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""I did no such thing! Why would I eat someone's ha.... hey, your wing is shiney.. real... shinnneeeyyy... <<GLOMP>>""

Name Harbinger
Faction Autobot
Function Scout
Species Insecticon
Type OC
Rank 10
Alt Mode Cybertronian Bullet-Ant
Char_id 125
Status Unknown

Profile[edit source]

One of the most loyal friends any being could have... if you can handle her personality. Once part of the Insecticon swarms at the core of Cybertron, she eventually developed her own personality that set her apart from it, and set about hunting her own kind. Eventually she made her way to the surface and has been earned a reputation as a hunter and scrounger that works for both sides, even before she joined the Autobots after they accepted her and her eccentricies, though little is known of her beyond that she does not abandon a job, or a friend, once she accepts it or them. Just be warned.. this bug does bite.

Background[edit source]

She was originally part of the Insecticon swarms that protected the heart of Cybertron, but at one point she somehow manage to gain true sentience, though she is not sure how it occured. For awhile she simply kept up her duties, never truly questioning why they were doing as they were but eventually she realized that the one she considered her Queen had gained sentience herself a long time ago and was trying to forge her own undeground kingdom among the various Swarms and when she confronted the Queen, she ordered Harbinger's destruction as she belived that Harbinger would eventually try to replace her but Harbinger managed to escape and use her knowledge of the surronding areas to hide.

Eventually Harbinger struck back, having decided that if it came down to a choice between them or her.. she choose herself. Decades, or even possibly centuries, passed as she moved slowly and cut off acccess to the supplies the Hive needed as well as tricking many of the 'normal' swarms to strike at the Hive as well. Finally the day came when she took the Queen's spark herself and claimed the 'throne' of the Hive.. of which there was no surivors except for herself. But at that point.. something broke in mind and she went mad for, stalking her Hive's grounds and killing anything that crossed it.

One day her sanity finally returned, or at least most of it, and she just turned and left the Hive to work her way towards the surface. At first she kept to the shadows and just observed the surface-dwellers, occasionally ambushing one when she got hungry as she had not realized yet there were other means to get the energon she needed to survive. Through more then a healthy dose of luck she managed to piece together enough knowledge that she did not need to kill to survive and worked to gain some respect from the surface dwellers, eventually earning a decent reputation as a scavenger and scout in the more public, and in darker circles as a killer of those she believes deserved it, long as no one asked too many questions what happened to the bodies.

After she had been on the surface for a few years she came across a Autobot Scout that had been ambushed by a few Seekers and was being tortured for fun. Before she could think about it she threw herself onto the Seekers, managing to do enough damage and cause enough distraction that the Scout managed to recover enough to drive the Seekers off. Still too badly damage to make it much further Harby helped the Scout back to the cloest Autobot outpost, and almost getting gunned down in the process by the outpost she managed to deliver the Scout to her comrades.

Over the next few months the Scout sought out Harby repeatedly, having seen a bright and good side to the Insecticon and tried to recruit her to the Autobots but Harby kept rejecting it cause she knew she would face a great deal of prejudice.. but as fate would have it the Scout came across Harbinger in the same position as she had been before, being attacked by a group of Seekers and used surprise to save the Insecticon this time and brought Harby back to get repaired.. and finally convincing the Cyber-Ant to at least try to give the Autbots a chance.

Skills & Abilities[edit source]

-Hand to Hand Specialist-

Her core ability while in the depths of Cybertron was her ability to get in close and strike her enemies before they could strike back so she developed her only fighting style that evolved around her deployable claws and her main attack a nasty bite attack


Early on she developed the abilities to mimic her surrondings, altering her appearance to match what was around her so she could get close enough to her target to strike.

-Mental Endurance-

Her time alone gave her the ability to adapt to the weak body she had, and she learned to push through the pain and keep on her feet and to keep fighting even when she is within a sliver of losing her spark.

Weaknesses[edit source]

-Easily Distracted by shiny objects-

Easily distracted by shiney things unless she is /very/ focused. Even then.. it's even odds it still might distract her.

-Weak structure-

Rather fragile and small, typically only takes two or three solid hits at most to drop her.

-Little Knowledge of the surface factions-

She really does not keep track of the going-ons of the world, so is unlikely to really know who is with who or against who.. even with faction insignias showing.

Logs[edit | edit source]

Title Date Scene Summary
Toraxxis Plains Aftermath 2 The Sequel November 21st, 2018 Ratchet is dealing with the Aftermath of the autobots second attempt on Toraxxis Plains, only to have Hot Rod happen.
Autobots - Toraxxis Plains Aftermath November 18th, 2018 Starlock walks into the Medbay for repairs, where she finds a Upper Class mate, and Harbinger, they get to talking.
Old Cargo Shuttle November 11th, 2018 Decagon medical is busy as ever, and Ratchet is cranky as ever.
Cybertron War Games: Tyger Pax 1-1 November 9th, 2018 Tyger Pax control point battle round 1!
Fixing Siege November 8th, 2018 Siegebreaker needs help.
Bugged November 7th, 2018 Blast Off meets Harbinger.
Mithril Sea Melancholy November 6th, 2018 An unusual visitor helps Groove out of some post-battle moping.
Gallo's Intentions October 7th, 2018 Gallo has a private conversation with the owner of Maccadams. Vortex eavesdrops, while Harbinger gets drunk and picks a fight with Phantom.