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"I never admitted I was wrong, because I never was."

Name Prowl
Faction Autobot
Function Chief Intelligence Officer
Species Cybertronian
Type EFC
Rank 2-Second-in-Command
Alt Mode Speeder
Char_id 13

Profile[edit source]

Prowl served as second-in-command to both Sentinel and Zeta Prime, and now occupies the same position under Optimus. Once the highest-ranking police officer on the planet, he is now leading the Autobots' Intelligence Division, as well as serving as the new Primes chief military advisor. Having hailed from a strongly Functionist community, Prowl learned early on the value of respecting the rules in order to prevent chaos from destroying all. His intellect is rivaled only by the best, and his arsenal and combat prowess are well-suited to someone of his rank.

Background[edit source]

Prowl learned to respect the rules during early years spent in the strictly Functionist town of Petrex. He joined the Iaconian Mechaforensic Division as a detective, where he worked with his partner Tumbler until shortly after the death of Nominus Prime. It was during this time that he met Orion Pax, a fellow police officer who sent he and Tumbler to investigate a Relinquishment Clinic. Following the investigation, Pax told Prowl and Tumbler that he believed the Senate was using the clinics to brainwash Decepticons, but Prowl dismissed the idea as a far-fetched conspiracy theory and refused to have any part in Pax's plans to put an end to the government's heinous orchestrations to silence anyone who opposed them. Tumbler, however, agreed to help Pax, and the two of them parted ways, with Prowl joining Security Forces under the new Prime, Sentinel. Prowl continued in the service of the Primes, until he learned that Zeta Prime had been using a torturous device he called the vamparc ribbon to drain Nyonian citizens and power his war machines. Prowl joined forces with Pax and Megatron to overthrow the Senate and kill Zeta Prime, but was captured when the Decepticon leader betrayed Pax. However, he managed to escape from prison and find Pax, who had obtained the Matrix of Leadership and taken the mantle of Prime. Orion Pax, now Optimus Prime, rallied the scattered Autobot forces to his side and led them in battle against the Decepticons, who were defeated and driven out of Iacon. After the battle, Prowl showed Optimus a stockpile of illegal weaponry that the Senate had been keeping hidden in the Undergrid, revealing that the vamparc ribbon had only been the tip of the iceberg. He suggested that Optimus use them to end the Decepticons quickly, but Prime refused, ordering them destroyed instead. Prowl appeared to comply, but knowing him...did he really?

Skills & Abilities[edit source]

Tactical Expertise: Prowl is a tactical genius. His expertise in military tactics is rivaled only by the best. Logical minds such as his are often excellent at crafting strategy, and Prowl is no exception. In nearly any battle situation, he can predict the enemy's moves, and quickly come up with a carefully considered and completely logically sound strategy to get the primary objective accomplished at minimal cost. This is likely the reason why he rose so quickly through the ranks of Sentinel Prime's forces, and why he still remains in the upper echelons of Autobot command--he's just that good.

Missile Launchers: Prowl sports twin shoulder-mounted missile launchers capable of firing long-range explosive projectiles guided by his own targeting algorithms. This ability becomes useful when a distant target needs to be taken out, but is limited by ammunition capacity.

Manipulation: As he is a tactical genius on the battlefield, Prowl is also a tactical genius in manipulation. As he can devise the perfect strategies to maximize the chances of a military victory whilst minimizing the casualties, he is also excellent at devising strategies to manipulate others by predicting their reactions and behavior and then presenting the appropriate cues to cause them to act exactly as he wanted them to. He frequently makes use of this in order to accomplish his own ends, which he is convinced are fully aligned with the Autobot cause. His often laconic manner and lack of emotional expression make it difficult to know exactly what he is truly up to at any given moment.

Weaknesses[edit source]

Anti-Social: Prowl is certainly not the friendly sort, preferring to avoid idle chatter or any social interaction he regards as pointless or non-productive. This makes it rather difficult to get to know him, and thus difficult to like or respect him--which is not very good for morale, given his position of leadership in the Autobot military.

Logical to a Fault: Prowl is incredibly logical and structured, to a point that he has a difficult time comprehending the illogical and spontaneous. To him, -everything- must have a natural explanation that is consistent with the physical laws of the universe. Everything must have a reason. In fact, he's so good at predicting things that the possibility of something completely outside of his calculations happening doesn't even occur to him. As such, when something inexplicable happens, it may leave him confused and disoriented.

