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Blast Off


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6. Name: Blast Off

Faction: Decepticon (Combaticon)

Function: Space Warrior

Altmode(s): Cybertronian space shuttle

Rank: 9

Division: Decepticon: Aerospace

Quote: "I act by choice, not command."

Profile: Blast Off was once a high caste mech, quite smug and secure in his natural superiority as a spacecraft, explorer, and sophisticated individual. He has an aversion to being ordered around, especially by those who have not earned his respect. He is a skilled sharpshooter and was recruited into the Combaticons, an elite guard group that did mercenary work on the side. The Combaticons were later imprisoned by corrupt government officials for political reasons. When Blast Off was released much later, he tried to regain his former high life. This worked for a time. His rebellious nature quickly landed him in trouble with the law again and with only the Decepticons to turn to for help. Now he is one of them, working as a sniper, warrior, and transport. He does not fit in well with what he considers the unwashed masses that make the majority of the Decepticon army and tends to keep most people at arm’s length with arrogance and aloofness. Secretly, he is quite lonely but is unsure what to do about it. When all is said and done, however, he takes great pride in his work and shows deadly proficiency on the battlefield.

7. Personality

As mentioned earlier, Blast Off is a Decepticon more due to circumstances than any passionate, deep-abiding belief in the righteousness of the Decepticon cause above all other things. He is quite arrogant and he holds his independence in high regard, giving his loyalty very sparingly. In fact, generally the only ones he is truly loyal to are the other Combaticons. However, he is more Decepticon than Autobot. He resents the corrupt government and the Autobots he associates with it, and agrees with the Decepticon rebellion from that. He is generally cold, aloof, and not inclined to lose much sleep over things like empathy or compassion, especially for strangers or those he deems unworthy of such things. For instance, if he is assigned to destroy a building from a position high above, he’ll do so with great pride in his work. He’ll be pleased when he successfully strikes his target and proves his sharpshooting skill. He won’t lose sleep wondering if the people he probably killed in that building really deserved that or not. However, he’s cold- but not sadistic. Someone who is aloof is not going to care enough to enjoy watching their victims squirm before they die (sorry, Spotlight Arcee). He will get the job done as efficiently as possible, then move on, and sadism doesn’t fit with that very well, nor does it fit the more sophisticated persona he sees himself as. Blast Off prefers to keep his distance, both emotionally and physically.

Blast Off is thoughtful and intelligent (no super genius but definitely no dummy). He is vain and highly egotistical, especially about his skills (which he definitely has) and his alt mode. He believes that he is naturally superior due to being a space shuttle. He considers himself above most others, both figuratively and literally, especially compared to those who can’t even achieve orbit under their own power! However, the fact that he follows someone like Onslaught (a mere “groundpounder” after all) demonstrates that he can gain respect for a non-space alt Cybertronian. It’s just not easy. Blast Off is aristocratic, seeing himself as very sophisticated and civilized. He can mingle with an elite crowd, having been High Caste himself once. However, these days, while he still acts like a proud peacock in reality he’s closer to a jailbird. And despite the “civilized” manner he puts on, there is an aggressive streak in the spark beating underneath. Blast Off may balk at “uncouth” things, but once he’s stirred into a fight he relishes it, especially when demonstrating his superior shooting and flying skills. Blast Off is a Combaticon for a reason.

Blast Off is also someone who builds a lot of mental walls, trying to protect himself and keep others at arm’s length. He is prone to denial as a result, both to others and to himself. He’ll want one thing and yet may insist to everyone around him that he wants the exact opposite. I believe that despite all the big show of confidence and ego, there is a part of him that’s actually insecure and eager to prove himself and fit in. He just doesn’t always have the social skills to do it successfully. His long time in prison and time spent alone in space only increased his isolation, which means people and their behavior can be very confusing to him. He tries to impress them by singing his own praises, fails, so withdraws even more- a vicious circle he doesn’t know how to break. And ultimately, when all is said and done, when everything else is stripped away, Blast Off actually has a decent side to him. A side that wants to be loyal and useful to someone. A side that appreciates cultured things like art, music, and even the pursuit of learning. A side that actually can be classy and “gentlemechly” at times. Blast Off wants freedom to choose his own path and roam the galaxy as he pleases. He wants to be appreciated. He wants to fit in, yet still remain unique. He wants to not be alone.

