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"Eat only what you need-destroy the rest."

Name Hun-Gar
Faction Decepticon
Function Terrorcon Commander
Species Cybertronian
Type DFC
Rank 5-Major
Alt Mode Two-Headed Beast
Char_id 121
Status Unknown

Profile[edit source]

Hun-Gar was a rare Beastformer, and a monstrous, mutant one at that, left to starve during the Clampdown. And starve he did. Since then he's vowed never to go without again, and as a result has a reputation among the Decepticons for gluttony, greed and hoarding. When he's not stocking up on Energon or indulging his appetite he's quite the brilliant strategist and about as charismatic a leader as one might find among the Terrorcons, usually able to keep their clashing personalities in check. He usually relies on his fire-breathing, two-headed alt in a fight, chowing down on buildings, supplies, or anything else he can reach.

Background[edit source]

Hun-Gur emerged as a monster-type beastformer after the departure of Onyx Prime, leaving him a social outcast at the start. His situation only worsened as the Clampdown hit early in his life, relegating him to a life on the streets where he faced starvation, unable to survive on the watered-down Energon there. He would have ended up a dead Empty if not for his powerful alt mode and a discovery made out of desperation. He could eat solid materials and even convert them to fuel if need be, though they couldn't sustain him forever.
In order to survive and take out his anger and bitterness over his situation, he started fighting in illegal gladiatorial matches. It was there he fell in with Megatron and joined the Decepticon movement at its inception, inspired by the words of the former miner and seeing them as his only way out of poverty. He attended rallies, encouraging his fellow outcasts to join him. Some of those bestial outcasts would later become Hun-Gar's own team, the Terrorcons.
When all-out war broke out, Hun-Gar eagerly joined in on the carnage. While at first he doubted Megatron after a loss to Optimus Prime and tried to take matters into his own hands, he learned very quickly why that was...well, not a good idea, and has been a loyal soldier ever since.

Skills & Abilities[edit source]

  • On foot Hun-Gar specializes in rifle combat, using a sonic burst rifle or anything else he can get his hands on.
    *In dragon mode, which he uses more often, he uses his two heads to tear into anything that moves and fires off fiery lasers and flames from his hyrdra mouths. The two heads can operate (and speak) independently.
    *His Outlier ability allows him to digest solid material and either convert it into projectile weaponry or use it to fuel himself, though the latter isn't as effective as actual energon. He can do this with metal, stone or almost any other inorganic material. (He could probably use organic materials too. He just won't, because they're disgusting.)
    *He's a shrewd thinker and a talented strategist in his own right, good at giving orders even to the rowdy Terrorcons.

Weaknesses[edit source]

  • Hun-Gar is ruled by his appetites, which can distract him from his goals in a fight. He can get caught up in the glee of destruction and miss the actual objective of the fight if he's not too careful.
    *He's not very fast, especially in stubby-legged dragon mode, and if his jaws are disabled he's practically powerless. His long necks have quite a reach but have more difficulty with short range combat, since it's harder to bend your neck down to your knees.
    *It's hard to give coherent orders with your mouths full.
    *Hun-Gar isn't the most motivated if he doesn't see an immediate reward. Otherwise he's a bit lazy as far as Decepticons go. If a mission strikes him as boring or tiresome he's likely to half-ass it and worry about the consequences later.

Will Hun-Gar Eat It[edit source]


Logs[edit | edit source]

Title Date Scene Summary
Bar Monsters November 7th, 2018 Neither Flatline nor Hun-Gar expect to see each other in this dive bar, but really, they should have.
Underground and Hungry November 1st, 2018 Lieutenant encounters a ravenous dragon down in the Undergrid. Spooky!