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"Power is corroding, authority is corrupt, only data is pure."

Name Specter
Faction Unaffiliated
Function Information Broker
Species Cybertronian
Type OC
Rank N/A
Alt Mode Mecha-Panther
Char_id 42
Status Unknown

Profile[edit source]

When searching for information there are many places one can go on Cybertron, Specter is one of the best choices though. His penchant for obtaining information makes his services sought after, and often expensive if he so chooses. Little is known about Specter's history, and almost as little about what motivates this neutral Cybertronian other than his passion for data. His biped mode affords him the ability to interact with any known computer device, as well as being reconfigurable should he come across any new devices. While his mecha-panther mode affords him a level of stealth that can be unsettling for some. His ability to access data is phenomenal, with any machine open to his infiltration, even other Cybertronians. Despite this he has a inherent distrust of both of the major factions, leading him to create barriers between himself and them even while working with them. Specter has been summed up as 'one heck of a creepy guy' on more than one occasion.

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Logs[edit | edit source]

OLD System (click to expand):

February 2016 Logs
  • Nothing Personal: An assassin becomes a client for Specter, but doesn't necessarily stop being an assassin.

NEW System:

Title Date Scene Summary
Cybertron's Favorite Pastime January 28th, 2016 The government sponsors a race for the first time since Zeta Prime.