8. Background

As mentioned in the profile (and assuming he carries some of his old history with him from RiD) he was a member of the Primal Vanguard with the other Combaticons, serving as a military and mercenary team before they were imprisoned for political reasons. His body was destroyed and his spark stored in a whiteout cell before being awakened millions of years later to serve the Senate as an assassin. However, he soon fell out of favor with them (and the law) and found himself on the run- and found refuge with the Decepticons.

9. What is your character’s current role in Cybertronian society?

He is a member of the Combaticons and uses his military experience to aid the Decepticons in various missions. He is a sniper, a space warrior, and can function as a scout, surveilling from great distances or from high above, or provide transport of both troops and cargo in shuttle mode. He has also brought his High Caste experience to the table from time to time and provided a sort of spokesmech or guide into High Society for (the majority of) Decepticons who may not be as familiar with it. Blast Off also works for Onslaught. The Combaticons are likely doing their own things on the side: mercenary work and other jobs.

Blast Off is originally from Combatron, an off-world colony of Transformers that valued combat and military might. All the Combaticons under Onslaught were recruited by the Cybertronian government and served under joint agreement from both worlds. However, tensions arose between Cybertron and Combatron when Cybertron made demands Combatron found unreasonable, and the Combaticons sided with their colony. They were branded traitors and taken as political prisoners. There was no contact with Combatron for millions of years. It was recently rumored that Combatron is now a wasteland with few survivors, thanks to a civil war that ravaged the entire planet. Combaticons (or Combatronians) are now a rare breed indeed.

10. Skills & Abilities

Sharpshooter: He is one of the best sharpshooters around and a sniper par excellence. He is capable of consistently hitting targets few others could ever manage to hit and from either close range or very far away. He can even hit planet-side targets from orbit, though his accuracy is greatly diminished from that distance. He has an ionic blaster that interferes with his target’s electrical systems. In shuttle mode, he has wing-mounted lasers and a powerful X-ray laser under his nosecone. You do NOT want to get a direct hit from this guy.

Fast and Evasive: In shuttle mode, Blast Off lives up to his name and can go up to 26,000 mph. He is a rocket in looks AND speed. While not as evasive as some, Blast Off is more agile and quick on his feet than the average Cybertronian. In shuttle mode he is similarly dodgy, especially in the wide open skies where a shuttle has room to maneuver. (Though he’s less maneuverable than say, a Seeker, especially in tight quarters.)

Sophisticated: Blast Off was a High Caste mech and he carries that knowledge and mannerism with him even now. He can mingle successfully with cultured and learned society. Sometimes he finds himself assigned to such tasks for Decepticon purposes, especially when sending some jack-booted thug just won’t do. Blast Off values things he associates with high class living, which include culture and the arts, a good glass of enerwine, and the seeking of knowledge. This comfort among the high class comes in handy when he has an assignment there, whether it is information-gathering or moving in on a target. He can act like one of the cultured class and fit right in, not arousing the suspicions that a more rough and boorish Decepticon would. His poised and snobbish demeanor can belie the assassin waiting to strike. In addition, his more cultured mind is better suited for looking before he leaps, as opposed to angrily smashing objects in his way.

11. Weaknesses

Arrogance: Blast Off’s arrogance has a way of getting the better of him at times. He sees himself as above most others and that haughty attitude does not endear him with those people- or most anyone, really. He can become overconfident of his abilities and find himself in over his head. His stubborn pride can also keep him in a situation longer than it should simply because he doesn’t want to admit he’s having difficulties. He won’t stick around if the situation deteriorates too far, however. At some point he’ll try to exit, usually giving some excuse that attempts to save face.

