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Name Helex Triumverate
Faction Decepticon
Function Unknown
Species Unknown
Type NPC
Rank Unknown
Alt Mode Unknown
Char_id 1000

Profile[edit source]

The Helex Triumverate consists of three mechs, Octus, Seizer and Legonis. The three of them vied for succession to Executor of Helex when Star Saber left with the Circle of Light. Originally working as separate political entities, even opposing each other, they formed a coalition to limit Helex options in the upcoming election. They left the Convocation and instead swore their allegiance to the Decepticons, forcing Helex into the Kaon Federation. Soon after, they opened up the Power Base where gladiatorial fights were hosted - and watching these brutal battles seemed to be their main source of entertainment.

Octus[edit source]

Seemingly the leader, or at least the most outspoken member, of the Triumverate. He's a large orange and gray mech with a cylindrical body and six arms. His alt-mode is a giant centrifuge. During the Senate's rule and functionism, he was assigned to work in a career in science despite having no aptitude for it. When the caste system was done away with, he worked hrd to get to where he was in politics, albeit with a large chip on his shoulder. He's mouthy, irreverent, and quick to mock others, but can alternatively manage to choose his words carefully to fulfill his political agendas.

Legonis[edit source]

Perhaps the most quiet of the three, Legonis also shows a lack of enthusiasm in his pursuits, seeming to just follow the other two members of the Triumverate. However, he is far from meek, and has a battle-trained entourage that respond to his mere gestures. It's unclear what he transforms into as he avoids transforming at all costs. This blue and white mech can often be seen slumped back relaxing with fine engex in his hand, a shrewd expression daring anyone to interrupt his repose. Some would mistake his mannerisms and preference for efficiency over hard work as laziness.

Seizer[edit source]

The most violent (and entitled) of the three, Seizer is quick to thrash first, ask questions later. How he got into politics is simply because there are those who lean towards decisive and severe action and equate combat prowess with leadership. His dons the classic colour combination of blue, red, and gray/white and earned his aggressive temperament working the mines as a drilling rig. He is also demanding and excessive in his punishment of anyone who crosses him.

Additional Notes[edit source]

While these characters are based on the very same Triumverate from the UK Marvel comics, plenty of liberties were taken to flesh them out and adapt them to TDE's theme. Fitting them into TDE has been a cooperative effort between Bzero and Tachyglossus.

Logs[edit | edit source]

Title Date Scene Summary
Helex Debate August 21st, 2017 Three of the four candidates form a Triumverate and concede from the convocation while attempting to seize power in Helex. Hot Rod (and many others) object.