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"Heeheehee...I wonder what you taste like, Decepticon? Let's find out~"

Name Skyshredder
Faction Autobot
Function Warrior
Species Cybertronian
Type OC
Rank 10
Alt Mode Mechashark
Char_id 143
Status Played

Profile[edit source]

Skyshredder is a femme with a personality as large as herself...and a flying shark alt-mode with a mouth full of teeth that might be even larger. An average at best intellect, sunny disposition, and high levels of optimism and positivity make an interesting mix when combined with her over-enthusiastic nature and large size. She loves a good fight, whether for fun with a friend or for victory against a foe. She also loves teasing her friends and comrades and causing a bit of long as no one gets hurt. She can sometimes take it too far though, and is quick to apologize if she thinks she might have hurt a friend. She has difficulties with complicated ideas and plans, and tends to take sayings more literally than intended. But, there is no more steadfast warrior or friend.

Background[edit source]

Skyshredder has been causing trouble ever sinceOnyx Prime led the beastformers against Megatronus and formed the firstsemblances of Cybertronian society. But, she has never been big on society andspent nearly all of her time since then on the fringes of civilization. This eventually led to her getting left behind when Onyx Prime left for Eukaris with Chela and the vast majority of beastformers. Not that the shark-former minded all that much.

Skyshredder spent the next several million years living life on her terms, only interacting with the 'civilized' bots when she felt like it. Shepopped up every now and then to trade her strength for some energon or someengex, but otherwise spend her time travelling the seas and skies of Cybertron,just living free and doing what she wanted to do. But, she noticed over the millennia that Cybertron had problems. And one of those problems was the tendency of the strong to prey upon the weak. She was always of the opinion that one should only fight those that could handle it, and attacking and taking advantage of those less powerful than yourself was just another form of weakness. Not to mention completely honorless and underhanded, two things she had never cared for.

So, she started interjecting herself whenever she encountered such a situation. This eventually led to folktales of a an unpredictable leviathan thatwould swoop down to defend the weak and helpless when she wasn't swimmingthrough the seas or the clouds or invading the local bar. This soon started landing her on the bad side of the Decepticons, who's more unscrupulous ranks would do things like that rather often. By the time the Senate was destroyed and the war started, there was plenty of bad blood between Skyshredder and the Decepticons.

Which is why she was captured by the Decepticons to become one of their gladiator slaves. A drug was placed in one of her drinks one day, and when she awoke she was about to be pushed into the arena. Ironically if they had simply asked Skyshredder might have willingly joined the games simply for the exciting fights. But, being captured allowed her to see that there were many other slaves, and most of them were not as...sturdy as herself. They were used basically as target practice by the stronger, more favored gladiators and the Decepticons.

Skyshredder fought in many battles in the games, often offering to fight in place of another fighter who was damaged or simply much too underpowered to fight their opponent. She gained quite the taste for Decepticon energon in the games, and gained quite a bit of respect among both gladiators and slaves. The big sharky femme tried many times to come up with a way to escape the games, for while she did enjoy the fighting sometimes she greatly desired the freedom that had been taken away from her.

But, she was given the chance to regain her freedom one day when a gladiator match between comrades was arranged. She wasn't clear on all the details, but things exploded, power was lost, and as soon as she was clear of the coliseum Skyshredder transformed to her shark mode and flew away.

Or at least tried to. But, when one is a huge shark, one doesn't exactly go unnoticed. Skyshredder suffered serious damage in the escape attempt, and only really made it because of the nearby Autobot presence during the escape. Autobots helped her overpower her pursuers and took her to their nearby outpost in the Sonic Canyons. They gave her medical aid, and in return for their help and her freedom she agreed to join the Autobots.

It took her quite a while to get through the Autobot academy thanks to her low attention span, average at best intelligence, and general casual attitude that while not really disrespectful was not the crisp and respectful demeanor that a military usually looks for in its troops. Still, her loyalty, steadfastness, and strength helped her through. Now, she is ready to show some Decepticons why you do not tangle with a shark, lest you get the teeth!

Skills & Abilities[edit source]

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Weaknesses[edit source]

Simple Minded - Skyshredder has low intelligence,and as such has difficulty grasping complex ideas, complicated plans, and alsofails to realize when she is being deceived if the deceiver is smart about it.She also takes figurative sayings literally in many cases.