Glass Cannon: Blast Off is the epitome of a “glass cannon”. From a distance, he can be a terror on the battlefield, flying fast while raining down laser-fire or carefully executing shots- and people- from a vantage point high above. But if an enemy gets a hold of him, he’s in serious trouble. He has specialized heat shields that serve him well when entering a planet’s atmosphere, but provide little in the way of real armor. He’s physically weaker than average and disadvantaged in a hand to hand melee fight with most foes.

Self-Denial: Blast off has a bunch of mental and emotional walls built around himself, and most of them are there to protect him by masking his true thoughts and feelings. The thing is, he stumbles into his own walls a lot of the time. He has a hard time admitting what he really thinks or wants, especially if he’s at all concerned that others might see him as weak if he does. This includes (and is perhaps especially true for) himself. Is he feeling lonely? Well, that’s not a proper, tough, mighty Combaticon warrior trait! Or the way a space shuttle should feel, since they are built for long periods of time alone in space! So he’ll make a point to talk at length about how space shuttles work best alone and how much he enjoys being alone up there in space. It’s like he wants to convince any nearby listeners of these lies- and convince himself, too. This penchant for self-denial can get in the way of admitting the reality of a situation to himself, which can delay his ability to solve it successfully. He can come to terms and acknowledge difficult things, but it may sometimes be a struggle before it happens. It also makes his social life more difficult than it needs to be.

12. Extra Information

None come to mind.

13. Roleplay Sample

Pretend you are setting the scene with other players in a situation that is compatible with the theme of this game. As per the policy file, do not pose the actions of other characters. Focus on how you would play this particular character in this game’s setting, but be sure to follow the pose guidelines as explained in our General Policy and Gameplay Etiquette files.

It’s been a long night already, and for all Blast Off knows it may have just barely begun. Then again, perhaps it will all be over shortly. This is the nature of a stakeout, after all. The sniper waits on a rooftop, keeping close watch on the building across the street- in particular the little side exit the Decepticons have learned their quarry tends to use. The Combaticon keeps an optic open for one of several potential targets who might come by tonight. He will simply note the presence of some, but there is one- an Autobot sympathizer- who has already done far too much damage. No, if he shows up, his end will come swiftly and mercilessly at the pull of Blast Off’s trigger. The shuttleformer’s ionic blaster lays propped up with shooting sticks, already loaded, aimed, and ready to fire.

If that was all there was to it, this might be an enjoyable evening for the Combaticon. He takes a moment to glance up towards the stars shining overhead. Pleasant company, they beckon to him. Perhaps he can heed their call later. But no. No, this is not a pleasant evening, not as far as Blast Off is concerned. Because the sniper is not alone, and he’s convinced he’ll be interrupted by small talk, stupid questions, or Primus knows what else. People can be so /annoying/, after all. He’s spent the entire time ignoring his companion, saying not a single word. Eventually, though, he happens to turn his head and catches sight of the other Decepticon there on the rooftop with him, and frowns under his faceplate.

“You look far too shiny to me. Did you dull your paint like I told you to? A sniper –and his spotter- cannot be given away because *someone* was thoughtless enough to stand out like the full moon on a dark night.” Blast Off’s violet optics scan the other Decepticon, then he huffs softly and turns his head back to the building they are supposed to be watching. “…Just make sure you don’t get in my way.”

Blast Off, charming as ever. (Or not.)





6. Name: Blurr

Faction: Autobot

Function: Scout/Courier

Altmode(s): Hover Speeder

Rank: 7

Division: Intelligence

Quote: "Primus, I hate the word 'wait'. Such an awful word."

Profile: Blurr used to be the greatest and most famous racer on all of Cybertron. Living the high life, he had little care for anything or anyone that did not directly affect him or his racing career. But as tension between the government and the oppressed lower castes escalated, he began to realize that life was not as perfect as he thought it was. Still young and idealistic, he sought to take a more active role in righting the wrongs of the world by joining the Autobots as an Intelligence operative. In both vehicle and biped forms, his speed on the ground is unparalleled, and his light frame allows him extraordinarily agile movements in any direction.