Cold and Calculating: Prowl is a difficult person to like, as already mentioned. But, this is not without good reason. He has a hard time actually treating people like people, instead viewing them as pawns or tools in the grand scheme of things. Thus, he has no qualms about putting others he's determined are expendable at risk for the sake of something he thinks is more important than the life of the individual in question. He is also rather stubborn, and is not likely to listen to another's point of view if it contradicts his own. Even if told "no" by the Prime himself, he is likely to carry on anyway without Optimus' knowledge (IC knowledge, but of course I will make sure everyone is fully OOCly informed of what I have planned). This sometimes leads his peers, underlings, and superiors to question his integrity, which often leads to heated disagreements and dissention among the ranks.

Borderline OCD: Prowl's many schemes and orchestrations shed light on his almost compulsive need to take control of every situation he encounters. It's not too often that he finds himself in a situation that is completely out of control, but when he does, it can cause him to become angry and over-anxious. On the one hand, this helps make him as good as he is at his job. But on the other, it also keeps him from being able to relax most of the time, which in turn leads to workaholism and the physical stresses that go along with it.

Logs[edit | edit source]

OLD System (click to expand):

November 2015 Logs
January 2016 Logs
  • Safelight's Dillemma: Safelight is having a bad day. Nightlash and Swindle make an interesting discovery...
  • To Capture a Sixchanger: Quickswitch goes searching for Sixshot, but finds trouble instead.
  • Reverse Forcefield: Prowl has found a project the Senate had confiscated from Wheeljack before it fell.
  • Autobot Briefing: Prowl reinforces some rules. Wheeljack reports on the situation at Toraxxis. A factory in Vos needs investigating.
  • Dancing With Doubt: Sulking over getting reprimanded by Prowl over her mishandling of an Autobot agent's rescue in Petrex, she's visited by Phantom, and the eccentric Decepticon has something surprising to share with her.
  • Pride Before the Fall: Prowl berates Arcee for trusting Decepticons. Sky Lynx also gets berated for supporting her.
  • A Pat On the Back: Prowl offers Nightlash some long overdue compensation for her former difficulties.
December 2015 Logs
  • Sneaking Suspicions: Arcee follows Prowl to the outskirts of Iacon, and discovers something unpleasant...
  • Don't Mess With Wreckers-To-Be: The Decepticons scout out the refinery, but Starscream blows their cover and all hell breaks loose.
  • A Matter of Trust: Arcee is beginning to question Prowl's motives. Prowl reassures her of the integrity of his ways.
  • The "Nudge" Gun: Prowl gives Arcee a shady assignment.

NEW System:

