who has frequently been known to entertain himself by patching up patients...that he wounded himself. There's a strange cruel streak somewhere in him that always seems to surface when he needs to twist things his way. A rather skilled practicioner, Dusty can often times be found bouncing between the Medbay and the Front-Lines with the mainstay Decepticon forces, running repairs and supplies to extend engagements beyond where they would normally end otherwise.

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Logs[edit | edit source]

Title Date Scene Summary
Repairs from Tyger Pax February 1st, 2020 After returning front brutally getting their Afts kicked, Starscream is reminded how much the medical bay /loves/ him.
An Assassination Attempt January 22nd, 2020 Goth shows Dustoff the poison that was used in his drink, Swindle also offers some help.
Mimic Musings December 14th, 2019 The science class gathers in their hideout to talk about their collective findings.
Aftermath of Ibex December 9th, 2019 Goth and Knock Out return for repairs and are greeted by the 'normal' medbay crew.
Comfort of Medical December 7th, 2019 Goth, after being pinned by a boulder, and nearly abandoned, takes time to relax in the medbay with Dustoff, Sixshot, and Vortex.
Medbay Activity November 13th, 2019 Knock Out, Scrapper, Dustoff, and Goth end up chattering in the medical bay, sorting a supply delivery.
Medbay Lull November 2nd, 2019 A lull in the Decepticon territories, leads to a cat in the medical bay between varying parties.
Our Brand of Dumb October 26th, 2019 Dustoff tends to those that come off the field from the siege at the plateau.
Exhausted But Undeterred October 25th, 2019 Megatron and Sixshot are repaired.
Stuck with Me October 22nd, 2019 Dustoff manages to calm Goth down enough to start thinking clearly. Both also couldn't be more he more happy, to be stuck with the other.
Slime Removal October 15th, 2019 Goth and Blast off get themselves patched up and cleaned up after their Undergrid adventure.
Echoes of the Canyons October 13th, 2019 Those returning from the Sonic Canyons seek repairs, Shadowstar also learns why the medical bay is /Dustoff's/ domain.
Rotors and Medics October 10th, 2019 Vortex visits Goth in the medical bay for a chat, Dustoff then appears, and He and Goth make Vortex 'Eeew'.
Repairs after Clemency September 28th, 2019 Blast Off and Goth are rolled in for repairs, Blast Off is just a talking head! and Shadowstar suggests the unthinkable to Goth.
Jump Joint Suspicions September 27th, 2019 A number of Cons gather at the jump joint for a mellow night (well most, Vortex is there) and Goth suspects Swindle wants something from him.
Pillows Inc September 15th, 2019 Just some Combaticons being lazy - or industrious- and then Megatron and Starscream arrive. Medics endure it all.
Medbay Menagerie September 13th, 2019 Goth, Dustoff, Vortex, Sixshot, and Swindle all gather in the medbay.
RE-Repairs August 27th, 2019 Sixshot, Blast Off, and Vortex are brought in for repairs after the siege at the plateau.
Protihex Aftermath Repairs August 26th, 2019 Dustoff repairs Goth and Sixshot cycles after the battle of Protihex.
Viruses and Electrocution August 24th, 2019 Dustoff returns to the medical bay and learns of Vortex's latest ventures.
Test tubes August 17th, 2019 Goth and Dustoff discuss the fate of the infected energon test tubes they have.
Overloaded August 14th, 2019 Dustoff comes down to find a slightly overcharged Goth, who's cranky about the events that happened with Phantom in the medical bay.
Embers of Aftermath August 12th, 2019 Overlord and Sixshot get repaired by a more than agitated Goth after taking the Toraxxis Plains.
Cursed or Karma August 11th, 2019 Sixshot and Goth get repaired after Praxus, and goth is still rather bitter about his poor luck.
Deceit and Dismantlement August 10th, 2019 What is the best topic to talk about to pass the time and bond over? Dismantlement of course!
Clean up: Aisle Medical Bay July 28th, 2019 Dustoff arrives to tend to Goth's injuries.
Undergrid Aftermath July 18th, 2019 Dustoff gets Goth and Sixshot repaired after the Undergrid siege.
