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For maps of the grid, see Maps.


The +invite system lets players warp across the game to directly join other players no matter where they are.


     +invite <player> - Extends an invitation for another player to +join or   
     +summon you. Invites expire after 10 minutes.                             
     +join <player> - Warp to a player, or extend a request for <player> to    
     +summon you. You can also +join to someone if they are within reach of    
     +summon <player> - Bring <player> to you, or extend a request for <player>
     to +join you.                                                             
     Staff can skip the invite process and simply join or summon players.      
     However they can still extend invites.


The Grid system is a series of commands that make it easy to navigate the IC rooms, or 'Grid.'


     ooc - Teleport to the OOC Lounge.                                    
     ic - Return to your last IC location, or the IC Nexus if that fails.      
     +nexus - Teleport to the IC Nexus.                                        
     +roomlist - List all IC rooms in the game that you can +port to.          
     +roomlist <search> - List all IC rooms partially matching the entered     
     +port <name or dbref> - Teleport to a room.                               
     +sethome - Set the current location as your 'home.'                       
     +gohome or home - Teleport to your home.                                  

Players using THINGS as hangouts can make that object a valid +port destination by setting its PORT attribute to 1. Use &PORT here=1 while within the object to set it.

PENNMUSH: You must also set @lock/teleport here=#TRUE - Penn users can use @lock/teleport to restrict who can access the object with +port. The Lock Management System is installed and +lock is available for this. See +help +key