Title Date Scene Summary
Aftermath of Praxus April 7th, 2019 Heathpoint flies in after the events of getting slagged by Megatron at Praxus, and is scolded by Prowl, as well as getting a proper talk with Starlock.
Battleground: Praxus 11 April 6th, 2019 Autobots seize the city of Praxus from Decepticon occupation.
Order of Priority April 4th, 2019 Prowl kind of lectures Starlock.
Lost Stars April 1st, 2019 The Autobots launch a full, all out assault on Kaon, and the Kolkular Prison in a bid to rescue Starlock! Sky Lynx leaving a path of pure destruction in his wake, and delivering a good dose of karma to Darkstar! and Sinnertwin does the unthinkable: He gets Prowl to laugh.
Battleground: Clemency-10 March 30th, 2019 The Decepticons manage to capture Clemency by a sliver! Unfortunately Darkstar abandons his teammates as fast as he came in.
Battleground: Polyhex 10 March 27th, 2019 Decepticons take on Polyhex and it turns into (un)friendly fire and tank on tank action.
Battleground: Kalis-9 March 10th, 2019 The Autobots capture Kalis.
A Thing Or Two About Leadership February 28th, 2019 Swivel receives praise from the last person in the world she wants it from...
War Games: Protihex 7-2 February 14th, 2019 The Autobots don't quite capture Protihex. Goth isn't having a good day.
Effective Scapegoats February 3rd, 2019 Two scapegoats are very good at being scapegoats. Especially Cosmos.
War Games: Sonic Canyons 6-3 February 1st, 2019 The Autobots prevail at the Sonic Canyons.
Repair Bay Emergency January 31st, 2019 Ratchet ends up with a full clinic while he attempts to repair Starlock's damaged spark chamber.
Clemency: Second Cybertron January 30th, 2019 Shockwave's plans to terraform Clemency don't pan out as expected.
War Games: Sonic Canyons 6-1 January 29th, 2019 Autobots push against a Decepticon base in the Sonic Canyons.
A Psychoanalysis of the Good Doctor January 21st, 2019 Ratchet is summoned to the Rodion police station to be questioned by the DA. Hot Rod, Prowl, and Starlock intrude.
Clemency: Warehouse Wars 2 January 17th, 2019 Autobots are trying to move the ununtrium to a new and more secure location. The Decepticons and native Clemencians intervene.
War Games: Mitteous Plateau 5-2 January 11th, 2019 Autobots capture Mitteous Plateau.
Full Body Autopsy January 9th, 2019 Prowl gets set up on a blind date with Rodion's DA at the morgue. Hot Rod third wheels.
The Clemency Aftermath January 7th, 2019 The Autobot medics work to save and repair their Second-in-command, Prowl, after the events of The Clemency battle. It also leads to Mentor and Student to get a chance to speak.
Clemency: Warehouse Wars January 6th, 2019 Autobots and Decepticons battle over the ununtrium payload at the crash site on Clemency.
A Plan December 18th, 2018 Jazz comes to Prowl with the beginnings of a plan...
War Games: Praxus 4-1 December 16th, 2018 The Decepticons capture Praxus, but at the cost of the Helix Gardens
War Games: Polyhex 3-1 December 4th, 2018 Polyhex is captured by the Autobots.
Accolades for a Medic November 26th, 2018 Starlock is rewarded for her persistence at Toraxxis.
Cybertron War Games: Stanix 2-1 November 24th, 2018 The Decepticons prevail at Stanix.
Clemency: Planetfall November 6th, 2018 Autobots defend an orbital storage facility in Clemency orbit against Decepticons.
Put Your Past Behind You November 3rd, 2018 Prowl debriefs Lieutenant after his special assignment in the Kol System.
Last Mech Standing October 28th, 2018 Another training simulation.
Data Delivery October 23rd, 2018 Decepticons defeat the Concordance and interrogate NItro.
Tesarus Border Skirmish October 16th, 2018 Autobots and Decepticons are locked in combat over Tesarus border territories.
Strictly Confidential October 9th, 2018 Prowl assigns Lieutenant to a special off-world mission.
Bully bad timing October 7th, 2018 Hyperdrive's bullies find out that Lieutenant is in liege with the almighty Prowl...mwahahaha
Attempting Diplomacy October 6th, 2018 A meeting with Wreck-Gar and Rum-Maj goes surprisingly well despite Hot Rod's rash behavior.
Training Blues September 29th, 2018 Optimus Prime conducts a training session. Hot Rod shows why they can't have nice things.
Untouchable September 16th, 2018 Hot Rod reluctantly reliquishes information on Phantom's whereabouts to Prowl.
Above All Else September 15th, 2018 Prowl makes a deal with Shockwave. Healthpoint doesn't like it.
A 'Second Chance' September 5th, 2018 The Autobots attempt to send Trypticon away from Cybertron.
Prowl in the Principal's Office September 3rd, 2018 Optimus Prime confronts Prowl over Hot Rod's report.
A Prime's Counsel August 22nd, 2018 Prowl pacifies Optimus' suspicions of his recent activities.
