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Source Material*

Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH is an original theme based upon IDW's Transformers comics. We will do our best to incorporate the IC actions of our playerbase into the story; therefore the events that take place on the game will not completely mirror the published material, but will be similar in structure. For more information about Transformers in general, we recommend visiting the Transformers wiki.



Legend has it that millions of years ago, a mechanical warrior-god named Primus emerged from the heart of Cybertron. One day, his body suddenly split into five distinct entities: Primus the life-giver, Mortilus the death-bringer, Epistemus the embodiment of knowledge, Solomus the embodiment of wisdom, and Adaptus, the embodiment of change. These five beings became known as the Guiding Hand. Together, they built the Cybertronian race: mechanical organisms like themselves to inhabit the planet from whence they came. Primus, believing that every mech had a responsibility to his part in society, blessed every citizen of Cybertron with a second form to suit his environment. However, conflict eventually arose among the members of the Hand. Mortilus believed that Cybertron had the right to rule over the inferior rest of the universe, and take by force whatever it desired; whereas the rest of the Hand were against unnecessary war. Needless to say, Mortilus rebelled, resulting in a battle that ultimately led to the death-bringer's destruction. But the victory came at great cost. Mortally wounded, Primus was forced to retreat to the core of the planet, where he reformatted himself into the life-giving supercomputer Vector Sigma. Solomus became trapped within a crystal prison, however, he crafted it into a device that served as a connection to Vector Sigma as well as a conduit for his infinite wisdom. This device became known as the Matrix of Leadership.

The Cybertronian race continued to evolve and develop over time, even without the Hand's guidance. A new system of government arose, with a group of delegates dubbed the Senate as well as the Matrix-bearing Prime, leader of Cybertronian military and law enforcement (or Autobots, as they became known by toward the end of that era) at its head. However, as time went on, the Senate and the line of Primes became more and more power-hungry and prejudiced, seeking complete control over not only the people of Cybertron but over life itself; even going as far as clandestinely subjecting those who opposed them to torture and brainwashing. As with many other corrupt systems of government, those who had been crushed under its heel for so many vorns would not allow it to continue any longer. Megatron, once a disgruntled low-caste miner from Tarn, rallied the oppressed masses to his side and united them under a single banner: the Decepticon cause.

Meanwhile, a young police officer from Rodion named Orion Pax grew suspicious of the Senate's activities after a friend of his was assassinated by government agents. Pax began to recruit the other Autobots to his cause, running his operations in secret for fear of causing unnecessary casualties---despite the many revolting truths that he discovered about the Senate's cruel methods. Megatron, on the other hand, favored a bolder approach. Determined to do whatever it took to liberate the planet from the Senate's tyrannical rule, the Decepticons allegedly assassinated both Sentinel and Zeta Prime, then laid waste to the Senate, exposing all of their heinous secrets.

Once the Senate had been defeated, Pax offered his partnership to Megatron---together, they would build a new world order. However, Megatron refused, convinced that the Cybertron the Autobots wanted was not the Cybertron the Decepticons had always envisioned. Megatron betrayed Pax, defeating him and casting him into the depths of the planet before declaring himself ruler of Cybertron. But Pax was far from dead, wandering the Undergrid until he came upon the true Matrix and used its power to transform into Optimus Prime. Prime returned to the surface, rallying the Autobots to his side to fight for the future of Cybertron. The first great battle for Iacon commenced, setting the Great War into motion...a war that is destined to change the face of the planet and even the galaxy forever.

For more detailed information on IDW's canon history, please visit IDW's timeline page on

Current State of Affairs

The true Matrix of Leadership was not the only thing Orion Pax--now Optimus Prime, had found while he was trapped deep underground. Having met and spoken with Metroplex, the ancient Metrotitan came to Prime's aid in the battle against the Decepticons at Iacon. Hopelessly outgunned, Megatron's attempt to capture the great capital city ended in his own defeat by Optimus and subsequent banishment to the planet Junkion by Scorponok.

But now, Megatron has returned from exile to put Scorponok in his place and once again lead the Decepticons against Prime's new world order. With Trypticon as a new and powerful asset, the Decepticons press forward with ferocity like never before.


