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""All good things succumb to those who wait.""

Name Razorclaw
Faction Decepticon
Function Predacon Commander
Species Cybertronian
Type DFC
Rank 5-Major
Alt Mode Mecha-Lion
Char_id 28
Status Unknown

Profile[edit source]

Razorclaw is arguably more dangerous when he's motionless, as the seemingly inactive state means he using his keen intellect to observe the potential prey around him and strategize the most effectient way of dispatching them. Razorclaw doesn't waste time or energy until he is certain that action will achieve desirable, tangible results. When he does strike, it is with the swift and efficient directness of a predator. A fierce combatant, field commander and long-term strategist. In beast mode his deadly claws can shred titanium in a single swipe, and can even be used to climb vertical surfaces. Highly tuned senses enable him to track his targets over considerable distance and observe everything that happens around him. In robot mode Razorclaw wields a sonic sword that magnifies its cutting power by shattering molecular bonds with resonant vibrations, and a pair of concussive blasters mounted on his shoulders that are useable in both modes. Prone to joint issues from staying still for extended periods, and overlooking potential chances while waiting for his optimal oppritunity. Commander of the Predacons, an elite tactical unit that all posess animalistic alternate modes.

Background[edit source]

Razorclaw, like many of his kind, was displeased with the government's bias against non-standard alternate modes and functions non-conformant to them. Or the extreme level of restriction and subversive oppression they utilized in trying to enforce the ideals, likening it to being a cyber-beast locked in a cage for the viewing pleasure and spite of others. Believing they would be better off fighting for survival in Cybertron's harsh wilderness instead of living under the Senate's oppressive reign, Razorclaw took several like-minded individuals and did just that. It didn't take long for the so-called 'Predacons' to earn a fierce reputation for eluding attempts at bringing them back to civilization... usually with the would-be enforcers found dead instead. In multiple pieces. Eventually the Predacons became regulars in Kaon's underground gladitorial compatitions. They proved to be quite formidable thanks to their wilderness honed ferocity, both as individuals and as a combat group, with Razorclaw's efficient use of tactics guiding them. When Megatron came and started rallying the gladiators to his future cause, he accepted the Predacons openly as equals as warriors despite the unorthadox 'Primitive' alt-modes. This immeadiately put the aspiring Megatron several points ahead of the functionalist government and society they scorned, and Razorclaw swore the loyalty of himself and his group to Megatron's cause.

Over the time that follows Razorclaw has honed his Predacons into a brutally efficient tactical unit of hunters and enforcers. As the size of Decepticon forces grew under Megatron's leadership Razorclaw became one of several regulars given command of larger operations, and has been the leader of several military campains. Unfortunately the destruction of the old government was a short term victory as Scorponok seized power and banished Megatron into space. But Razorclaw remains patient and vigilant, knowing their true leader will one day return. In the meantime his efforts have become focused on keeping the Decepticon military functional and efficient, before Scorponok's psycotic tendancies topple it from the inside out...

Skills & Abilities[edit source]

Razor Claws: Razorclaw's namesakes are tremendously sharp and deadly, able to shred through solid titanium with a single swipe and dig into the more vulnerable systems beneath. Their penetrating power is so effective that he can even climb vertical surfaces with them despite his physical bulk.

Hunter: Despite his size and bulk in beast mode Razorclaw can be quite stealthy, stalking his prey with as little sound or obvious motion as possible. He is infamous for his ability to remain in one spot for extensive periods of time to observe and plan without being noticed, or often mistake for laziness if he is. Razorclaw combines the tenaticious cunning of a predator with the strategic execution of a soldier, and the patience to wait until just the right time to enact upon both. His beast mode also has enhanced senses for tracking and analyzing his potential victims.

Strategist: Razorclaw is as patience as he is observant, capable of extensive long-term tactical planning as well as direct involvement as a field commander. While this cunning patience may delay his involvement, it makes him all the more dangerous when he does seize the oppritunity to act. Every strategy he devises and every action he makes is to maximum effectiveness, taking everyone and everything around him into consideration. Because he is as highly intelligent of a warrior as he is physically powerful, the true purpose of his efforts may not always be the most obvious.

Swordfighter: In biped mode Razorclaw is a skilled swordfighter, combining precision strategy with the combat skills honed in the gladitorial arena. He weilds a sonic sword that resonates upon impact, increasing it's cutting power by shattering molecular bonds with the vibrations.

Concussion Blasters: Razorclaw has a pair of blaster cannons mounted on his shoulders, making them usable in both of his modes. They fire shells that detonate with great kinetic force, enabling them to be fired directly at a target, or timed to explode mid-air to produce a wider reaching concussive shockwave.

Weaknesses[edit source]

Missed Opportunity: The only real downside to Razorclaw's methods is that he will sometimes ignore seemingly obvious openings while waiting for his 'perfect' opportunity for maximum effectiveness to occur. It might be that he's already thinking so many moves ahead in the game that he misses something that appears right in front of him, passing up smaller but more assured gains, or just that he doesn't believe acting outside of his chosen strategy is necessary at that time.

Over Focused: Once Razorclaw has dedicated his energy and effort to a course of action he is very difficult to break off of it again, less his contribution go to waste and his strategy fall apart. He may dismiss other opportunities that arrise, or simply remain locked onto a previous course until either he salvages the situation, or it's too far gone for any sort of recovery. You could say he's slow to bring out his claws, but once he's sunk them in he's just as unlikely to let go until he has no other options left.

Stiff Joints: Staying still for extended periods of time is not always kind to Razorclaw's joints, particularly those of his beast mode limbs. Similar to the stiffness experienced by organics, his servos may seize up, crippling his agility. The joints of his beast mode are also less heavily shielded than his robot mode limbs, making them relatively easier to jam.

Savage Fury: Razorclaw is hard to rile up into full force anger. But whenever that point is reached his rage could put his more tempermental teammates to shame. When enraged Razorclaw becomes more like the ferocious beast his alternate mode resembles, reacting on anger and savage instinct rather than his usual patient and taciturn nature. While no less dangerous in this state, he is less clear in mind and more likely to act reflexively than strategically.

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Logs[edit | edit source]

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