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Wiki Policy

Please bear in mind that a considerable amount of effort has been (and continues to be) dedicated to the creation and maintenance of this site by both the staff of Transformers: The Dark Eras MUSH and by Curse Gamepedia. As such, please respect this space as much as you would any community area in your home, at your school/workplace, or anywhere.

  1. Please refrain from editing any general information articles posted by staff, or altering the overall design/function/organization of the site without the express permission of our wiki admin, Koinonia. If you find a mistake, or have a suggestion for a change in any of the above listed categories, please speak with staff first.
  2. Do not attempt to use any malicious code/hacks to bypass access restrictions put into place by the game's staff, or by Gamepedia's staff.
  3. Do not alter others' character pages without their explicitly given permission.
  4. By signing up on this wiki, you recognize that staff reserves the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate from any portion of this site, including character pages and user profiles. Repeated posting of such content is considered abuse and warrants disciplinary action by staff.

Failure to adhere to these policies will be considered vandalism and may result in temporary or permanent loss of wiki privileges.

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