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"Wreck and rule!"

Name Impactor
Faction Autobot
Function Heavy Assault
Species Cybertronian
Type DFC
Rank 4 - Lt. Colonel
Alt Mode Tank
Char_id 38
Status Unknown

Profile[edit source]

Before the war, Impactor was friends with fellow mine grunt, Megatron (and suffered his poetry). Impactor thought Megatron's nonviolent solutions to Cybertron's class warfare were cute, and reminded him that there would always be a pecking order, no matter how large or small the equation. Events at Macaddam’s Old Oil House led to his subsequent incarceration at Garrus-1 maximum security prison on Luna 2. Impactor secured his release after he was sought by Orion Pax to join the anti-insurrectionist Autobots. Now, his body is covered with weaponry, from the tank cannon on his shoulder, to the missiles hidden in his chest, to rifles, to the handgun strapped to his leg. Alternatively, he carries a fair number of demolitions, his old energo-pickaxe and can still retract his hands and produce drills from his days as a miner.

Background[edit source]

Impactor was constructed cold. His spark was fitted into the body of a drill tank and was sent off to the mines where he met his later friend and Decepticon tyrant Megatron. They slagged the mines together, swinging their pickaxes, drilling and hauling ore and energon to the refineries. Impactor didn't get to choose the life he wanted and the daily grind of mining took its toll. He grew resentful of the Functionist regime and everytime his energo-pickaxe struck rock, he imagined he was swinging it into some Senator's face. All this time he listened to Megatron's poetry and treatises on how society could be better than it was through nonviolent means which Impactor considered useless. Impactor was arrested after he beat the tar out of some blokes who picked on Rung and threw him across a table he and Megatron were sitting at. This caused him to be incarcerated at Garrus-1 prison facility. Megatron was also falsely arrested but quickly released. Whirl beat Megatron down at one point and then was arrested to become Impactor's cellmate. Impactor slagged Whirl nearly to fade-out and Impactor was subsequently thrown into maximum security isolation. There, he would wait in the darkness, raging and feverish over the injustice of society. All of this changed one day that a former police officer Orion Pax came to Garrus-1 seeking possible recruits who he believed had been wrongly imprisoned. After reading Impactor's file, Orion Pax decided that the reason Impactor was thrown in prison is the exact reason the new Autobot anti-insurrectionist group was forming up - in the defense of the defenseless and their freedom. Impactor easily agreed to join up with the Autobots and was outfitted for heavy assault tactics given his overbearing size and strength. Now is the dawn of a new era and Impactor was going to make history!

Skills & Abilities[edit source]

  • Mining and Prospecting – Impactor is capable of putting his experience as a miner to military use via tunneling, mining and counter mining.
  • Demolitions – Impactor’s life as a miner prior to the war has given him extensive experience with demolitions, including placement and manufacturing, which can be used for breaching a door or wall or so far as leveling a building or destroying a starship if necessary.
  • Small-Unit Tactics – After his recruitment by Orion Pax, Impactor focused his training on small-unit tactics, allowing him to help in getting the most efficient use out of a team in combat situations.
  • Starship Piloting – As a mid-level officer, Impactor has received command training for starship bridges, ranging from small fighters to shuttles to large cruisers and battleships.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat – Impactor has always had a raw fighting instinct, but he has taken this instinct and honed it into an art form thanks to Autobot facilities, undergoing exercise and training regimens similar to pit fighting. His increasing aptitude is hastening him to is goal: To go toe-to-toe with Grimlock. This adaptable fighting style that isn't limited by any set movements or moral restrictions can put him at an advantage over more limited martial arts.
  • Battlefield Improvisation – Impactor is extremely adaptable to whatever comes his way in terms of combat challenges and is capable of improvising on the fly. This can include to jury-rigging explosives, using the environment as a weapon, getting the most use out of surrounding terrain and more.
  • Disciplined – Impactor is efficiently disciplined to place the mission first and see it through to the end. This has given him a stern mentality that rebuffs nearly every attempt to intimidate or frighten him, rendering many Decepticons who rely on their reputation and psychological warfare inert.

Weaknesses[edit source]

  • Violent Nature – Impactor’s patience and compassion are slim to none. He believes the best way to diffuse a situation and rehabilitate someone is with his fist. This often leads to arguments with Autobots with higher morals and can compromise the battlefield, which can be exploited by many means including the obscure, such as if he were filmed or recorded and used as anti-Autobot propaganda.
  • Anger – Impactor’s anger with corrupt society and wrongful judgment has not subsided. Even though he believes the Autobots are the best option for a better future, he has difficulty overcoming his constant, seething rage. This can put him at odds with his superiors, especially if they don't give him certain leeway to just get the job done. This inner turmoil can possibly also lead to the poisoning of the minds of more innocent proteges, especially the more easily-influenced Wrecker fans.
  • Unscrupulous – While believing in goodness and what is right, Impactor is willing to go distances and take risks that the majority of the other Autobots aren’t. This can be both a boon and a curse. However, it is beginning to take its toll as some first-hand witnesses are beginning to wonder where the line is drawn and what makes the Autobots any better than the Decepticons.
  • Man of Action – Impactor hopes for peace, but firmly believes it will never be achieved through diplomatic means. This leads to a disruption of dialog that could potentially diffuse a situation especially if nobody gives the order to stand down.
  • Limited Field of View - The cannon sitting on Impactor's right shoulder limits his sight, blocking his right field of vision. He is required to move the cannon out of the way or turn his body. This blind spot is a clear physical exploit.
  • Megatron's Poetry - Any of the three mood swings will occur if someone recites Megatron's poetry or treatises to Impactor: a.) broody and quiet, nostalgic, possibly depressed; b.) angry and willing to punch someone's face in; c.) bolstered with reaffirmed morals. These mood swings can and will affect his current activities.

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Logs[edit | edit source]

OLD System (click to expand):

December 2015 Logs

NEW System:

Title Date Scene Summary
The Division March 26th, 2020 Prowl invites Impactor and Swivel to join Division 6.
Graveyard Talk March 25th, 2020 Prowl shows some more emotion when he runs into Juris at the graveyard. Impactor observes.
Tag Team Training March 22nd, 2020 Jazz, Impactor, and Skyshredder do a training mission of an old Wreckers assault on a space station.
The Pursuit of Logic March 18th, 2020 Prowl debriefs Impactor after the failed assassination attempt on Black Shadow and informs him of future plans.
Getting Wrecked March 9th, 2020 Impactor and Jazz talk of death and war.