Under Optimus Prime's leadership and with the help of Metroplex, who has made his new home in Iacon, the Autobots have triumphed over the Decepticons--for now. Prime has established a new governing body, The Grand Convocation, consisting of representatives from a number of different neutral factions, including the Engineering Guild and the Circle of Light. While some have faith in Optimus' attempts to create a more democratic system of government, many have become jaded by the corrupt Primal lineage and are convinced that in time, he too will follow in the footsteps of his predecessors.


Megatron has returned from Junkion and has re-established his leadership of the Decepticons, much to the relief of many among the ranks. With Trypticon now under his control, he plans to take Cybertron back from Prime, liberating it from the corruption of the Primal lineage.

Cybertronian Wildlife

Cybertron and planets that have been cyberformed have mechanoid plants and animals known as cyber-flora and cyber-fauna. These are made up of the same "living metal" that Cybertronians are composed of. Some even have the capability to gain sentience, or possess a T-cog that allows them to transform into a possible alt-mode or root-mode.

Artificially engineered cyber-flora also exists, and is typically created by artists for aesthetic purposes.

Plants that have 'energon bearing' fruit, should be avoided for the time being. This is due to the fact that this concept introduces another energon source that could have a significant bearing on the overall theme and setting of the game, and comes from a source material other than IDW G1 2005 reboot.

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The overall tone of RP on this game should be realistic, gritty, and serious. While lighthearted comic relief is certainly allowed, it should be the exception more than the rule. For example, a witty type making light of a serious situation or an overcharged (drunk) mech doing something embarrassing would be completely permissible, but having a Decepticon attempt to cosplay as Optimus Prime using cardboard boxes would not. This game is primarily about a war that will last for millennia to come, and war is never pretty.


Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH has an overall rating of PG-13 as per the guidelines of the MPAA. The maturity level of its content should not exceed that of IDW's Transformers series. Please keep in mind that this rule applies not only to IC and scene content, but also to any OOC communications that are not private and not on the Unrated channel. Please see the Communication page for more information about channels.


Technology should have some kind of general physical explanation. It doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed, since no one is expected to be a rocket scientist, but it should at least make sense. For example, Soundwave having enhanced sensors, giving him the ability to detect others’ thoughts, is a perfectly sensible explanation.

Magic & The Supernatural

No magic. Magic doesn’t exist. No spirits, ghosts, angels or demons. Primus and the Guiding Hand are now nothing more than a legend. This doesn’t mean however that characters can’t believe these entities exist, simply that they don’t actually exist in the current setting. More specifically, no wielding the powers of spirits or deities. The only things in existence that are anywhere close to the supernatural according to IDW canon are the Matrix of Leadership and Vector Sigma.

Mature Subject Matter*

Violent Content

The game’s rating, as mentioned before, is PG-13. Therefore please keep descriptions of violence within that limitation as much as possible. Anything beyond PG-13 must be consented to by all players involved beforehand, and will not be allowed on the wiki.

Drugs & Alcohol

According to IDW canon, Cybertronians have many substances they may use and abuse. Characters may be addicted to drugs, or have been damaged by the abuse of drugs. Similarly, they have a form of fuel known as engex that may cause them to behave similarly to a human intoxicated with alcohol.

Sexual Content

Cybertronians are not viviparous, therefore they cannot engage in biological reproductive functions--they can't have sex the way humans do, though they can engage in a psychological connection through direct neural interface. Interfacing is, at its basest level, simply an information exchange. It allows two people to share thoughts, feelings, and emotions much like a Vulcan does upon connecting telepathically with another being. There are varying levels of intimacy; however, interfacing is not to be used as a substitute for TinySex (TS). It is NOT sex and is not to be treated as such. It should come as no surprise then, that TS is not allowed on this game.


Cybertronians have their own unique set of expletives. Please use these during IC interaction instead of real world profanity. It does not make sense within the context of theme, since at this time our characters have not yet even come into contact with Earth, and it does not match the game's content rating.


At this point in the story, only Cybertronian characters are playable.

The creation of new Cybertronians is not something that occurs very often during this particular time period. Due to the chronic drop in the frequency of the spark-generating pulsewaves from Vector Sigma over time, hotspots have gone from rare to near-absent. The last hotspot appearance occurred thousands of years ago, during Sentinel Prime's rule. This does not mean new individuals aren't being created anymore, however, as canon has made it clear that not all harvested sparks were placed into bodies immediately, instead many of them were kept frozen in storage for later use. Many of these sparks were thawed during the war as more bodies were created to meet the growing need for more soldiers.