7. Personality

Blurr is fast. Not only can he move fast, drive fast, and talk fast, but his mind is also constantly running at a million miles a minute. As such, he is incredibly impatient and is addicted to constant action and/or motion. If Cybertronians had a version of ADD, he would have a pretty severe case of it. In fact, he had to train hard even just to speak at a comprehensible rate. He absolutely hates sitting around waiting or doing nothing. He also has a tendency to look down on others because they can’t move at the ridiculous speeds he can, but hey, having taken inspiration from people in his life who have stuck with him despite many of their frustrations with his behavior, he’s working on being more compassionate and less arrogant. Or trying to. It’s easy for him to be charming and charismatic all day long to the people he likes or wants to please, given crowd-pleasing aspects of his former career. It is, however, much more difficult for him with certain kinds of people; like Decepticons whom he is convinced are for the most part terrible, warmongering revenge-addicts and hypocrites. His upbringing as a member of the elite caste certainly helped bring this attitude about, having easily led him to sympathize with government institutions.

He isn’t as young as he used to be, but he is still a lot younger than most people, so he is rather immature. Idealistic and optimistic sometimes to a fault, Blurr is out to use his special skills to help Optimus Prime and the Autobots make the world right and stop the Decepticons from reigning terror on the people of Cybertron. It’s certainly a loftier and more important-sounding goal than just being glorified entertainment---amazingly talented entertainment, but entertainment nonetheless.

8. Background

Once upon a time, the chair of R & D at the Ibexian Athletic Association, Axle, and his research team, dreamed of creating the perfect racer. Someone who could not only run and drive faster than anyone on the planet, but whose mind could also keep up with his incredibly rapid physical movements. But in order to do that, he would need access to a spark. The team researched the ways they might gain said access, looking first into spark splicing but when that appeared to be a fruitless search (since it didn't actually exist), they turned to attempting to convince the Senate to grant them access to a hotspot. Despite the scarcity of hotspots, the Senate actually agreed to allow this, so long as they had the final say in the fate of whatever resulted from the experiment. This was because they actually planned to experiment on new sparks in an attempt to create their own artificial "outliers", and the IAA's project aligned with their goals. Thus, Axle was granted one-time access to the hotspot and allowed to harvest a spark for his own purposes, and Blurr was born. At first, he was thought to be a failure--unable to remain focused on a single item for more than a few minutes, or to even speak properly. However, after numerous training and therapy sessions, he was finally able to at least function normally.

The IAA saw great success with Blurr on the tracks and in the public sphere once he had become presentable. He went on to claim victory in the world’s most renowned ground racing tournament, the Ibex Cup, a total of sixteen times before the races were shut down in the wake of Decepticon terrorist attacks. Blaming the Decepticons for ruining his career and for the death of several of his friends and colleagues, and in search of a purpose deeper than simple entertainment, Blurr vowed to put an end to their destructive campaigns and joined the Autobot’s Intelligence Division.

9. What is your character’s current role in Cybertronian society?

Blurr has remained with the Autobots ever since Sentinel Prime’s reign. He went into hiding after Pax was cast into the Undergrid, running in illegal underground races until Pax’s return as Optimus Prime and call to stand against Megatron’s rule. Though he still races from time to time, his primary focus is his service to the Autobot cause and to the new Prime.

10. Skills & Abilities

Superspeed: Blurr is able to move at supersonic speeds on the ground in either car form or biped form. He is also able to accelerate to such a velocity nearly instantly from a complete standstill. In addition, given that his vehicle form is a hovercraft, he can move at such speeds across almost any terrain; in fact, he is so fast that he can easily run/drive across vertical or even fluid surfaces such as water. It would follow from this that he is very agile, and even the most talented marksman would be hard-pressed to land a hit on him. In addition, Blurr is not only able to move at incredible speeds; he also thinks, speaks, and acts at this same extreme pace.