Child at Heart - In all she does, Skyshredder is overenthusiastic andlight-hearted. Even when she is being chewed out by a superior or chewing on aDecepticon, she rarely seems like she is taking things seriously. This can grateon her allies as much as her enemies.

Action Packed - Skyshredder loves a good fight, and doesn't much care who heropponent is. The stronger the foe the better, and if they manage to beat herthey gain her respect. She of course won't harm an ally, but she tends tochallenge them to combat whenever she is bored or if she feels like they have aproblem to sort out. In contrast, she is not good at expressing her feelingswith words, and so can often be misunderstood.

Personality[edit source]

Skyshredder is a simple soul with a simple mind who has a hard time handling complex concepts, catching hidden meanings, and even forming a plan more complicated than 'destroy that'. Despite her size and capabilities, she is kind-hearted, caring, and protective of her allies and friends. Especially those smaller than her, which is most. She also has quite the literal mind. She takes almost everything at face value, is quite easy to deceive, and often takes figures of speech literally. She is also fairly sensitive about her limitations, especially her lack of intelligence. The usually sunny and positive femme can quickly become angered by someone making fun of her intellect and quickly becomes frustrated if they are using complicated language. She is quick to forgive if someone apologizes, but just as quick to make sure they know she is angry if they don't realize it or refuse to apologize. And since there is really only one thing she is good at, she often ends up challenging those who are not apologetic to honorable combat.

Logs[edit | edit source]

Title Date Scene Summary
Battleground: Zolanium Mountain 6 - 6 August 5th, 2020 Decepticons succesfully defend Zolanium Mountain.
The Hardest Engex June 3rd, 2020 Blurr enlists the help of Nightbeat and Skyshredder for an...unauthorized mission.
Release the Worm April 3rd, 2020 The Autobots release the 'captive' Cyberworm and review data taken on it.
Just Another Night April 2nd, 2020 Blast Off, Ramp, and several Autobots gather at Maccadam's after dark.
Holes in Nyon March 28th, 2020 Hot Rod, Sideswipe and Skyshredder go on an adventure underneath the ruins of Nyon.
Medical Bay Investigation March 27th, 2020 Autobots begin to investigate a medical lab theft.
Tag Team Training March 22nd, 2020 Jazz, Impactor, and Skyshredder do a training mission of an old Wreckers assault on a space station.
In the Army Now March 20th, 2020 In which Sunstreaker and Sideswipe brawl, and Blurr's attempt at coming out of his shell are aborted.
Festival at Yuss March 18th, 2020 The small town of Yuss celebrates purification through fire and the burning of regrets. Or just dance and play games in Skyshredder's case.
Energon'y Raidess! March 13th, 2020 A skirmish over in Harmonex as Autobots seek a Decepticon storehouse and Skyshredder takes a bite out of Deadlock. Again.
Autobots and Automatons March 8th, 2020 Sideswipe and Skyshredder talk about the past
Skirmishes for Studying March 7th, 2020 Juris, Sideswipe and Skyshredder spar in the training simulator.
Elevator Investigation March 4th, 2020 Skyshredder, Sideswipe, and Swivel jump down a gravlift shaft at the Decagon and discover a secret floor.
Sharkticon Snacks March 3rd, 2020 In which Sideswipe gives Skyshredder Goldfish Crackers and gets Hugs!
A Run For Your Shanix February 27th, 2020 Skyshredder tries racing Blurr.
Shredding Jazz in the Sims February 21st, 2020 Jazz and Skyshredder spar in the simulators.
Undergrid Patrol February 18th, 2020 Autobots and Decepticons run into each other in the Undergrid.
Monster Hunter: Rigel IV January 25th, 2020 Sky Lynx, Starlock, Roadbuster, and Skyshredder embark on a monster hunt! Blast Off watches.
In Touch With Your Spark January 22nd, 2020 Skyshredder, Prowl, Jazz, and Juris have conversations in the training sim.
Battleground: Kalis 5 - 5 November 20th, 2019 Decepticons successfully defend Kalis.
Repairs After Kalis November 20th, 2019 Starlock patches up Pug and Shredder.
For Cybertron November 10th, 2019 Optimus addresses the planet from Trion Square in Iacon.
Sky, Meet Sky November 8th, 2019 Skyshredder meets Sky Lynx! As well as Swivel and Repugnus.
Ignorance is Bliss November 3rd, 2019 Skyshredder wins a physical fight against Deadlock, but loses the war of words.
BOOM October 29th, 2019 An explosion occurs in the armory.