Cybertron exists as part of a galactic community that includes other species, however due to the current setting millions of years prior to “current” real life, humans and other Earth-based species are not among them. Thus, your character should not be referencing anything exclusive to Earth. Remember, at this point in our story, no Cybertronian has yet come into contact with anything or anyone from Earth.

Beyond Cybertron

Colony Planets


Eukaris is a terrestrial, organic planet that is strikingly similar to Earth in many ways: atmosphere, weather, water, plant life, and composition. It is located in a binary star system, consisting of two yellow dwarf stars. The planets unique fauna and flora live in peace with their beastformer Cybertronian inhabitants.

Eukaris was colonized by Onyx Prime and his Titan, Chela, also known as the Golden Warrior. Onyx brought many beastformer colonists with him from Cybertron years ago, following the rise of Nova Prime and his oppression of beastformers. They decided not to Cyberform the planet like the other Titans had, and instead chose to live in peace with the organic life forms there, as they knew what it was like to be hated for their form.

From there the settlers would build structures to fit in with the landscape, in a place they would call Talon Valley. The population was divided into 5 tribes based on alt mode type, and each was led by a tribal leader who represented them on a council that was tasked with governing the new colony.

Chela's hot spot eventually ignited, and gave rise to the first generation of Eukarians. These beastformers could speak in the Titans ancient language, as well as the new language of the colonists. They carried the unique memory from the titan of how 'standard-forms' of their past oppressed them, giving rise to an innate distrust of any Cybertronian without a beast altmode.

Eventually, Chela's space bridge was moved to a mountain top just above Talon Valleys vast lake. Chela then went into hibernation under Talon Valley. Legend has it that he vowed he'd awaken to destroy any 'standard-formers' that dared set pedes on the planet. Onyx Prime, also known as their benevolent Shepherd, vanished from the records.

Because of their separation from Cybertron, Eukarians have a few unique things that separate them from native Cybertronians:

1). All Eukarians are beastformers.

2). They have their own language, but can speak Neocybex.

3). Because they've decided not to cyberform the planet, they use more geothermal based power sources.

4). They do not despise organics as many Cybertronians do, since organics have become a part of their way of life.

5). Eukarians are segregated into 5 tribes:

  • Scale Walkers (Dinosaur/Reptilian) - Led by Dinobot.
  • Fur Walkers (Mammalian/Ground Animals) - Led by Cheetor.
  • Wave Walkers (Aquatic Animals) - Led by Manta Ray.
  • Cloud Walkers (Flying Animals) - Led by Sonar.
  • Fateweaver - A small group who specialize in the art of prophecy and fortune-telling, led by the Outlier Blackarachnia.

6). Insect/Bug Beastformers tend to be split up among the tribes.

7). There is rivalry between the tribes, but there is no war.

8). Eukarians have been long out of contact with Cybertron.

9). Not all of the founding colonists experienced Nova Primes oppression, but still retain a distrust of non-beastformers for other reasons.

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Beastformers are Cybertronians with animal or insectoid (also called Insecticons) alt-modes.

At the end of the First Great War, many beastformers followed Onyx Prime and his titan Chela to leave Cybertron behind and colonize the planet that would become Eukaris. Onyx Prime, and the Titan Chela also took a large number of beastformer colonists from Cybertron, and went to Colonize the planet that would become Eukaris, From the hot spot within his body, Chela created a civilization of beastformers who were, safe from the stigma of functionalisms oppressive ways. The Eukarians are aware of the prejudice their ancestors had faced on Cybertron; this, and cultivated a deep distrust of any "standard-formers", or any native Cybertronians without beast-like alt-modes.

On Cybertron under Nova Prime, they were heavily oppressed. Some say they were above those labeled 'Disposable' by the functionalist Senate and the Primes, however they might as well have been the same caste... They were not allowed in medical,science, or other intellectual jobs, and were often used for manual labor, entertainment, or slaves. This persecution lasted until the final days of Sentinel Prime's reign.

Due to this, many beastformers joined the Decepticons, unaware of what the group was going to turn into... This institutionalized discrimination has largely dissipated after the fall of the Senate, although some attitudes still remain. However, beastformers are no longer barred from higher level jobs.

It is also possible that beastformers from the other colonies (EX: Caminus, Vigilem, Velocitron, Devisiun) to exist.

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*Derived in part from Transformers: Robots In Disguise MUSH’s old policy files as seen at this link: