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"With power over energon comes power over everything."

Name Tankor
Faction Decepticon
Function Fueler / Warrior
Species Cybertronian
Type DFC
Rank 6-Captain
Alt Mode Ground/Space Tanker
Char_id 39
Status Unknown

Profile[edit source]

Tankor is a fuel transporter. He has joined the Decepticon ranks to perform the same job he has been, but now towards advancing the Decepticon cause and his own stature.

Personality[edit source]

Tankor craves power, in a way similar to Starscream. As a lowly fuel transporter, he spent millennia at the beck and call of those who considered themselves better than him. To him, the Decepticon movement not only means freedom from his life of servitude, but also dominance over those who had oppressed him.

He has come to understand (true or not) that control of energon can be used to gain power over others, and he dreams of seeing so-called superior bots slowly die from lack of energon, which he refuses to provide to them. He is a blue collar bot out to even the score.

Tankor therefore sees himself as superior to most of those around him, since they need what he has. He's not afraid to lord it over them and try to get what he wants for it. He gets along best, though, with two kinds of other people: those who have similar ambitions, as they could be useful in furthering his own goals; and other former workers who had to endure the same ignominy as he did for so long. With that latter group he feels a particular camaraderie; they might be the only ones he'd stick his neck out for.

To those whom he deems truly more powerful, Tankor extends proper respect and even some sycophancy. At the same time, he will look for openings to maybe take some of that power for himself.

Underneath his superiority complex lies an abiding fear. He has pinned his self-worth and power to possession of energon, and so if he is ever at risk of running out and not being able to quickly load up more, his outward personality can flip to one full of worry, fear, and hesitation.

He is a reasonably intelligent and crafty bot, although his ambitions outstrip his abilities (Starscream is more successful). He appreciates the invisible strings that the powerful use to exercise their might and seeks to grab hold of them for himself.

Background[edit source]

Tankor has worked since his forging as a fuel transporter, delivering energon in bulk to those on the ground as well as in the air and in space. There have been many times when upper-caste bots have insulted and demeaned him, withheld repairs, or neglected to pay him for his services. Over time, his resentment grew and grew, so he is a natural for the Decepticon cause.

He joined up at a moment when his resentment finally boiled over. He was doing his normal run for some newly minted Autobots when they came under attack by a Decepticon raiding party. The Autobots got into a bind and were extremely rude and condescending in demanding more energon. Tankor looked at the situation and realized he was on the wrong side. He sprayed the Autobots with energon, which quickly ignited from Decepticon fire, then jetted off. He still doesn't regret hearing their screams as he flew away with the raiders.

Skills & Abilities[edit source]

Fueler: Able to quickly re-energize other bots, regardless of either party's mode. Can also serve a limited medical role in this function. Carries large amounts of energon using compression and subspace techniques. Maintains limited refinement capabilities onboard.

Blockade runner: Once in a while Tankor has needed to make deliveries that weren't completely on the up-and-up. Though this may worry or irritate other bots, those jobs served as a diversion from the normal drudgery Tankor would normally need to endure. As a result, over time, he began to keep track of what worked and didn't work on those trickier jobs, and would test his theories when possible, almost like a game. By now, Tankor has considerable skill in the area, which comes in handy for working his way through and around Autobot blockades and other difficult scenarios. He relies on understanding the usual tactics used by enemies for intercepting supply runs and responding to their dynamics; he's seen a lot of it before. As a bonus, he's found that those he delivers to tend to place themselves in his debt.

Energon divination: Having served as a fueler for a long time, Tankor has developed an innate affinity for energon. He has been around it for extended periods as more than just something to be consumed, and it is the source of his confidence, so he has dwelt on how it feels, how it tweaks his sensors, and has carefully observed commonalities in the energon sources that he has been tasked with drawing from. This affinity manifests itself, therefore, in a knack for locating previously unknown or lost sources of energon. His knack is not fully reliable, however, and is susceptible to being fooled.


  • Uses a flamethrower that draws fuel from his energon reserves. The flamethrower is hot enough to start melting the armor of most bots in 5 to 10 seconds; it takes longer for tougher enemies. Tankor will stop using it if his own reserves are low. Its output can be narrowed in order to focus on a single target, which also increases its range and strength.
  • Wields a shield that deflects typical gunfire. It is small, but otherwise effective. He can use it and his flamethrower at the same time although this reduces his accuracy.
  • Average fighting ability. He's on the big side so he can put some oomph into his punches and kicks when necessary, although he doesn't like to get in too close.
  • In spacecraft mode, has standard-issue blaster cannons, which he can also use in root mode. In ground transport mode, he can direct flame attacks to the side and behind him; his front grill is reinforced for a respectable ramming ability.

Weaknesses[edit source]

Dunning-Kruger effect: Tankor doesn't understand the limits to how smart and clever he actually is. So, he may devise a scheme that is actually intractable but will believe he can pull it off anyway, and fail. He is very good at being a fuel transporter, but he will expect that he can also be very good at other tasks that he decides are easier or pretty much the same thing, and fail when he tries them.

Selfish: Out for himself above all others. He has a hard time making close friends due to his attitude, since he will tend to revert to thinking about how he can take advantage of them. In tough engagements, due to his lack of trust, he may avoid sticking with the team and strike out on his own to save his own skin, which only makes him more vulnerable.

Somewhat fragile: He cannot take much of a beating and requires escort for some jobs. This is due to his superstructure being optimized for energon storage as opposed to general durability. On a long sortie, a large flying tanker makes a ripe target for enemy fire, and Tankor knows it. He'll vociferously demand backup for those kinds of missions, even if he might not need it. He'll also similarly avoid front-line combat if possible, and damage he takes will not only be more severe than typical, but are more likely to get him to back off.

Logs[edit | edit source]

OLD System (click to expand):

January 2016 Logs
December 2015 Logs

NEW System:

Title Date Scene Summary
Volley's Folly March 7th, 2016 Tankor meets an old friend on an errand for the Autobots. He and his teammates manage to convince him to hand over sensitive intel. Whether this was a wise transaction or not remains to be seen.
The Odds Were Never In Your Favor March 5th, 2016 Overlord leads an attack against the newly established Autobot mine. Starscream has a really bad day.
A New Hope February 15th, 2016 Starscream and Tankor overhear something interesting...
The Truth About Demolisher February 11th, 2016 The Decepticons find out whether Demolisher is telling the truth or not.
Freedom is the Right of All Sentient Beings January 24th, 2016 The Autobots are determined to re-acquire the stolen sparks. The Decepticons are determined to keep them.