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Name Imager
Faction Autobot
Function Battlefield Refueler
Species Cybertronian
Type OC
Rank 10
Alt Mode Heavy Hovercraft
Char_id 70
Status Unknown

Profile[edit | edit source]

"An army travels on its fuel tank, that means there are a thousand Bots counting on me."

Note: One of the largest and toughest Femmes in service today. Has contempt for her assignment to frontline infantry due to her build. Holds the Helios Array recharging cell, which is able to create energon from sunlight and displays adaptable energy usage, though inefficient in that use. Able to masquerade troops using hologram technology, favors confusion over diversions. One of Cybertron's greatest musicians. Has a tendency to short circuit or shut down when attacks manage to get through her near impenetrable quad layered eledinium armor.

Skills: Efficiency Expert, Camouflage, and Vioello Master

Weapon of Choice: Triple Barreled Short Nosed Plasma Shotgun (salvaged from the Destruction of the Graceful Charity) Defense of Choice: Tower Shield made out of her Solar Array

History[edit | edit source]

Originally an enerchemical engineer on Cybertron, Imager was actually a backliner for the early war. While adequate at her job, she disliked the area around her, the world, and retreated back into one of her passions, the vioello (sort of a cello). She starts writing music, and eventually quits her job as a civil engineer in Retoris to play her music on the vioello, and ends up becoming one of the greatest during-war musicians on Cybertron, using her natural holographic ability to create a serene, surreal experience for the audience.

She cannot escape the war, as musicians find themselves requested by the war effort for morale. However the longer the war slogs on, the less need there is for her talents, and soon she realizes how helpless she is, in the great scheme of things.

Imager is recruited into the real Autobot ranks and reformatted as a refueler. War has a profound effect on her, shattering her early life's dreams of stardom and accomplishment. She takes her first life at Kaon, as part of a mass exodus from a prisoner of war gladiator pit match, and that moment destroys her artistic side forever.

Now Imager struggles to find herself willing to be put in the line of fire to protect others, even as the ashes of her former life weigh her down.

Notes[edit | edit source]

The biggest armored Femme on Cybertron!

LOVES to gloat about her superior armor.

Actually tackled Sky Lynx, and rassled him

Noted to abhor water.

While she hasn't met him here, Imager's greatest nemesis has always been Razorclaw

An expert taunter and threatmaker, some of her best include

- I'm going to take that bolt gun, plant it into your exhaust port and rivet your mouth shut from the inside.

- You couldn't cycle energon if you flushed it through your outtake valves.

- I've had worse problems flushed out of my radiator.

- You know what your problem is?..... it's me! *smash*

- The only danger I'm denting my shield on your thick skull!

- Hah, look at you. All tuckered out. I'm Imager the Unfatigueable! I can do this ALL. DAY.

- Listen up Shift for brains, you're better off runnin, still if it's a whoopin you're a wanting, I'll oblige.

- You suck!

This concludes her best taunts.

Logs[edit | edit source]

Title Date Scene Summary
Battleground: Ibex Central 11 April 13th, 2019 Decepticons barely manage to defend Ibex's central sectors.
Aftermath of Praxus April 7th, 2019 Heathpoint flies in after the events of getting slagged by Megatron at Praxus, and is scolded by Prowl, as well as getting a proper talk with Starlock.
Battleground: Praxus 11 April 6th, 2019 Autobots seize the city of Praxus from Decepticon occupation.
Repair Bay Woes November 22nd, 2018 First Aid and Starlock have to deal with the aftermath of the last, successful, assault on Toraxxis Plains, only to have a their joy of victory cut short.
Fishing For Blast Off July 14th, 2018 Blast Off makes an attempt on Prowl's life and almost succeeds, but Imager comes to the rescue.
The Fall of Helex September 9th, 2017 The Autobots make their final stand in Helex--and lose.
Helex Wild Runs June 5th, 2017 An illegal race in Helex becomes a catastrophe when a rift opens up, spewing hallucinogenic gas.
Worldwide Repercussions May 23rd, 2017 Imager and Swivel receive a new assignment to investigate a lead in Helex.
Spy Wars:Recruitment Drive February 5th, 2017 The Decepticons pull a heist on a spark storage facility in Tagan Heights.
Target Practice January 15th, 2017 Sparring sessions at the Decagon can get quite intense...
No One Has To Die January 14th, 2017 The Autobots are caught in the same fire three times. But it all works out in the end.
Secret Admirer January 14th, 2017 Fade, Blurr and Imager have a conversation about their pasts.
Investigating the Charity January 14th, 2017 The Autobots retrieve Imager from Petrex.
The Destruction of Graceful Charity January 11th, 2017 An Autobot vessel goes down in Petrex. The Combaticons aim to take advantage of it. The Autobots aim to stop them from doing so.

Players[edit | edit source]