Electro-laser: Blurr is equipped with a special weapon that reverses the polarity of the victim's microcircuits, rendering them temporarily paralyzed.

Racing: Blurr was once the greatest Cybertronian racer of all time. He spent his entire pre-war life on the tracks, therefore, his racing prowess might even be considered legendary.

Charisma: With racing came fame. And with fame came the necessity to maintain his reputation. Being a celebrity often means being a crowd-pleaser. A very well-loved sports celebrity must not only be talented but also charming.

Combat: Blurr certainly knows how to put up a good fight when necessary. He is skilled in hand-to-hand as well as with guns, though he is not built to carry heavy weapons such as missile launchers. His primary advantage is in being able to dodge almost anything, and hit fast but not very hard.

Spy/Scout: Blurr is part of the Autobots' Intelligence Division, and functions as a spy and courier. These roles best suit his abilities and skillset, and he certainly knows how to apply them to his job. Working as an Intelligence operative requires one to be agile and quick-witted, both of which come naturally to Blurr, who can also often make rapid exits for himself that others couldn't should his cover be blown. This also comes with the various skills of the trade that might typically be expected, such as hacking, sabotage, theft, deceit, surveillance, recon, observation, etc., as well as more knowledge of classified information (like a secret base or research facility).

11. Weaknesses

Lightweight - In order to be so fast, Blurr needs to be extremely light, at least in comparison to other Cybertronians his size. Therefore, he mostly relies upon his superior agility to survive in a fight, since he can't take as many hits as most can given his lesser degree of armor.

Fast Everything - Blurr is a speed addict. He hates waiting for anything and is therefore extremely impatient. Thus one might find him charging into things without giving it much prior consideration. His impatience can also be very grating on his the nerves of those around him, and they may find it frustrating attempting to keep up with him. Since he thinks at least as fast as he moves, he has a habit of talking that fast as well. If you talk fast, you tend to say a lot just to fill the time, especially if you're Cybertronian and don't have to stop to breathe. As you might imagine, that can get pretty irritating when attempting to have a conversation with him.

Overconfident - Blurr is extremely arrogant. His pre-war social status likely had a lot to do with this. He was certainly the best of the best when it came to racing, however this often leads him to think that he can outrun anything which is not always true, and sometimes gets him into trouble. His ego is often insufferably obvious to others.

12. Extra Information


13. Roleplay Sample

Maccaddam's Old Oil House. One of the best bars on Cybertron, even if it is open to just about anyone, even low-life factory workers, waste management technicians, and miners. The engex there, though, is totally worth dealing with the rough and less intelligent. On this particular night, the establishment is abuzz with more activity than usual, as the bartenders, waiters, and janitors are all rushing about, making sure that everything is spotless and perfect--because this particular evening they will be welcoming a very special guest to the bar. Someone who usually prefers more upscale places like The Circle, but has made an exception tonight, because tonight is a very special night for a racer who has won the Ibex Cup for the 10th cycle running. The place is jam-packed with patrons eager to get a glimpse and maybe an autograph of the famed athlete, with most of them lining up near the door. Of course, the company has been advertising this for quite a while--they know it'll bring good business. The crowds talk excitedly as they catch sight of his transport arriving in front of the bar. It's almost time! Several different news services are also on the scene, eager to snag an interview along with as many visuals as they can manage. And so Blurr arrives with much fanfare, as the crowd parts to allow him through. He smiles and waves in a few general directions, maybe shakes a few hands on the way in. Everyone clamors for his attention, shouting his name.

"Blurr! Over here!"

"Blurr! Wanna sign my chassis?"

"Hey can I get a picture with you?"

Once inside, he makes his way to the section of the bar that has been reserved for he and his colleagues. As soon as he sits down, an eager bartender hurries to take his order. Speedsters are never patient people, after all! Blurr gives him that self-satisfied smile. "Nightmare Fuel, and make it hot."