To Banish a Monstrosity August 17th, 2018 Command has a plan to test new technology and 'help' Trypticon, but not everyone likes it.
The Fate of Junkion Pt 2 July 26th, 2018 The fate of Junkion hangs in balance as the final confrontation over the ununtrium core comes to a conclusion.
An Unexpected Visit July 16th, 2018 Prowl gets a visit from someone rather unexpected.
Fishing For Blast Off July 14th, 2018 Blast Off makes an attempt on Prowl's life and almost succeeds, but Imager comes to the rescue.
Love Me For Me June 17th, 2018 What does Nightlash -really- want? Prowl wants to know.
Encouragement of the Worst Kind June 6th, 2018 Swivel bears witness to some very distressing things.
The Forced Flood June 1st, 2018 Autobots and Decepticons disagree on how to save the world.
The Inferno May 20th, 2018 Shockwave runs into Prime and Prowl at the Crucible.
The Beginning of the End April 21st, 2018 The world is on fire, and Phantom had everything to do with it.
A Foray Into Psybertron April 4th, 2018 A group of Autobots and Decepticons lead some expeditions into Psybertron.
From the Shadows March 6th, 2018 A traitor has escaped to Polyhex, and Ravage is on the hunt.
Priority Target February 3rd, 2018 The Autobots attempt to rescue a civilian supporter during a prisoner transfer, but only manage to get him killed.
Disappearing Act December 29th, 2017 Hot Rod is misbehaving even MORE than usual. Then he disappears in a puff of smoke.
You are sooooo dead. December 10th, 2017 Hyperdrive gives prowl a brief synopsis of what happened beyond the portal.
Especially On Her Own December 9th, 2017 Swivel overhears a suspicious conversation while scouting in the Undergrid.
Ragequit November 16th, 2017 Phantom attempts to steal intel from the wreckage of the Assembler VI, but ends up striking a deal with Prowl instead. Brawl ragequits.
Made To Order October 31st, 2017 Healthpoint is born into a cruel world of war.
Damage Control October 24th, 2017 Swivel takes her concerns about Blurr to Prowl.
Cadets in Repair October 19th, 2017 Ailing Swivel gets a pleasant visit from Hyperdrive and an uncomfortable one from Prowl.
Meddling Autobrats October 14th, 2017 Shadowstar and Nightlash face off once more, and Nightlash once again evades capture when Slingshot comes to her rescue.
Academic Influence October 9th, 2017 The Decepticons take action in Vos. Prowl and Nightlash attempt to intervene without revealing any Autobot presence, but fail.
Infighting, Pranks, & Foolery October 4th, 2017 Hyperdrive gets bullied at the Academy. Prowl and Hammerstrike intervene, but still don't approve of his behavior.
The Fall of Helex September 9th, 2017 The Autobots make their final stand in Helex--and lose.
Decoy Freighter September 7th, 2017 Megatron, Swindle, and Skywarp almost fall into a trap full of burning phosphex.
Helex Debate August 21st, 2017 Three of the four candidates form a Triumverate and concede from the convocation while attempting to seize power in Helex. Hot Rod (and many others) object.
Tarn Blockade: The Inside Story August 15th, 2017 Thanks to an unexpected ally, the Decepticons manage to bring down Autobot defenses at their last stronghold in northern Tarn.
Tarn Blockade: Part 1 August 10th, 2017 The Decepticons must destroy the Autobots' last stronghold on the outskirts of Tarn.
Worldwide Repercussions May 23rd, 2017 Imager and Swivel receive a new assignment to investigate a lead in Helex.
The Truth Will Set You Free April 1st, 2017 Hookshot and his new Decepticon friends attempt to use a comms tower in Vos to publicize the intel stolen from the Decagon.
The Scarlet Sigil March 22nd, 2017 Swivel finally joins a side.
Grand Theft Autobot March 11th, 2017 Hookshot and the Combaticons run a heist on one of the most secure fortresses on the planet.
A Great Burden March 6th, 2017 Swivel tries to make her own terms for a difficult decision.
A Life For a Life March 5th, 2017 Swivel has the opportunity to save Blurr from mnemosurgery at the price of becoming an Autobot.
Dead End Conversations February 26th, 2017 Nightlash gives Prowl information about a mysterious hallucinogen in exchange for money and weaponry. Swindle talks his way out of a difficult situation.
Tailing Challenge February 25th, 2017 Springer and Fade practice their stealth skills in the simulator.
Unjust Imprisonment February 11th, 2017 Blast Off frees Hookshot from prison.
Secrets & Lies January 18th, 2017 Dai Atlas wants to thank Grotusque for saving his life. Prowl wants to make sure Atlas hears and believes the right things. Streetwise is promoted and is ecstatic about it.
Investigating the Charity January 14th, 2017 The Autobots retrieve Imager from Petrex.