Scheduled Practice July 7th, 2019 Goth and Vortex go a round in practicing combat together.
Couples Training July 7th, 2019 Dustoff and Goth defeat Sixshot in combat training! Phantom then tries to kill Goth.
Mangled June 23rd, 2019 The sonic canyons once more prove to be a near deadly opponent.
Praxus Repairs June 16th, 2019 Brawl gets repaired, and Vortex is weird.
A Greeting June 13th, 2019 Dustoff returns to find that the Repair bay has in fact, not been burned down.
Goods and Services June 5th, 2019 Everyone is broken, Goth is happy he lit Prowl on fire, and really nothing else matters beyond that. Combaticons pay in booze for fixin's.
Combaticon Training Session - R2 May 30th, 2019 The Combaticons gather to train in the Training Arena once more, with onlookers.
Words Not Often Said. May 27th, 2019 Dustoff and Goth get a moment to themselves, and say something that normally goes unsaid.
Proper Repairs May 25th, 2019 Dustoff arrives in the medbay to repair Goth properly while Vortex watches.
Con Medbay Social May 23rd, 2019 Those involved in Garrus-1's rescue, get the medical attention needed.
Jailbreak May 22nd, 2019 Darkstar, Dustoff, Onslaught, and Swindle help break Blast Off and Vortex out of Garrus 1.
Same Page May 20th, 2019 Dustoff makes Darkstar a deal, while Goth stands intrigued.
Moment of Respite May 16th, 2019 Goth wanders in after the skirmish at the Polar Rig.
Preparations May 13th, 2019 Goth, Dustoff, and Darkstar report in to Soundwave.
Aggravated Intel May 11th, 2019 Goth passes along some Information to Onslaught and Dustoff.
Pacing... May 10th, 2019 Goth tries to lie to himself about the recent Rodion news.
Combaticon Training Session May 8th, 2019 Combaticons train as various other Decepticons join in watching them- or conducting their own fights. Blast Off has a very memorable training session and Vortex learns some new techniques.
Irons in the Fire May 6th, 2019 Goth comes in for repairs following the battle for Kalis, and Shadowstar stops by to discuss some future plans.
You Get A Car, You Get A Car! May 5th, 2019 Darkstar brings gifts to his comrades. So begins the end
Burn Out April 30th, 2019 Dustoff ends up with a full medbay after the prison break.
Meeting the Onslaught April 29th, 2019 Onslaught meets Vortex and Blast Off's... Friends?
Where To Go From Here April 27th, 2019 Goth and Dustoff have the Jump Joint to themselves and have a good long talk about things.
Battleground: Undergrid Base 3 - 1 April 25th, 2019 The Decepticons capture a base in the Undergrid.
A Reversal of Roles April 25th, 2019 Goth ends up having to repair a severely wounded Dustoff after the capture of the Undergrid.
Firsts April 23rd, 2019 Darkstar ends up offline for a change! And Vortex get's to poke him.
A Fix April 21st, 2019 Dustoff finds and fixes the Bat's latest problem.
The Hex of Polyhex April 20th, 2019 What starts in the medbay, ends in the training simulators.
Power Base Power Up April 19th, 2019 The Power Base is back in action with a Battle Royale between Decepticon warriors. Who will be victorious?
A Walk In The Past. April 19th, 2019 A walk in Tesarus allows for Goth and Dustoff to talk without the madness of the medbay for a change.
Lost at Sea April 19th, 2019 Hot Rod attempts to set off fireworks over the Mithril Sea. Dustoff watches, Starlock tags along, but Hot Rod goes MIA shortly after Dustoff puts a hole in their boat.
Lazy Wakings April 15th, 2019 Dustoff and Goth wake up from recharge to find they've slept in, but take the time to enjoy their quiet moment together.
Nightmare Fuel April 15th, 2019 Darkstar, Blast Off, and Vortex start discussing taking down Sky Lynx, what challenge and honor mean to them, and then things get really... drunk. Which is when Goth and Dustoff arrive and watch the show.
A Full Medbay April 13th, 2019 Scrapper, Vortex, and Shadowstar come in for repairs after their success at Ibex Central, Shadowstar has to deal with being repaired by Goth, Dustoff returns from another assignment, and Goth and Scrapper talk more Science.
