Starlock’s Journal: Log-003

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Starlock’s Journal: Log-003
Date of Cutscene: 03 March 2019
Location: The Lair
Synopsis: The Third log in Starlock’s private, digital journal; Starlock tries to sort out the mess that happened at Macc's this entrie.
Cast of Characters: Starlock

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((Ooc: Please note that this is a private journal, and unless you've actually gotten a hold of her journal ICly, please don't assume you know this information))


Oh sweet gods I wish I could do that in real life right now!

What the Smelt Happened?[edit | edit source]

So, about two solar-solar cycles ago, I woke up form getting slag-faced plastered (This was a bad idea) and had a hangover, apparently the night before I had overchargingly rambled on about personal problems to Blast Off, and sung on stage... (Welp, I’m fragged.) Dunno what did it, but I felt better, which was odd.

Swivel was a darling though, helped with that hangover, made sure I got back to my room... Some warnings I should also keep in mind for next time, if there ever is one, the whole mess I’m about to write about may just put me back off drinking, again....

Later on into the day, I hear about this promotion of Gallos, where he's giving out a "gift" to any that ask, and not just at Macc's at that, was everywhere... Every dive-bar and such in the area, so I have a bad feeling and head over to Macc's, where there is this HUGE line that stretches around the building, and find out that Gallo is giving out glasses, and engex. Now, this sets alarms off to me, because a deca-cycle ago Rosie, had stated that I, Hot Rod, and Juris where in over our helms and that if we didn't back off, more people where going to die.. The exact words according to the note I made back then was:

"Look, all of you are in over your helms. I'm going to tell you the same things I told Juris. Step off, before things get dangerous and more people get killed."

Now I never discredited this threat, however about a Mega-cycle? or two, ago, during Macc's relocation opening, I was able to break into their back room and down into their celler, and found some stolen briefcases from Deltaran, one containing blue vials ("Medication") and one that was shackled to the shelf, containing red vials (Unknown) Which I informed Ratchet of.. And who told me to report it to Juris, because those briefcases should of never been off Deltara... Which I did, anonymously, of course. (I did break-and-enter after all..For a good reason.)

So, I notice Swivel is also there and at least inform her that this was likely some sort of mass poisoning, but before I can give more details, I end up caught between Pharma and Gallo, oh and Buzzsaw, I have Swivel and Buzzsaw in my audials, and I can't say anything cause I'm RIGHT beside Pharma, and just a cross from Gallo, then Juris came in acting odd, and then she's in my audials and said something that... Has made me even more nervous of Pharma, which has made me very glad I didn't try to signal to him for help like I was thinking of doing.. That strange device he was going to use on me during our appointment, the one I didn't recognize... She's implied that Pharma was going to attempt... Something, be it kill me, or infect me with something, given what I currently know now. (That or it could just been something normal I never seen, but still doesn't make Pharma any less dangerous.)

Thanks to some grade A acting, Swivel was able to get me away from that group, with help form Hyperdrive by setting off a smoke bomb that made it seem like it was a fire, we were able to get the crowd to safely disburse without much incident and.. well.. Buzzsaw had been sending me a video feed the whole time that was on Gallo, I think he'd been trying to taunt me again but soon it.. turned into something else, as once Gallo and Pharma where behind Macc's, at a delivery truck, they... started talking.

At first I tried to make myself believe that Gallo maybe of been manipulating Pharma, but... No, it became quickly apparent that Pharma was the one manipulating Gallo, (Though Gallo still has the smuggling operation in his ship, and got Pharma everything) and Pharma is the one behind all of this... Gallo stated that Pharma had created the virus, while he got Pharma the materials, Gallo also stated that the virus was "Never been administered in such a small, concentrated amount before." and that he wanted to see the results, implying that they'd been slipping it to people for a while now, and that what they were handing out now, was so much stronger than before... (I'll need to test myself after all this, just to be sure.) Pharma disavowed Gallo, and stated: "Of course it was your fault, she's your assistant. You knew she was too smart for own good. You should have offed her a long time ago."

I could not believe what I was hearing and seeing, this whole time I'd thought I was misjudging Pharma, and being a glitch, but no, Noooo, he is indeed the greasy slim-ball my spark had been telling me he was! I'm so angry I didn't trust my feelings, their rarely ever wrong and now I feel so... So filthy I believed him, and let him near me... Worst of all he's so damn untouchable that the feed I have saved won't likely do anything, despite how damning it is... I just need to play along, like Swivel suggested, and keep away form Maccs, Gallo, and Pharma, or let on that I know, after all I can't help anyone if I'm dead, or barred from promotion.

Also, Buzzsaw the whole time was mocking me about my lack of "covert" agent skills, like.. No slag, I'm a FRACKING MEDICAL OFFICER YOU OVERGROWN ROBO-CHICKEN! Sweet sparkling primus, I really do not like that bird... Uhhg and I still need to meet him at Deltaran west once I've gotten some of the test results...

After all of that, I was able to collect a bunch of samples from left creates, and a bottle from the delivery truck Pharma had taken from... I left half at Decagon for testing, and brought the other half with me, because Sky Lynx is letting me use one of his old computers to do work to try and analyze this virus, out of the fear Pharma may try and altar or delete what may be found, maybe we can also figure out enough to fix this whole mess... I still don't understand why Pharma did this.. I want those answers, but are ones I realize I may never get.

I got to speaking with Swivel, and filled her in on all this mess, comparing notes, and we've agreed to not get Prowl involved just yet, that I need to lay low, keep all my work on this viral on a offline record, like my Datapad, and a secure place (Like what Lynx's has given me) but put in less thorough, but not flasfied, data on said research into the Autobot systems, and keep a close eye on it, for meddling... I need to keep trying to get a hold of Ratchet as well.... I've lost track of who all is involved in this, since it spans both factions, so I need to make a list, that matter we need to find Rosie before something.. awful, happens to her, which I can feel may happen, specially given Gallo's been taken by the Decepticon's by what Swivel's report reads.

Sky Lynx is going to talk to Swivel, on that note, which I hope goes well, Swivel just got into this the day it all exploded... I just.. Hope I can get to Ratchet before Pharma does.