The Destruction of Graceful Charity January 11th, 2017 An Autobot vessel goes down in Petrex. The Combaticons aim to take advantage of it. The Autobots aim to stop them from doing so.
Medical Investigations December 30th, 2016 Hot Rod seeks Aegis' help in examining Coil.
The Cog - Finale November 15th, 2016 The Decepticons go up against the Cog for the final time.
The End of That Crisis (hopefully) November 14th, 2016 First Aid finally breaks down and talks to Prowl.
Power Struggle: Tarn November 12th, 2016 Tarn falls to Decepticon occupation.
Another Dilemma November 8th, 2016 First Aid is going to have a very long night...
A Visit to the Infirmary November 6th, 2016 Hot Rod sees a patient in the infirmary who looks like he might match the description Swivel gave him of the sniper...
Release October 26th, 2016 Prowl and Repugnus have a little chat.
The Search October 22nd, 2016 Vortex and his friends follow a lead to the Grav-Haaran glacier. Bad ideas lead to problems.
Decagon Briefing October 15th, 2016 The Autobots discuss what to do about Tarn.
The Final October 13th, 2016 Hot Rod, Arcee, and First Aid dive into the final test to determine if they are truly soldier material.
A Messy Business October 10th, 2016 First Aid reports to a field hospital in the ruins of Harmonex, and meets Hot Rod and Aegis.
Important Help October 1st, 2016 Vortex retrieves the information stolen from Praxus without damaging the Statue. Blot helps fix that.
Vectorum Memoriam September 8th, 2016 Autobots, Decepticons, and Hookshot fight over a statue on a train.
Nine Six Twelve August 13th, 2016 Vortex interrogates Salvo.
The Awakening Part 3 August 7th, 2016 The city of Harmonex becomes a casualty of the war.
Post-Op Commendation July 17th, 2016 Quickswitch is rewarded for his service to the Autobot cause.
The Return of Megatron June 29th, 2016 Scorponok unleashes Trypticon upon Cybertron, and Megatron returns from the "dead" to stop him!
Arcee's Proposal June 26th, 2016 Arcee gives a presentation at the Academy. Hot Rod and Sky Lynx miss it. Hot Rod really hates Prowl.
Action List June 22nd, 2016 Prowl gives Springer a list of tasks to accomplish for the good of the Autobots.
Omega Destruction June 19th, 2016 The Decepticons destroy one of the restored Omega Destructors that Phantom discovered earlier. It wasn't easy, though.
Trojan Bomber June 13th, 2016 Starscream tries to assassinate Optimus. It fails, but Optimus and Prowl are convinced he has something else planned.
Back in the Spotlight June 9th, 2016 Optimus plans his comeback.
My Brother's Keeper 3 May 11th, 2016 Phantom rescues Quantum from a secret lab on Luna-2.
The Fall of Toraxxis April 12th, 2016 Autobots and Decepticons battle over the Toraxxis Mega-Refinery.
The People of Cybertron vs. Starscream of Vos April 2nd, 2016 Starscream's trial ends in chaos.
Well I Never March 30th, 2016 Prowl attempts to manipulate Starscream into renouncing the Decepticons. It doesn't work. Prism never.
Media Storm March 28th, 2016 Starscream is taken to Deltaran for repairs, with the promise of prison time afterward. Aegis takes on the case, while the media clamors for answers outside.
Fuel Talk March 25th, 2016 Arcee, Springer and Prowl discuss the general state of things.
Gotta Dig Even Deeper March 24th, 2016 Autobots and Decepticons run into each other while searching for the energon jackpot, but are forced to work together against another monstrous predator of the Undergrid.
Controlled Chaos March 22nd, 2016 Prowl makes Nightlash an offer she can't resist.
A Disturbing Discovery March 20th, 2016 Quickswitch overhears a disturbing conversation between Prowl and a mysterious stranger. He is...conflicted.
Volley's Folly March 7th, 2016 Tankor meets an old friend on an errand for the Autobots. He and his teammates manage to convince him to hand over sensitive intel. Whether this was a wise transaction or not remains to be seen.
Quiet Removal March 3rd, 2016 The Autobots discuss Quickswitch and the Sonic Canyons mine.
Quality Assurance February 27th, 2016 The Autobots are making plans for the mine in the Sonic Canyons when an unexpected development occurs.
It's All Phantom's Fault February 14th, 2016 All Starscream wanted was some peace and quiet so of course thats the last thing he's going to get. From Phantom breaking into his apartments to Quickswith getting busted out of jail; since Phantom broke one of Starscream's mirrors, this makes it all the phasers fault.
The Truth About Demolisher February 11th, 2016 The Decepticons find out whether Demolisher is telling the truth or not.
A Phantom Walked Into a Bar February 4th, 2016 Phantom walks into a bar and meets a girl.
Just a Rumor January 29th, 2016 Arcee is probably the only person who ever visits Prowl just for the sake of...visiting.