Mech Medley April 13th, 2019 What starts off as just Dustoff and Goth, turns into a long line of visits from various meches, being Scrapper, Darkstar, Blast off, and Vortex.
Repairs and Upgrades April 7th, 2019 Goth wanders into the medbay after getting slagged at Praxus, to find that Dustoff has a bit of a surprise for him.
Blood and Chrome April 7th, 2019 A whole lotta training takes place among the Decepticons, Goth tests out his new abilities, and bonds of camaraderie tighten as a result.
Recovery March 31st, 2019 Or at least that is what Dustoff wishes he was doing, The medic ends up further overworked and unable to tend to his own wounds as his medical bay ends up busy once more.
The Cost of Victory March 30th, 2019 The Decepticons barely won at the mining outpost on Clemency...and it nearly cost them their lives.
Battleground: Clemency-10 March 30th, 2019 The Decepticons manage to capture Clemency by a sliver! Unfortunately Darkstar abandons his teammates as fast as he came in.
Medbay Psychology March 28th, 2019 Dustoff and Goth enjoy some peace and quiet for all of a nanosecond. The Blast Off puzzle is put back together, Sinnertwin gets some dents knocked out of him, and Phantom decides to break reality while Vortex fails to drink.
Admittance March 23rd, 2019 Dustoff and Goth both need a break, and end up spending it with each other.
Aft-erburners March 21st, 2019 Goth, Dustoff, Vortex, and Darkstar are all in a bar, and at least two get smashed, Vortex also sets his aft on fire.
What the Slag Just Happened March 17th, 2019 Goth gets repaired, again, by Dustoff, Darkstar can't hold his drinks, and Vortex is an Iaconian model.
It's Hot In Here March 11th, 2019 A gathering happens in the medbay. It's really just business as usual with a lot of drinking and posturing.
Smoldering March 10th, 2019 Scrapper gets himself and Goth to the medical bay after the battle of Kalis.
Medical Bay Drinks March 7th, 2019 Blast off and Vortex go to Medical bay, looking for Booze, only to get a video of young Blast off's cute face.
Yet again... February 23rd, 2019 Goth once more wakes up in the repair bay, after a fail attempt at Luna-2, at least Dustoff's there.
Burns of Protihex February 14th, 2019 After being buried, slashed by Sky Lynx, and then blasted, shot at, heavily burned and finely knocked out at Protihex, Goth finally gets tended to by Dustoff.
Sonic Canyons Aftermath February 2nd, 2019 Dustoff and Goth return to the repair bay after the Sonic Canyons.
War Games: Sonic Canyons 6-3 February 1st, 2019 The Autobots prevail at the Sonic Canyons.
Post-Battle Work January 31st, 2019 Dustoff has to fix up everyone from a day of fighting and such. Oh, and Vortex gets a root-canal.
Wargame Repairs January 29th, 2019 Dustoff ends up witha full clinic.
Just a Little Redecorating January 13th, 2019 Time to vent and ...redecorate now that the Decepticons have won Ibex South! So some locals complain, well, they'll soon change their minds, right?
Repairs After Mitteous January 11th, 2019 Dustoff has too much work, and Goth learns a bit about his new faction mates.
War Games: Ibex South 5-1 January 10th, 2019 Decepticons capture Ibex's southern sectors.
Mitteous Plateau Aftermath January 9th, 2019 Post-Battle Repairs courtesy Dustoff
Aftermath of Epicness January 7th, 2019 Dustoff gets two patients in the medbay... or two egos, rather.
Cybertron War Games: Toraxxis Plains 2-3 November 22nd, 2018 Toraxxis Plains falls to Autobot control.
Cybertron War Games - Toraxxis Plains 2-2 November 21st, 2018 The Decepticons hold the line at Toraxxis...for the time being.
Cybertron War Games: Toraxxis Plains 2-1 November 18th, 2018 Since they can't exactly heal one another to death, Autobot and Decepticon Medical forces stare down one another while having amicable discourse regarding the future of medical sciences .... naw, they totally shoot one another.
Spy Wars:Recruitment Drive February 5th, 2017 The Decepticons pull a heist on a spark storage facility in Tagan Heights.